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A fairy tale of a queen and her sickness March 12, 2008


She is like a queen. People adore her. Not long before, she reigned the country for 5 years. People were more or less happy during her reign. At least there was no scarcity of food and other essentials during her period. But as the time changes, she lost her throne. But she didn’t loss her patience. She kept continuing her fighting. But when there was glimpses of win, a catastrophe falls on the country. Everything changed. Some new people took over the charge of the country.

She was initially hopeful. Hopeful of something good will happen to her. But it is in vein. Nothing happens like that.

She was away from her country for some time. But she didn’t feel good being away from her country and countrymen. The new government imposed ban on her and bar her from coming.

She defied the order and came back to her country among great enthusiasm of her supporters who flocked in thousands to receive her in the airport.

The government didn’t like that and issued warrant against thousands of people who has no names.

She was confined in her palace-special forces are placed around her house, visitors were restricted and she was kept under constant watch.

One day in the dead of night thousands of uniformed men and some women came and surrounded her house and she was arrested and she was confined in a specially designed house in a restricted area.

The government pressed dozens of allegations of corruption against her and cases were framed..

Dozens lawyers were assigned for her. A very reputed lawyer of international fame came to plead her cause but was not allowed on the plea that native law does not permit foreigner to stand in the court. The lawyers of both sides interlocked in arguments on and off the court.

In the mean time, she became sick. But she would only allow the doctors of her own choice to see her. A group of specialist doctors were assigned to assess her illness. They detected multiple ailments in her body- visual problem, hearing defect, skin allergy, hypertension etc. The doctors opined that her condition is serious. She should be hospitalized. She was not willing to go to the hospital. Later she gave her consent. The specialists of her choice saw her again. The group comprised of eye specialist, ENT specialist, cardiologist, Dermatologist etc and all opined that her hearing problem is serious. She should be treated outside, preferably in the USA where she was treated earlier or she will loss her hearing permanently.

News of her illness flushed over the daily newspapers on the front page for days together. It remains the main news in the TV channels for long days.

Lawyers and doctors remain busy in explaining her legal status and medical complexities.

The government also looks perplexed thinking what to do.

Is her illness is too serious.? Should she be assessed by an independent group of specialists or experts from outside? Will she be allowed to go to USA, the country of her choice?

At last she was admitted in a special hospital in the capital and seen by a group of specialists of the hospital itself but her own doctors were not allowed to see her.

Authority assured that formal medical board will see her soon and everything possible will be done within the framework of the jail code.

To the ordinary citizen it is like a “Fairy Tale’ – the end of which is still to come.


An ordinary citizen



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