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Form of government and price hike April 23, 2008

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Recently Chief Adviser said, ‘Form of this Government has no relation with the price hike of the essentials’. On the other both AL and BNP top leaders are claiming that they would have bring down the price of rice if they be in power, one claiming even to Tk 10 per Kg.

Dr. Ali Akbar Khan, ex Adviser of the last Caretaker Government told that usually famine occurs during the period of non-elected government..

I was searching for an answer to the confusion arose out of these statements. Then I came across the article of Faisal Salauddin, a macroeconomist where he compared the state of Bangladesh with Vietnam which is an economy better managed than us.

Readers may find some answer in his discourse.[…]

Chart: Bangladesh Vs Vietnam

An ordinary citizen


1. tomar potol bhai - May 21, 2011

heavvvvvvvvvvvvvvvy kaj e lagse re 😀 aro likho likhtei thako amra copy korte thakbo….

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