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Introducing ranking system for the universities in Bangladesh April 27, 2008

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Ranking system should be introduced for our universities. I have got many request to my blog asking the rank of the universities. But so far no ranking or rating for the universities and technical educations have been introduced in our country.
Recently in a round table conference Dr. Akbar Ali Khan, Ex- Adviser of the last caretaker government and Chairman of the Regulatory Reform Commission has urged to introduce rating of all universities in our country.

This rating must be from a competent authority. University Grant Commission(UGC) could took up the job. Ranking will create competitiveness among the universities and institutions. The ranking will be based on certain parameters which should be selected on the basis of international exercise.

The other question asked – would this be of universities only. Not necessarily. Technical education like Medical, Engineering may be included in the ranking. The ranking will not be of universities only but may be of different faculties or among different subjects.

Dr. Akbar Ali commented that we have introduce the western styles education system, especially in private universities but we didn’t introduce the rating system while authorities of the western universities publish the rating of their educational institutions regularly.

An ordinary citizen

Post script:

To have a glimpse of ranking system for the universitiies currently operating in the world, one can have a look in the wikipedia.

In the regional list of subcontinent, among Bangladesh universities BUET ranked best-20th, then Dhaka Univesrsity at 59th, North South 61, International Islamic University 80, Ahsanullah University of Science and technology 82, Independent University 85 and East West University at 89.

Bangladesh should strive for better ranking in the list. There is a fair chance for Institute of Business Administration and Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons that gives FCPS in medical science to get a position in the list.

In the meantime let’s see what our readers think about the best public univesrsity,best private university, best BBA and best computer science in our country:

The polls have been rearranged on the suggestion of the readers to avoid the conflict between public and private universities.

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1. op - July 8, 2008

What about other universities?

2. Humira alam - July 22, 2008

i need a total ranking of private universities including new one also

3. bdoza - July 23, 2008

The UGC should have ranked the private and public universities, but they didn’t do it yet.
A ranking on the basis of web popularity is linked here http://www.4icu.org/bd/
The UGC web site may be used to link approved private and public universities

4. RON - August 8, 2008

The current ranking of indian subcontinet have only 4 Bangladeshi Universities
2. Dhaka University
3. Eastwest University

5. pidem - August 9, 2008

but what about the others.

6. SHahin - August 10, 2008

2. DU
3. EWU

7. SHahin - August 10, 2008

Others are out of the Top 100(Indian subcontinent)

8. Rimon - August 14, 2008

I don’t understand how they ranked ?

If they follow the key successfull factors and weigted the universities then the rank will be :-

1. IUB
2. NSU
3. EWU
5. Brac

9. bdoza - August 15, 2008

An individual cannot give ranking to the institutions or universities. Ranking can be given by the acceptable authorities and in Bangladesh it should be UGC (University Grant Commission).
Why they are so silent on th issue over so many years ! They should come up with ranking of both public and private universities that will give the students an idea where to make their future studies. .

10. SABRI - August 15, 2008

EWU ranked 2nd time No.1 private university in Bangladesh. Nobody counts IUB as top 5 private universities. then how it is in no 1 (according to Rimon). Today job market is mostly dominated by
IBA EWU and NSU. Job mkt analysis and international recognition say that EWU is no. 1.

11. bdoza - August 23, 2008

We are gettinng suggestions from individuals on the ranking of the university in Bangladesh. But there is little scope to consider individual ranking of the universities.
The determination of the ranking must be from acceptable institutions who are entitled to do so.
We are sorry not to able to publish the individual suggestions any further.

bdoza (editor)

12. anuj - August 23, 2008

How they ranked those.

13. bdoza - August 26, 2008

Wikipedia says-Rankings can be based on subjectively perceived “quality,” on some combination of empirical statistics, or on surveys of educators, scholars, students, prospective students, or others.

India Today considers the ranking on the factors like (1) Reputation, (2) Curriculum, (3) Quality of Academic Input, (4) Student Care, (5) Admission Process, (6) Infrastructure, (7) Job Prospects etc.

In addition to what Ibne Siraj said Ranking is also sorted by important newspapers like Newsweek of USA, Economist of UK, India Today etc. In Bangladesh reputed newspapers like daily Star may take up the burden to introduce the ranking of the universities or institutions in Bangladesh.

14. OPu - August 29, 2008

a fair and free preussrise ranking of uni should be promoyed by UGC.i think its thier job.

