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Hans Rosling on Miracle of Bangladesh April 19, 2008

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I first came across about Prof Hans Rosling in a post of Sabine in yunusphere.net and then Lilashana, her coauthor, more exposed Hans Rosling’s observation on Bangladesh in her following post. I couldn’t resist myself to republish it here:

“Following on from an earlier post, I have explored further Prof Rosling’s Gapminder website and found several interesting podcasts and videos.

The one most relevant here is GapCast #5 – Bangladesh Miracle described below:

Have you heard about Miracle that has happened in Bangladesh over the last 30 years? No? In 1970 an average women in Bangladesh gave birth to 7 children, and one of four of them died before the age of five.

But after independence from Pakistan in 1971 things have improved. See Hans Roslings GapCast #5 to see how much.

Fascinating and really instructive. Some hard lessons for all of us, irrespective of the disciplines we practice as it shows how received wisdom can be so very wrong.

What one sees in the changes that have happened in Bangladesh over just 30 years should also be compared with his early look on the developments in Sweden over 300 years.

So, Bangladesh is a leading country in the world not just in population density but also in the speed and rate of reduction of child mortality. Grameen Bank and focus on micro-credits for women played clearly a very big part in this quiet and generally overlooked transformation. More startlingly, this transformation has not been fueled by a mad rush to urbanisation either.”


1. Sabine - April 19, 2008

Excellent, Barud!

Your fellow country-men and -women need to know that!!!


2. lilashana - April 20, 2008

Can you say something more specific about the medical side or nursing provision? How much does the explanation offered by Hands Rosling live up to what you know in your life?

Thank you Barud for quoting my note?


3. bdoza - April 20, 2008

Bangladesh has extensive health care services extending into the distant villages though not good for critical care but not bad for primary care of the children,men and women.Many NGOs including Grameen, BRAC are also working in the heath sector to supplement the public health services in the rural areas.

Hans Rosling has rightly pointed out that treatment by antibiotics, control of diarrhoea, coverage of vaccines, access to family planning, empowerment of women, better education and better economy in the rural areas have created this miracle.

Thanks for your comments and interest in Bangladesh.

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