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World food crisis, World Bank/IMF & Bangladesh April 20, 2008

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The world is passing through a critical food crisis which has not affect the world for many decades. Already social uncertainty, political unrest and riots start off in many developing countries. […]

World Bank has warned that the present crisis will deepen and will create further deterioration in law and order situation in those countries. But the pity is that the warning from the World Bank came when the situation is already exposed. World Bank has failed miserably in forecasting the situation earlier and more significantly to suggest measures to offset the crisis early.

In Bangladesh, the economic analysts blaming the World Bank/IMF for their earlier prescription to shift the attention from agriculture and not supporting to keep enough stock of food grains for the future. The sadness increases with the news that it is the bio-fuel for which crops, the food for millions of people of developing countries, has been sacrificed.[…]

Moreover, the Finance Adviser of the Bangladesh Government Dr. Mirza Azizul Islam said that ‘The World Bank, the IMF and the FAO have expressed their concerns over the global food crisis and the high prices, but in real sense so far they have done nothing for the hard-hit poor countries,’ he mentioned. […]

Experiencing through a critical crisis, Bangladesh is looking at itself-how to sustain by itself. Experts are giving opinion to revive the agricultural sector and to utilize the full potentiality of Agriculture to make ourselves self –sufficient in food.[…]

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Post script

FAO warns of civil war on food crisis […]
UN battle plan to tacke world food crisis[…][…] Times elaborates on World Food Crisis[…]
UN to set up task force to tackle food crisis […]

5 May, 2008
UN top adviser for food urged a freeze on bio-fuel investment saying that ‘a blind persuit of the policy is irresponsible.[…]


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