15. rahat ibn hasan - September 1, 2008

how do we rank

16. bdoza - September 5, 2008

We have no ranking system-we need to develop that. In the context of Bangladesh, it is the UGC that should do the job as Opu said but till now it has done nothing in this regard. It could use the parameters that India Today is using or it could accommodate the other parameters in use by other countries or institutions.

17. Sandeep Malakar - September 5, 2008

I want to know UGC Private University Ranking of Bangladesh 2008

18. bdoza - September 5, 2008

Sorry to say, UGC has yet no Private University Ranking of Bangladesh.

19. Turan - September 20, 2008

IBA is ranked as 40th best Business School in Asia Pacific….its da only Institute representing Bangladesh…even BUET don’t hav any rank in Asia. forget bout da others..most of da world class universities of Asia r located in China, Japan n India( Australia belongs to Ocenia region)

20. Farsad-AIUB - September 25, 2008

About AIUB:

In 2008 July,Webometrics ranked this university 2nd in Private Universities, 4th in Bangladesh and 92th in the Indian subcontinent in their World Universities Ranking based on electronic publication, scientific results and international activities.

In 2008, 4icu.org ranked this university 3rd in Bangladesh and 1st among the private universities in their ‘Colleges and Universities By 2008 Web Popularity Ranking’ list.


21. Miles - October 1, 2008

In US and Canada ranking is done by newspapers/magazines. They give detailed accounts on the method of ranking universities and they frequently have different rankings based on different criteria. Why can’t one of our own newspapers take up a job like this? I think it will lead to improvement of the universities which is what college/university rankings are all about.

22. farin - October 5, 2008

we really need a ranking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23. excitingshuvo - October 12, 2008

nice debate ……….

I think, actually it depends……….

For Business: NSU, EWU, BRAC…… dis 3 r doing really…… I repeat really good (among the private uni)

And For Science related subjects, I guess: NSU, AIUB, EWU, AUST r doing doo

For Architecture: BRAC

For Pharmacy: EWU, NSU, Asia Pacific(I heard of this uni)

I think…….. everybody should be agree with me….. Though I am a student of EWU, but I think: NSU is still in the top position, but others r also doing well……… Specially Top 5: NSU, EWU, AIUB, BRAC, IUB……… and 4 last few days……. I think UIU is also doing very good ……….


24. bdoza - October 13, 2008

Though I am not in favour of individual ranking, but many of our readers are submitting thier own judgment on ranking. Let’s see the trend of the individuals before an authorative institution like UGC gives it verdict.
Many of the individual opinions were not accepted earlier to publish here, I am requesting them to resubmit their opinion with a little explanation in support of their judgment.

25. Rashel sharwar - October 14, 2008

can i know the ranking of bangladeshi top 20 university?

26. bdoza - October 14, 2008

There is no acceptable ranking of the universities in Bangladesh. The aim of our whole discussion is for a ranking from an acceptable body like University Grant Commission who monitors the course, curriculum and qualities of education of the public and private uiversities in Bangladesh.
There is incomplete and sporadic individual ranking here and elsewhere which are not above biasness and not done by critical assesment of different parameters.
We shall contiue this discussion till we find a reasonable ranking from an instituition of authority.


27. pavelz - October 15, 2008

AIUB is awsome for ENG now has given look on BBA PRO and they become IBA std & big thread 4 top 2 BBA brand NSU& IUB.

28. ABMSJ - October 16, 2008

There is no acceptable ranking of the universities in Bangladesh. But Ranking can be acceptable by UGC yearly Report OR By APUB

29. mamun - October 17, 2008

Today Eastern University is also a good University.

30. pavel - October 18, 2008

i m so astonished to see d BBA poll. there is no AIUB & BRAC. they r almost top uni 4 BBA . its very much amzing and also very funny. so how can i vote 4 d best?

31. bdoza - October 18, 2008

Thank you for your suggestion.Necessary addition is made.


32. pavel - October 18, 2008


33. MnM - October 18, 2008


34. moinul hossain - October 21, 2008

what about other engineering universities in our country like KUET,CUET and RUET? Are they not good enough than our private universities ? This website must contain all the universities in our country.

35. zahid - October 21, 2008

it is out of my range why IUT and AIUB are not in the poll.

36. faisal - October 22, 2008

buet is the best but very hard and tough and also the syllabusses we the student follow are huge

37. himo - October 22, 2008

i think AIUB is best university.the quility of this very good.law and regulation concious .teacher are appling good statagy for student so it is helpfull for student.

