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OMS, Rationing and few words from the pages of Dr. Yunus April 18, 2008

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Bangladesh is passing through a very critical food crisis. To overcome the food crisis and to control the price of essentials, the government has introduced many programs which include OMS(Open Market Sale), sales through BDR shops , VGF, Work for Food Program etc.

There were suggestions for introducing rationing system also. But the government didn’t give much heed to the suggestion and give more importance to the OMS. But within days OMS service also proved to be inadequate.

Government put many points not to consider rationing such as it will increase dependence, increase corruption and people will avoid doing work. Lately they added that it will involve huge cost.
But demand for rationing is increasing;left leaning parties, garment workers are included in this groups.

The ordinary citizen also prefer rationing system over OMS as it reaches to the target group specifically whereas OMS is more diffuse and nonspecific.

I was reading Dr. Muhammad Yunus’ ‘Creating a World Without Poverty’. My eyes stuck to a page (page 110) where the author said, ‘Not all anti-poverty program are equal…Effective anti poverty program must start with clear operational definition of poverty. In order to recognize those whom the program designed to help, they must be defined by clear decision rules that will exclude the non-poor and keep them from siphoning off resources that the poor desperately need.’ Dr. Yunus is a practical economist of Bangladesh who has long experience in working with the poor. We should remember the principle he cited in these lines while working with the poor.

There is no sign that the present crisis will over within short time and Government must be prepare to support the low income groups for long period through a more structured system. A strong and accountable local government system also would be of help for the people in future.

Government is thinking to increase the dearness allowance of the government employees. But government employees are not only vulnerable group in this situation. Mere increasing the salary of a group will increase the inflation and increase the suffering of poor people. So they must think for the other groups also.

An ordinary citizen


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