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Dr. Akbar Ali Khan cries over the fate of freedom fighters and their children April 2, 2008

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Dr. Akbar Ali Khan, ex Adviser of the last caretaker government cries over the fate of the freedom fighters and their children in a meet with the Reporters’ Union. He cited a report in a newspaper that the wife of a freedom fighter was collecting left over food for her children at the invitation at Bangabhavan(president house) on the last 26th March on the occassion of Independence day. He declared that he who himself was a freedom fighter will not take any food in the Bangabhaban if a single child of a freedom fighter remain unfed.

The scene depicted the plight of the freedom fighters and their children in our country for whom we are proud citizens of an independent country.

But scene is not a single isolated incident, rather it is continous negnect of the freedom fighters and their contribution.

On ETV, in a talk show , Dr. Atiar Rahman was saying that in survey they have found many freedom fighter begging for the livelihood. The stats may also be known to Dr. Akbar Ali Khan and he was in diffrent ministries for long and associated with policy and planning of many governments.

The nation still could not have an authentic list of freedom fighters acceptable for all so far. We could not ensure the rehabilatation of the all freedom fighters after the liberation and we could not ensure the food and education to the children of freedom fighters even after so many years.

Questions come up where all the money for rehabilation of freedom fighters have gone, who enjoyed the quota for freedom fighters for jobs and education. Were all the previleges genuinely distributed?

What the different political parties done for the freedom fighters when they were in the government or off the government?

Liberation war is hot issue of our present politics and we are busy to gain the benefit at our end but we don’t feel any responsibility by whom the liberation war was wone.

So, it is not only Bangabhaban to be blamed but we as a nation also to be blamed for the present plight of the freedom fighters and their children.

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1. Bolbo NA - April 12, 2008

Let Us Move Violently For Reducing The School Fees & Yearly Admission Fees In Private Schools & Universities & Also Rising For No Reason House Rent, There Should Be A Regulatory Commission To Control The House Rent, As I Understand Corruption Starts Here, 70% Of The Income Goes To House Rent How Do You Survive Without Corruption.

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