38. asrar _ psu - October 25, 2008

I think for engineering IUT have become a bit ahead of BUET ; personally i am from BUET and doing my post-graduation from penn state university’ here i have come to see that there is already a ranking of the universities in Bangladesh where there are only two universities
believe me or not..IUT is in second position here after BUET and in first position in mechanical eng. department.. so i would say after BUET IUT is the possible next best thing..

39. season - October 26, 2008

AIUB is a best eng university in bangladesh.aiub is a leading private university.

40. Joy Das Gupta - October 26, 2008

I think for engineering, private university ranking is right now established on the basis of actual engineering course curriculum not for market or advertisement popularity which are IUT>AUST>AIUB>IUBAT. Here IUBAT is only private university has Mechanical Engineering Department established by Bangladeshi.And this university has linked with 59 foreign universities as well.And also 5.5 acres areas beside the Turag river which is a great natural environment for studying.There are also EEE,CSE,CE departments.But Unfortunately it proceeded to man in current market by poor level of advertisement.Thats why it became ignore. Now its welly go ahead because it is the first private university of bangladesh established in 1989 by IBA(DU) founder Dr, Alimullah Mian. But UGC approved this fifth position in 1993.

41. Mitu - October 26, 2008

For course Curriculum and International Grading system the IUBAT(Internatinal University of Business Agriculture and Technology) is the best university

42. pavel - October 27, 2008

iut is not pvt uni. the rank is here
1. aiub
2. iub
3. nsu
4. ewu

43. Shihab - October 28, 2008

hey, gyz , it is bit weird to enumerate IUT in the list of private univs. Every way it is one and only international university in bangladesh.

and to debunk the vainglory of being ranked, that is belied by aiubans and ewuans, i must let you know one thing, as a principle criteria for ranking a university, webometrics uses citations number of the regarding university’s weblink ! Weirdly enough, this is true !

it seems bit puerile, to compare any of the private univs with any nivs that does not belong to the same class ! it will be seemly if they vie only between themselves !

For most of the private univs in bangladesh the bitter truth is – overthere, good facilities are getting corroded ! Give a glance, at the type of students they are admitting, the internal exam system(stupid quizes with stupid mcqs which contributes a significantly to their final exam). This is the general scenario !

But i admit, there are few exceptions, some students of some private univs are really smart! But the general picture is really frustrating for private universities.

44. bdoza - November 2, 2008

IUT is dropped from the list of private universities as suggested. A new poll has been added under ‘best university in Bangladesh’.

Though this poll does not represent the true picture of the status of the different universities or institutions of Bangladesh, still readers may have a gross view on the subject.

So cast your vote!


45. salekin - November 2, 2008

i’ll go for AIUB

46. RUMEL - November 3, 2008

IUB is the best private university because they’ve maximum no. of Phds, 15 campuses, mostly northamerican faculties, harverd course curriculm, rich liabrary, business research facilities etc.

1. IUB
5. UIU

47. nadim - November 3, 2008

u better say IUB-BBA is the best.

48. ZAHID - November 4, 2008

it is not my range how uiu come in top 5. IUB is better 4 BBA but NSU is best 4 this.
1. NSU
3. IUB
5. EWU

49. Nadim - November 5, 2008

Now NSU position is very poor compare to IUB and AIUB. IUB’s business school, CSC and ARTS departments has more quality faculties than any pvt university in Bangladesh. NSU has very few faculties and phds though they’ve huge no. of students.example- their business school has nearly 6000 students but they’ve only 7 phds, which reflects bellow standard university where as IUB business school’ve 11phds for nearly 2000 students and also IUB-csc department’s maximum no. of phds 14. IUB is providing research based education at BBA level where NSU isn’t. IF u need confirmation then visit websites then u can also get how rich IUB’s course curriculm than NSU. IUB is the best private university consider by maximum ranking criterias. But true thing is very few people knows abt IUB. Who knows that IUB is the most expensive university in Bangladesh. But NSU’s mkt demand is grown up only for their promotional activities and some other factors like- NSU organizes different fairs, seminer ets. these also r hidden but strong promotional acts. NSU student’s words of mouth is a strong support of their advertising. But actual thing is NSU doesn’t have that much quality what pople knows. Once upon a time they’ve tremendous quality but these r faint away. But IUB had quality and now they’ve better.

SO actual and ture rank is –

1. IUB
3. NSU
4. EWU
5. UIU

BRAC is out of top 5 because they don’t have not a single phd at business school which is very very poor. remember one thing faculties r the core and main worth or resourses of a university.

