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Mid term progress report on achieving MDGs of Bangladesh March 8, 2008

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Planning Commission of Bangladesh has prepared a mid-term progress report on achieving the Millennium Development Goals(MDGs) for Bangladesh which are to be attained by 2015.

The targets of MDGs that is declared in 2000  include halving the number of people living in economic poverty, ensuring universal access to primary education, eliminating gender disparity, reducing child mortality rate and maternal mortality ratio, halting and reversing HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

Among the targets Bangladesh achieved is gender parity in primary and secondary schooling in 2005. It is  well on course to halve the proportion of population below national poverty line and minimum level of energy consumption as well as gain universal access to primary education and reduce the under 5 child mortality and infant mortality rates.

Bangladesh is behind schedule in achieving gender parity in tertiary education, reducing maternal mortality and fully contained the spread of communicable diseases and reducing of proportion of population without safe drinking water and deforestation.

The report projected unemployment and rich-poor gap as the two major MDG challenges for Bangladesh.

A detailed strategy was also prepared by Work Bank to achieve the millennium goals for Bangladesh.

An UN team earlier published a progress report on 2005 which may be compared.

World Bank on 2007 acknowledged that Bangladesh is on track for most of the MDGs, even the difficult ones like infant mortality and maternal mortality provided that the quality and institutional mechanisms of service delivery to the poor are improved.

An ordinary citizen


1. Subir Kumar Das - March 10, 2008

Please Give me this report immediately

2. bdoza - March 10, 2008

Thanks for visiting.
But you have to contact Planning Commission of Bangladesh under Ministry of planning, Government of Bangladesh for the full version of the report or you may contact with editor, Daily Star (E-mail: editor@thedailystar.net) from which I took the reported information.

3. Tanvir - March 11, 2008

Can you give me the weblink of this report?

4. bdoza - March 11, 2008

The Planning Commissin yet not float the report in their website.

A report by World Bank in 2007 on the progress of Bangladesh for MDGs is published and available at http://www.worldbank.org.bd/WBSITE/EXTERNAL/COUNTRIES/SOUTHASIAEXT/BANGLADESHEXTN/0,,contentMDK:21221096~pagePK:141137~piPK:141127~theSitePK:295760,00.html

You can better contact editor of Daily Star who published excepts from the report on 10 March 2008 as their main headline news http://www.thedailystar.net/story.php?nid=26667.

Thanks for visiting.

5. Khandoker Zahid Shorwar Sohel - March 14, 2009

I am interested to have the full report. Could you please float the report in the website or to my email address.


6. Rubana - May 24, 2010

I am eager to have a breif knowledge about the report. Could you please forward me in my e-mail address?


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