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BCS Exam, Quota System and Controversies March 15, 2008

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BCS exam is the highest examination system for recruitment of officers for different cadres of Bangladesh Government Services which includes administration to education. The service of the government in its different sectors will depend on the quality of the selection in its different cadres. Every cadre is important in its own merit. And the best sons of the soil should be recruited for the services.

Quota system was introduced in the government service by an executive order in 1972, where 45% are reserved on merit, rest 55% is distributed as 30% for children of freedom fighters, 10% for women, 10% for districts and 5% for indigenous people.

We have passed 37 years of our independence. Time has come to review the system.

Controversy arises regarding continuation of quota. Some are against it and some are in favour. There is a group in between who prefer to reduce the percentage of quota in different categories.

I am not against the quota system. But the way we are using the quota system for indefinite time and in indeterminate way is not scientific.

The bottom line is –we should not compromise the selection at the highest level of government service. If we compromise at this level, our governance will never be improved.

We have obligations to the children of our freedom fighters and we also want our womenfolk, tribal people and people from less developed districts to have more participation in the government service at greater percentage. But how should we do that?

We should ensure better education of the children of our freedom fighters by giving support to the family, by lending stipends and scholarships to their children and by giving enrollment in better schools and colleges. We are already extended various supports for female education which has yielded result with more female candidates qualifying on merit and in the same way we should extend support to the tribal children. For the less developed districts, we should take measures to improve the schools and colleges so that students from those districts come out with competitive results.

The ordinary citizen is in favour of long term plan to support the needy without compromising the ultimate selection.

Controversies provoked utterances of abusive languages and application of forces in place of logic and rationality which is not healthy.

The issue is delicate but we should be prudent and keeping the interest of all we should also try to achieve the ultimate standard in governance.

An ordinary citizen

18 March 2008

Public Service Commission Dr. Shahadat Hussain in an interview in BTV informed that an study by PSC on the quota system is already completed and will be published soon and public discussions will be arranged in divisional towns and in the capital to have recommendations on the quota system.


8 April 08
A two member committee headed by Dr. Akbar Ali Khan was formed to give report on BCS quota system. On submission of the report, Dr. Akbar said that the recruitment under quota must not be higher than that of merit.

8 May 2008
PSC has completed the survey report avd started discussion on the issue which will be staged in different regions of the country. Journalists are provided with copies of the report but the contents were not discussed much in the media. The above information is from a discussion in BTV program -Dhaka Dateline.
But PSC should have published the report in the internet, so that public irrespective of their attachment to the media, could be informed of the suggestions put in the survey report and people could also give their opinion directly in the net.


1. Rezwan - March 15, 2008

I am not for any quota system because they make the selection impure. I have come across some government servants who are not up to the mark then the rest of their colleagues and people may wonder how they came here in the first place. If you inquire closely then you will find that they got in with the help of some quota (the freedom fighter quota is misused the most) and thus the nation misses the service of many other competent candidates.

In case of BCS I think the criteria should be based on merit only. There should be other scientific measurements (except the classic viva system) to measure their aptitude, presentation skills and extra curricular activities. If you look at some bureaucrats who cannot pronounce Bangla (let alone English) correctly then you will understand what I mean.

2. TUTUL - May 7, 2008

It should be eliminated.Recruitment must be made on the basis of merit. People not getting the facility of quota are not so confident of getting a chance/doing better in the exam.

3. shimul - May 21, 2008

I am against quota because its out of merit.

4. Rana - February 2, 2009

I am not against quota system of BCS,our freedom fighters children deserve it,we do not have right talk about against freedom fighters,there are very few children got the chance of getting extra benifit as children of freedom fighter,if we go against it realy shame of us.We already nothing did for our freedom fighter,atleast this thing can left for them.Now-a-days there are not many freedom fighter children,if comming about merit learn a lot,then come for BCS.You or me can not go against the freedom fighter.Lot of freedom fighter children not get chance to go school,atfirst solve that problem and then go against quota,quota system for those person who are always not benefited,if have to remove quota must ensure that you are confident about yourself,do not look others that what they are getting,try to achieve what have you deserve.