50. FARUQ - November 5, 2008

some prob on ur rank.
1. NSU
3. IUB
these 3 r only comparable with themselves not any other.

top pvt uni
1. EWU
5. UIU

51. Hafizul Azad - November 6, 2008

Do the private universities of bangladesh possess the quality to give a better education than RUET,CUET & KUET? I want to ask honourable UGC chairman why these 3 universities are not in the given list? Haven’t you ever listen the name of these universities ? Or about their quality?………I want to remind UGC chairman & others that now LGED’s Chief Engineer is from RUET. BUET has no position in the list of top world universities. So,name of BUET is given,then why not the others? Its a wonder really!!!

52. arnob - November 7, 2008

we should consider about key successfull factors amoung the NSU, IUB, AIUB, EWU and Brac universities then we will find that IUB is the best.
IUB’s BBA is so far interms of quality faculty, course content, class and campus env, journals, achievments and etc.
But student’s words of mouth is very poor of IUB. Because they are now providing the highest tution fees and semester fees even than NSU and they are getting lower grade compare to the other private universities. Till last semester avg CGPA of IUB student was 2.46. One the other hand IUB doesn’t provide any promotional act, so many of us does’t know about IUB.
IUB’s ENV and CMN department are also better than any pvt universities.
If u don’t agree me just visit websites of NSU,IUB,AIUB,EWU and Brac and do a little research proposal on it .
For Ranking will be

1. IUB
2. NSU
3. EWU
5. Brac

53. akmkat - November 8, 2008

IUT is not a private University. It should fall into totally different category
. It’s an international university.

54. akmkat - November 8, 2008

It’s really funny to see the ranking using public votes. Ranking does not come like that. UGC should take care of it. Do some statistics and so do a real and unbiased ranking.

55. asif - November 8, 2008

which is da best for science faculty ewu or nsu

56. bdoza - November 8, 2008


Thanks for your comments.
This voting is in no way a substitute for ranking of universities by UGC.

In the absence of the standard ranking, it is an assessment of the opinion of the readers of this blog regarding different institutions and universities in our country.

The IUT is dropped from counting under the private university. But for technical reasons , the name couldn’t be removed. Check the result under private university.

The main blog post is an attempt to make the UGC and other concerned people to take initiative for ranking of the universities and institutions in Bangladesh. So far, there is no sign of progress. Pl go through the post.


57. rasel - November 11, 2008

i think this voting system will be change by UGC.because of the maximum student of those university are using internet system, thats why they can express there opinion adapt to their own university.it is noticed that nsu aiub ewu are selected as the best privet university of bang.my question ,how much it is true?there students quality is not better than aust.a university should have counted with their reputation,teachers quality , students quality,Curriculum, Quality of Academic Input, Student Care, Admission Process, Job Prospects etc.we are maintaining these process better than the other university. so it is no doubt about that aust is the best privet university of Bangladesh.

58. Sujit - November 15, 2008

Recent achivement of AIUB
1.AIUB students recipientsof most number of scholarship under cisco system inc.
2.Best performing cisco networking academy in SAARC
3.only private university qualify in 1st runner-up position at the BRANDWITZ2008 at IBA

59. Noman - November 16, 2008

Be careful from UIU !!!!
This uni is coming with a lot’s of surprise in upcoming years !
|| Just wait ||
Already it’s EEE department has done it’s real job.
for further information——-visit

60. Fazle Rabby - November 19, 2008

Aiub is best for eee!!!No dought!!!!!!!!!!!

61. Roney - November 21, 2008

According to the WEBOMETRICS of Madrid, Spain (The worldwide accepted university ranking organization)-

1) BUET- always 1st
2) DHAKA UNIVERSITY- always 2nd
3) EAST WEST UNIVERSITY- 3rd in 3 times, 4th once

There was no other universities of Bangladesh on list ever

Some Business organization said that, for B.B.A. they prefer some universities first. like-

1. IBA (DU)
7. KU
8. IBA (RU)
7. IUB
8. UIU


62. pavel - November 22, 2008

its great.

63. sakib - November 22, 2008

iut is not a private university.it is only one international engineering university in Bangladesh.

