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Beneficiaries of corruption of a political system March 3, 2008


When a political system is corrupt, not only the political leaders are benefited, the benefits may go to the political cadres of all strata of the parties, especially the party in power.

The party leaders attain the higher post in the government, assume greater responsibility, and enjoy more  privileges. The party cadres at different level also share the privileges. They get the contracts; get the tenders, selected for employment, preferred for admission, promotion, training at home and abroad.

Beaucracy is also benefited by corruption. They also took the advantages of corruption in the political system. They  take undue promotion, unhealthy privileges and participate in underhand negotiations. The government employs to the lowest level take the advantage of the system.

The businessmen also take the privilege of the  corrupt system. They procure orders in illegal ways, bypass taxes, compromise with the quality of goods and of works, they patronize the parties and take advantage in exchange. They themselves enter into politics, purchase the seats and purchase the voters.

The media also compromise and they don’t maintain the neutrality and they speak in the light of their political affiliation.

 The Judiciary is also afflicted. The appointment is compromised. The promotion is manipulated. They lost their judgment and they give verdict in favour of their political interest.

 The universities become sit of politics rather the seat of academic exercise. The teachers are more interested in discussing politics than principles. Getting good score in exams is more a matter of political connection than a matter of merit. The recruitment in faculty is also dictated by political menuaver than academic excellence.

 It seems that all are beneficiaries of a corrupt system of politics except the common people.

An ordinary citizen


1. xanthis - March 3, 2008

And our present government now have suspended Democracy for all the reasons you have mentioned. Not only that, CA D. Fakhruddin Ahmed told today that emergency won’t be lifted because there will be an outbreak if terrorism of there is no emergency.

Don’t you think this government’s policy is like “beheading to prevent the headache”?

2. bdoza - March 4, 2008

The present caretaker government cannot yet have confidence on the political parties specilally the two big ones. Until the government attain confidence on the parties, it will not lift the emergencies and the future elections will be held under coverage of emergencies.

The policy that the goverment has adopted and the attitudes that the big parties are showing, the political future is still cloudy in Bangladesh.

3. xanthis - March 4, 2008

You haven’t made it clear that what confidence this government still doesn’t have. I guess you wanted to say that this government ain’t too sure about the parties will stay calm after the emergency is lifted.

Following this idea, now this government is in hunt of company of any of these two big ones. Once they will get the confirmation that one of them is gonna stay calm, they will be relaxed. And that is impossible.

Because, none of BNP & Awami League is going to support them at any condition, not even if Begum Zia or Sheikh Hasina is released. Because the stigma this regime has sticked on them, is not going to be forgot I guess. Now, many of us think that this government is about to go for a pact with Awami League as they have been quite successful to compromise Zillur Rahman, Abdur Razzak, Tofael Ahmed. But, without having Sheikh Hasina’s consent, if any of them say a single word to support this government, they will be simply abandoned by AL supporters. And they know that very well.
Suppose, this regime has been totally successful to takeover the BNP presidium with Hafiz & Saifur under court orders. Suppose they have been successful to manage Awami League. What will happen then? What about public? Can you have them managed? Will they be convinced about a political arena where Sheikh Hasina & Khaleda Zia have no voice?

It is almost sure that this government will fail to get effective support of any of two big ones. So, the only way is left, that is forming a new political party. And I am quite confident that this regime is going to form a new political party. They are pushing to run the Local Government Election prior to the main one. That you can consider as to be an initial step to get a political vehicle of this government, a whole new political party.


4. bdoza - March 5, 2008

Though the government was in dilemma at times about the timing of the local government elections, now at least they have settled to conduct the local governemnt elections before the national elction and it seems that they will conclude it even in the face of opposition from the major political parties.Government will try to take out the local bodies from the spell of the political parties. I am not sure how far they will be successful in this regard but local government experts are also advocating to free the local bodies from the influence of political parties and the local bodies will be more concerned with the problems and development of their own localities than carryitng out the agengas of the political parties.
There is a possibility that this detachment from the main political stream may be exploited by the present governemnt if they have their own political agenda for future.

Thanks for your thoughtful comments on the present political trends.

5. xanthis - March 5, 2008

You are welcome.

Your analysis of “exploitation of the detachment of local bodies from main political stream”, sounds logical. This is possibly a reason for which this government is in a hurry to carry out the LG election.

Nobody knows when it will happen, but we must consider, all confusions and misunderstandings inside BNP & Awami League will be just vanished after Begum Zia & Sheikh Hasina are out of the jail.

Recent series of stimuluses to recheck whether Hasina or Khaleda needs to be flied abroad for better treatment, this stimulus eventually sounds like a succeeding concept of minus two formula. Just review some matters. Jalil is out, Khandoker Delwar is out. Begum Zia & Sheikh Hasina are under plans of determining whether they need to get on flight. Doesn’t this sound like another ‘subtraction’ formula?

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