5. Md.Abu Jafor - February 19, 2009

Is the private university student can appear the BCS examination?

bdoza - February 20, 2009

Private University students can appear in the BCS exam if their degree is recognized by University Grant Commission (UGC).

6. Nazim - August 2, 2009

The BSC examination is much more competitive for the non-quota candidates. There are chances of less evaluation of merit.

7. Ahsan - August 21, 2009

The question of the BCS exam this time is very simple. So it is not contesting enough. I would suggest it to be more inquiring concerning depth.

8. RAKHI DAS - September 20, 2009

I passed the H.S.C exam from bangladesh and then I complete my B.S.C in INDUSTRIAL FISH AND FISHERIES from calcutta university and M.S.C in AQUACULTURE MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY from vidyasagar university.west bengal .INDIA .am I eligible for B.C.S EXAMINATION?

9. bdoza - September 20, 2009

Better contact PSC for specific answer

Contact Personal :: ASLAM IQBAL
Designation :: Secretary
Phone Number :: 8114324
Fax Number :: 88-02-8158495
E-mail Address :: Secretary@bpsc.gov.bd
Contact Address : : Bangladesh Public Service Commission Old Air Port building, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1215 Fax: 8158495

10. razin - January 28, 2010

can i appear in the bcs exam after completing bba from any private university?

bdoza - January 28, 2010

Yes, if that private university is recognised by UGC.

11. K.M. Tanzilur Rahman - March 13, 2010

Quota system should be continue……………………

12. Ishtiaq Ahmed John - July 6, 2010

After 20 years, the country will search for freedom fighters to give them honor, but country won’t find any one of them. So it’s the best time to give them honor in a way of giving chances for their children in better place. At least, they will get a relief that their children will not be deprived after their death. They fought for the country to make a flag in world history. So talking negative about them is kind of shame for the whole nation. It should be our honor if we encourage the freedom fighter’s children to give BCS exam. And i am sorry to say that if anyone doubt about the merit and think that freedom fighter’s children have less merit, they are living in the age of cave and knocking at the wrong planet. I am a software developer working for a US company drawing dollars for my country as remittance and i graduated from North South University with financial help from my university and most importantly, I am the pride son of a “Freedom Fighter”. My request is never under estimate the freedom fighter’s children. The blood is born to win in any circumstances and they have merit too. When they appear, they appear like a storm in the sky and may be that’s the reason why some narrow minded personality arises question against quota system in BCS exam.

Lastly, as a son of Freedom Fighter, the above lines are my personal opinion but i didn’t meant anything to hurt anyone. Still if you feel bad, please contact with me. I will apologize personally.

Ishtiaq Ahmed John
Software Developer, Testing.
Vantage Labs LLC.

13. Ratul - September 20, 2010

Hi…I would like know to if any one knows when is the next possible Bcs exam opening??

14. sagar - June 11, 2011

dear software developer, if the freedom fighters’ children have merit (as you have mentioned), no quota is required.

15. Bishwajit shikder - January 28, 2012

yes i agree with mr. sagar. If the freedom fighter’s sons /daughters have merit,they will fight by that.a freedom fighter is a man who can inspire us and his life still is ideal to us.so the son /daughter of freedom fighter should fight without any quota.my father is also a freedom fighter but i never take any extra facility like that quota.but my sister is now a BCS cadre with the quota system.Actually i never like this quota system because some people think that we are living under their greatness but they are not great …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. so the government should dismiss this system.

16. ruman - February 19, 2012

we have been free from pakistani army but we are not free from discrimination of quota system

17. ZIADUL ISLAM - January 16, 2015

is there any quota system for public administration student in BCS

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