64. ARIF - November 23, 2008

aiub is now more give focus on BBA. in near future AIUB (BBA) will be the top position like CSC, EEE

65. pavel - November 23, 2008

i m tottaly agree with ARIF

66. MD. SHARIFUL ISLAM - November 24, 2008

roney indicates the best thing;
u people quarrel with ranking of your private university;
who r admitted in private university?
1.10% english medium students who r not interested about public university or not getting chance,
2.10%,who r afraid about admission test of public university or not confident about his/her position in public university admission test
3.rest 80% r trying for public university hardly & not getting chance,
that means,they r failed to keep their position in hard competition;so,they r a packet of failure;
u private university students r admitted in your university only by or after-
1.paying a large amount of fees,
2.u r not admitted here by your scholar,only by your fathers money

private university failed
1.for doing research in many cases,
2.to maintain a fair & original admission test[i.e. minimum marks for passing in admission test is necessary for quality]
3.only NSU provides a quality admission test;but,here also,admission mainly based on money,whatever your previous ssc/hsc result etc.

private university business graduates only succed in EXECUTIVE job PRIVATE COMPANY,EXECUTIVE[AFTER 1990] IS THE NEW VERSION OF CLERK IN MOST CASES;

and in engineering education,BUET is only internationally well recognised university;KUET,CUET,RUET,IUT[only result,not admission test] also good;
these university arranged a hard,competative admission test ONLY FOR SELECTED BRILLIANT STUDENT,WHO GETS HIGHEST GPA IN
BUET is the only university,from which more than half of the students get scholarship in western countries BY SCORING HIGH SCORE IN GRE,GMAT;
DU,IBA[DU],RUET,CUET,KUET,IUT follows BUET in that case;

1.heyy,man,can any private university student get monokabushu scholarship?[it is dominated by only BUET,DU students
2.private university students only beleives in EDUCATION BY MONEY,NOT BY SCHOLAR;


1.98% r not able to apply for BUET admission test
2.75% r not able to apply for KUET,CUET,RUET admission test
3.95% r not able for IUT
4.45% r not able for DU/MEDICAL admission test
5.25% students r failed to find their place even in NATIONAL UNIVERSITY


so,in most cases,private university students r the failure group of their same age ACCONDING TO ACADEMIC TALENT;
but,still,private university students r more ahead than public university by WORDS OF MOUTH,sort of silly SMARTNESS!!!!


r u know that?
1.the job done by B.A.,B.COM,B,Sc. pass course students in 8-10 years ago,
2.these sort of jobs r done by BBA/MBA students

because of
1.plenty of BBA/MBA produced by private universities[believed in admission by money]

best of luck…

67. MD. SHARIFUL ISLAM - November 24, 2008



68. JOHN - November 24, 2008

yes u r right. i m a student of AIUB. I failed in the admission test of BUET. SO i turned myself there not by my marit but huge sum of money. but it is true AIUB give me learning environment, good lab facility and faculty.
all maritorious student want to get himself admitted into BUET, MEDICAL, IBA ,DU. but it is not possible at all. what will be there way?

69. MD. SHARIFUL ISLAM - November 25, 2008

thanks john,u r right;AIUB provides comparisonally good education by good faculty in engineering education then any other private university;

but,i think for producing real quality graduate,it is need to arrange a true admission test & fixed up few criteria-
such as-

#minimum 50-60 percentile marks in admission test needed for admission even one agreed to give sufficient money

this will be helpful for students in future;it decreases the tuition rate

70. bdoza - November 27, 2008

A new private university ordinance is approved by the Advisory Council of the Caretaker Government.[more]

71. Pavel (BUET) - November 27, 2008

Hey guys, BUET is the best university in bangladesh.But AIUB is doing fabulous.

Check out my friend’s website who is now a student of AIUB, He will emerge as one of the best students from ever walked on bangladesh.

A very good electrical engineer and a space scientist.(he calls so…)


By the way i am not so bad student also.

72. Jamil - November 28, 2008

Don’ t Distinguish or Classify a University as Private or Public. University is an Unique Word.

University ranking should not be done by public voting. Please do it by using effective tools that are presently using in the developed countries.

Considering the response in the Job Market (this not voting, it’s true, because i am steering in a bank) it is an obvious that ranking should be

1. IBA of DU.
2. NSU.
3. BU.
4. EWU.
Within next 10 years Private Universities will dominate the Job Market.

Lots of Universities are actually dump. UGC should extreme impose monitoring on it. Please do not allow business in the Higher Education Sector.

Commentators, don’t leave emotions, acknowledge the facts.

