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National women’s development policy and challanges April 11, 2008

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Chief Adviser of Caretaker Government Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed unveiled the women’s developmental policy on International Women’s Day on 8th March 2008 .[…]

It set aside one-third of parliamentary seats for women and suggested arrangment for direct election to the reserved seats. It also suggested appointment of an adequate number of women, if necessary, under the related section of the constitution to the highest-level of Cabinet Division and the policy-making level of the administration

Bangladesh Mohila Parishad and other women’s organization congratulated the government on the declaration of the policy.

But the policy created resentment among the Islamic scholars on equal rights of women […]on inherited properties which goes against the Shariah according to them and demonstrations took place to protest the policy at different parts of the country.

Members of the Advisory council including Adviser of the women’s Affairs Rasheda K Chy denied that there is any law against the Quran in the policy.

In the meantime, some Advisers met with the religious leaders and formed a committee to review any clause in the policy which goes against the Islamic rules.

The law adviser also told Islamic scholars at the Islamic Foundation that the interim government would not pass any law on inheritance.

But Women’s right organizations held meetings and seminars and questioned the government for formation of the review committee. They said that a vested quarter is opposing the policy in the name of religion. Gitiara Nasreen, a professor of DU said that the larger section of people in the country does not accept the issue of equal rights of women and their rights on assets.

The situations rolls to the violent clashes with hundreds of Islamic outfits and police injuring hundreds including journalist. […]

The editorials urged for peace and rationality.[…]

An ordinary citizen

Post script:

The Chief Justice said in a meeting that demand for equal rights is logical and it is a must for any modern democratic nation.[…]

Some social and women’s organisations protested the incidence of violence near baitul mukarram.[…]

Law adviser retaliated that he doesn’t think that there is anything against Islam in the policy but if there is any ambiguity that will be look after by the review committee.[…]

Women front leaders urge for withdrawing the review committee on the policy.

Speakers in a talk show (ETV) criticised the silence of the political parities on the violence in connection to the policy.

Review body opposes equal rights for women, suggested scraping 6 and change in 15 of the policy.[…]
Law Advise said Govt will consider the recommendation of the religious leaders and Home Adviser warns that any violation of the law will be dealt severely.

12 May 2008 : Conclusion
Readers, can we come to the conclusion that the meetings and seminars for and against the ‘women development policy’ will be continued but the governmnet will not ultimately take any decision in favour of the policy like that of earlier governments and it will take the same fate of policies drafted in 1997 and 2003.

An ordinary citizen


1. Ryad - May 23, 2008

This policy is nothing but an ordinary face of western imperialism. They use the so called feminists to implement their plan.

2. Kamruzzaman - July 28, 2008

I need a copy of National Women Policy 2008. Can anyone send me it?

3. Irfath - August 9, 2008

Would anyone pls inform me the number of committee member to review the policy??

4. bdoza - August 9, 2008

There is no information in the web site of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs. Sad !
From newspaper report , the number of committee members is found to be 20 (the reference also lies in the present post).

5. mujahid - December 1, 2008

i need a copy of the poicy

6. Azam - March 14, 2009

I need a copy Of “National Women Development Policy” can Anyone Pls send me a copy

7. Muhammad Saydul Islam - June 18, 2010

Sir I need a copy of National woman policy. can u pls send me …MY Email Saydul_i@yahoo.com

bdoza - June 19, 2010

You will have to contact Ministry of Women’s Affairs for the copy.

8. GOLAM MOSTOFA - March 8, 2011

sir, I need a National women development policy(latest).Please send me(Bangla & English).

9. shahnaz pervin - March 12, 2011

I need a National women development policy.Please send me(Bangla & English).

10. Asma Zaman - March 31, 2011

I would like to get copy of national WOmen development policy both in English and Bangla.

bdoza - March 31, 2011

Just go to http://www.mowca.gov.bd/ and get the copy.

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