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Continuity of reform processes yet not ensured February 26, 2008

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Chief Adviser Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed has said recently that Caretaker Government (CTG) is focused on the election to be held by December 2008.

CTG, after coming to power in the backdrop of 1/11 with relief to the people and with high hopes, declared objective of holding a free and free election in corruption free environment.

By this time, CTG has taken some reform measures in the Election Commission, Anti-Corruption Commission, Public Service Commission, Judiciary etc which are told as revolutionary changes in the context of Bangladesh and Bangladesh politics.

So far, no governments of any political party took these basic measures which were written in their manifestos and frequently uttered in their speeches. It is beyond doubt that one of the major achievements of the present government is the reforms that they have made in different constitutional institutions.

Other than its failure to control hectic price of the essential commodities, the government also fail to make any reform in the political parties.

Though there was initially some attempts for reform in the political parties, that didn’t continued. Rather the reformist groups in the major political parties’ compromise with the non-reformist group in the parties.

Though the EC is trying to have a change in the structure of the political parties, so far no significant change happen. The party leaders are more interested in having the elections as early as possible and release of their leaders. At times, they are not even considering completion of new voter list as a precondition for election.

But without necessary reform and changes of attitude in the political parties, the continuity of the reform process will not be ensured as it is the political parties, who will keep the reform continued.

It is said that reform should be the concern of the political parties themselves but it is the Caretaker Government who will be responsible for ultimate success or failure for continuation of the reform process.

The ordinary citizen worried that necessary reform yet not established in the political parties without which other constitutional reforms will not be sustained.


An ordinary citizen


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