73. MD. SHARIFUL ISLAM - November 29, 2008







74. cryptic fate - November 29, 2008

for pvt uni now NSU, BU , EWU quality is very poor to compare with AIUB & IUB.
dont forget IBA is IBA. plz dont take it with prv uni for rank.IBA is the boss with boss student.

75. Iftekhar ( IBA ) - November 29, 2008

Business school ranking :-

Quality-(faclty)(cors curri)(output std)(std:fac)(library)(research)

1.IBA- 8/10- 9/10 – 10/10 – 10/10- 10/10- 9/10
2.IUB- 9/10- 8/10 – 5 /10 – 8/10 – 8/10 – 7/10
3.NSU- 7/10- 7/10 – 5/10 – 5/10 – 7/10 – 5/10

Weighted this way —
1. Faculties————————- .30
2. Course curriculm—————— .20
3. Output student——————– .20
4. Student : Faculties—————– .10
5. Library————————– .10
6. Business research—————– .10

76. MD. SHARIFUL ISLAM - November 30, 2008

this is a good ranking of business school

77. NAHIN TALUKDER - November 30, 2008

Current ranking of private universities from my point of view :

1. NSU
3. EWU
5. IUB

Private Universities are now dominating the Job Market.

78. Samiul - November 30, 2008

How private unversity ranked with public university. Everybody know that most of the students of pvt. Universities either failed to get chance in public university or have no quality to attend in the admission test. Many of them have so much talent! That they fail to get admission in national universities. A student who fail to get chance in nu is very brilliant ! Their only 1 qualification is their father’s money whether it is black or white .. It’s very painful that such qualityless student talk too much!

79. wali - December 1, 2008

what is position iubat university

80. Jubayer - December 1, 2008

At least we should visit university’s web-site and mesure their resoures and facilities. Otherwise personal opinion will be biased and fake. So from the website of NSU,AIUB,IUB,BRAC and EWU, we can ranked this way—

1.IUB ( Hidden but quality is excellent )
2.AUIB ( Growth rate of quality is increasing)
3.NSU(Growth rate of quality is decreasing but words of mouth is high
4.EWU( Competing well )
5.BRAC ( Faculty quality is significantly bad )

81. Rifat - December 2, 2008



82. bdoza - December 2, 2008

This is an unending debate, It will only be ended if University Grant Commission take the responsibility to rank the universities/institutions in our country. We shall wait till then.

We like to express our gratitude to those who visited this blog, read this post, gave their comments and cast their votes.

Sorry to say that we shall not entertain any more comment on the ranking but you can vote if you have not done so.

83. Md. Sadatul Hoque - December 4, 2008

Well the thing is as a BBA student i would like to appreciate EWU, IUB, AIUB for their excellency. And i also appreciate to those public uni students who has reached GM, MD, CEO positions into various multinational comapnies. Those big guns like DU, RU, JU, or CU has got 40-50 years experience on average. And if u consider how long it will take for fresh graduates to become CEO, MD or GM then it is very clearly visible why most of those position have been grabbed by Public uni, while the age of Private uni is maximum 16 years.. Is it not still in a teenage position compare to Public uni. Despite their inexperience , those Private uni has become establish themeself as a Formadable competitors in today’s Job Market, and there is no doubt about that. Ya Private uni students has getting Exectutive level positions much more frequently but u know what they are grabbing those position within very short time. For instance, A student who has graduated from NSU from the first batch they will have chance to become CEO, or MD in this time but what about others who were graduated later … buddy give them time to reach that position, its not so easy. U dont neglect top private uni’s capability, just see they are just standing on some tall building but their contribution for BD students is quite remarkable withing short span of life. NSU is going to go its new campus soon as well as AUST did and IUB pretending to go in recent time, therefore give them time to reflect their true light. Now come at WOM or Word of Mouth concept,, what do u think a uni just get prestige by students talkings,, is it really possible to maintain high degree of prestige by just saying but not doing..ohh dude u all are well grown to understand this. Do u know about the brand of Mercedez and BMW.. Although these both are almost having similar function but still then the demand and price of Mercedez is higher than BMW. So what do u think about this discrepency, yes its all about Branding and Prestige that have created by Mercedez, which has given the power to hike more. Similar words goes for IBA and NSU those have been created a brand position in todays employers mind therefore, no matter how good u have done from other uni or how bad u have done from Brand(IBA nd NSU) uni but still somehow from the core of the heart emploers show the preference for Brand not for others. Its reality, which might seems a bit hursh for someone. Dont messed up with those uni’s, thn u will be a looser.

