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USA, Pakistan and democracy for Bangladesh March 18, 2008

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Very recently ex-US Ambassador Patricia A Butenis came to Bangladesh on a ‘friendly’ visit. After her visit a hectic contact has been initiated by Geeta Pasi , Charge d Affairs of US Embassy . By this time, she met different political leaders of Bangladesh including AL and BNP. She also met with the leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami.

She in her explanation said that USA wants democracy to run in this country and wants the next national election to be held by the end of this year.

Many people become suspicious with the movement of the US ambassador. The people of this area has little faith on the USA because of her role in the liberation war in support of the Pakistani regime denying the fact that SK Mujibor Rahman got the mandate of the people and was on the side of democracy.

The people also keenly observed the role of USA in the region over the past years especially in Pakistan where USA virtually supported a dictator and helped him to stay in power for more than 8 years on the plea that his presence would contain the Islamic militants in the area which proved wrong as the policy of General Musharraf rather provoked extremism in Pakistan.

To the common people, US policy seems to be dictated by their political and strategic gain rather than an idealistic stand for democracy.


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