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Stock exchange, new shares and an ordinary citizen March 7, 2008

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, ECONOMY.
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Meghna and Jamuna, two oil companies recently joined the Stock Exchange and floated their shares.

Like many others an ordinary citizen also took much interest at the news. He went himself to the Broker House to personally observe the trend of share but feel frustrated when the price of each share touched 9 times of the face value. He tried to be calm and have patience but in vain, the prices of the share didn’t come to a reasonable limit. The price behaved in the same abnormal way in both the occasion.

The ordinary citizen feel that it would have been better if the shares of the public limited companies are floated as primary share in the market and sell at its face value.

In the last week, the DHL-Brac floated their shares in the primary market which is more reasonable and affordable by the common people.

The government is looking for floating shares more public limited companies in the Share market and also many private companies of different sectors will come to the market in near future.

It would be better if the companies invite applications for its primary shares from the BO account holders and choose the winner by random selection by an authentic institution such as BUET, then the common people would have the opportunity to get the shares and improve their basic financial condition.

By scientifically manipulating the share market, the purchasing capacity of the common people may be improved and government should look that more and more people come out of their poverty level and money do not remain confined to a fortunate few.



1. Nevil - April 10, 2008

Hi ..this blog is really good and i really attract this type of blog..carry on dear…

With Best Regard


2. Md. Rakib hossain - May 15, 2010

Hi, tell me how i can know about the new shares? Tell me any web address

bdoza - May 15, 2010

Go to the web address of DSE and CSE

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