84. Tarif - December 5, 2008

Hahaha……..u guys forget one thing & that is ” khali kolshi baje beshi”. So, bajaite thaken. But at the end of the day, in job market BUET, IBA & NSU students are most successful.

85. bdoza - December 5, 2008

People still want the debate to be continued.
I am reluctantly allowing the comments but those must be of substance.


86. zahid - December 5, 2008

i think 4 BBA NSU is boss & IUB, AIUB, EWU, BRAC r in good position.
4 ARCH BRAC is boss & NSU, AIUB also appreciateable.
4 EEE & CSE AIUB is boss & AUST also big name.
4 TEXTILE AUST is boss.
4 B. PHARM ASIA PACIFIC is boss & EWU, NSU also good.

its only about prv uni.

if there is any wrong plz give ur kind information.

87. nirob - December 5, 2008

u wanna say EWU AIUB IUB BRAC lag behind than NSU 4 BBA
i think u dont know anything about current afair and pvt uni. NSU alwayz do a lot of lobbing & advertising and also NSU member in job market.

88. Fahad Zaman - December 5, 2008

95% NSU students are very impressive by dint of their fathers money or power but not by merit. There is a proverb

“Empty vessel sounds much”

95% privet university students follow this.The rest 5% realize the reality and they are really “Brilliant” .

89. Farsad - December 7, 2008

AIUB SAARC Regional Champion and 1st Runners-Up in CISCO SAARC Netriders Skills Competition in Bangalore.

See today’s Star Campus magazine for details.

and those who said that private university students are not qualified…I want to remind them 2 point:

1. Plz. Don’t mix poor private universities with the best ones…. talk clearly that which group of pvt university are you talking about. Bcoz. if you compare Green Uni with AIUB or EWU….nothing more to say

2. So, all the brilliant students are getting admitted in publics na?? hahaa so, where the other brilliant students are going? do you think that pubic universities have the amount of sits or facilities to accommodate all the brilliants… haaa so, where the other are going.. are they Committing Suicide (!) (just joking)

90. Farsad - December 7, 2008

This is indeed a significant milestone in AIUB’s journey towards becoming a world-class university.

AIUB is the proud home of the Champions and the 1st Runner’s-Up of the Cisco SAARC Regional Competition (called Cisco SAARC NetRiders) held at Bangalore, India on November 26, 2008.

The competition pitted many of the top universities from the SAARC region. Bangladesh was represented by three(3) teams from AIUB who were the winners of the top 3 positions of the National Championships held on July 05, 2008 in Bangladesh.

The 3 AIUB teams, each team comprising of 4 students of CCNA, in total 12 students competed against the top networking engineers in the SAARC region to become the Champions and 1st Runner’s –Up at the prestigious event.

91. Md. Sadatul Hoque - December 7, 2008

Good answer Indeed..Farshad.. And not only this Premium Private Uni’s is giving us International standard study opportunity but also they are arranging world class International seminar and workshop for enhanching the knowledge of students. just go here http://www.thedailystar.net/campus/2008/12/01/camspotlight.htm and gave a good look buddy..Do u know one thing the first worldwide recognized international Club AIESEC was brought by NSU for the first time in this Country Moreover, NSU is also the Pioneer of the concept of National Carreer Fair…

Dear fahad what did u mean by that “95% NSU students are very impressive by dint of their fathers money or power but not by merit”…is it not very funny comments ahh.. Ma question Being very brilliant but unemployed is better or Being Moderate but employed is better????? And at least i appreciate u for understanding that we have power hahahhaahhah..

U guys dont have any clue about the excellency of the Private Universities.. U know what is ACMA or BAT battle of mind or HSBC competitions hhahahaha then u will get to know how the students of Premium Private Uni’s looks like Buddy… For example This year NSU grabbed the 4th position among 81 international and local uni’s in ACMA International Software competitions.. and in BAT competition hahahahah except IBA nd KU no other public uni’s even dare to come into merit list while NSU, EWU, AIUB, BRAC keep rotating into first 4 positions .. and u know what from NSU it is ver y much possible to tarnsfer ur credit to the world class Uni’s like Harvard, Washinton, Quebec, Montreal and the like Universities….for more info just go ingot http://www.northsouth.edu then u will get to know but from public uni hahah its like day dream Adios.Dude think proplery and enhance knowldege otherwise u gotta be the most absurd MORON..

92. kabir-iut-bangladesh - December 7, 2008

I am a student of IUT.
I will not shout about my university.
Though the academic result of HSC and SSC are not all, haven’t u guys ever seen the govt scholarship list on basis of academic result every year?

first segment:
Look at the “2008 IUT admission(actually selection) Test.
second segment:
Those students who got double Golden A+ r bad?

final segment: A major portion of IUTians got failed in BUET.A good portion of IUTinas refuge BUET.A major portion of BUETians hasn’t academic result of getting admitted in IUT.A good portion of BUETians refuge IUT.A major portion of brilliant rich students are lazy enough to prepare themselves for public university and finally if we discard some brilliants and some spoiled of every university……and think about the average students(like me) does it seem bad?
1-> BUET
1.5-> IUT
2-> DU
and so on.
(ofcourse I am not telling abt the Bussiness and Arts faculty of DU).
If i ask myself about the teaching status.the answers are.
1)MCE dept of IUT is the best in south asia.
2)EEE dept is average
3)CIT dept is bad( my dept)

Yes of course if anyone shout about the publicity (and fashion show) and achievement of some born-bright students of his university then i will just quit.
There is no necessity to shout about oneself
There is no necessity to scream about oneself.
One should do his level best and get respect of himself at his own positon.this is the truth i always feel…..so guys nice debate….now start proving urself.time is very short,,ha ha ha ha…

*****any complain about the given info?
*****contack with kbriut@yahoo.com

93. nawshad_cit_iut - December 12, 2008

yeap! i do believe just the way my junior fellow kabir does!….brilliant students are scattered now these days…they are not centralized..but if u see the flow of getting good students..then i’ll definitely say that IUT is far ahead…..as the competition is high and probablity of getting chance in any prestigious uni is getting lower its a very normal scinario that some very brilliant(who were not able to show there potency earlier)just ignite themselves after they re provided with facilities and environment….its upto all the students of every single uni in BD to show uo their hidden talent and thus make his/her uni recognized both nationally and internationally….

University ranking is cumulitive thing..it doesnt depend on only one criteria…not only on the campus size or punlication or acm icpc results or faculty or facilities or research…just replace all the ORs with the ANDs then you’ll get the metrics for ranking…

In ACM contest i found a university from israel or iran topped the list (as i havent heard the university name i cant recall)whether i found MIT at the second position…does that mean that MIT is less prestigious than that…

I have seen a number of people are very happy to rank themselves on webometrics results….well this is a bull shit because..the criteria fro the webometrics to rank any univ is the web popularity and the number of paper published by that uni on the web…its not a way to rank a university

Last of all i have found that its a biased(so is endless!!) debate..so
all the biased people are welcome to shout as loud as possible:)

94. Najmul ( DU ) - December 17, 2008

No more words of mouth. We should go for Explorative research abt university quality and definitely at this moment here is the actual ranking abt university qualities–

1. Independent University, Bangladesh ( IUB )
2. North South University ( NSU )
3. American International University Bangladesh ( AIUB )
4. East West University ( EWU )
5. Brac University (BU)
6. United International University ( UIU )
7. Ahsan Ullah Science and Technology ( AUST )
8. South East University
9. Islamic International University Chittagong ( IIUC )
10. Stamford University Bangladesh.
11. Northen University Bangladesh
12. Daffodil International University
13. University of Asia Pacific
14. Asian University
15. UODA

95. Orko - December 18, 2008

I am very much surprised not to see MIST,a public university in the list.Ranking organizations/websites are not concerned about this,may be because it’s a new 1.Only 3-4 batches have completed their B.Sc Engineering from MIST.But we should take a look of it’s admission procedure first.This year students having 4.7 without optional in H.S.C can sit for the admission test.2000+ students are selected for admission test and only 203 students are taken(you can check the websites).Hope this can assure it’s student’s quality.People prior MIST over DU/BIT and even students who don’t get chance in good departments like EEE,CSE choose MIST too(one of them is me).
Next IUT is a wonderful international university but how can it be listed in private university zone?Its a BLASPHEMY to IUT!!
The ranking should be made by considering the view of students who are trying to get admitted in different universities.So to me the ranking is :
For private university,I don’t know about them very well.To my concern,there are a lot of problems in their structure.Hope they should prohibit their business mentality and ensure quality education to all of their students.I have some friends having a good merit admit in BRAC/NSU.I have heard about this 2.I think they are better than others because my friends who are specified to be a good and meritorious student prefer these 2(in my year,don’t know what’z the condition now).

96. Orko - December 18, 2008

Please Mr.Bdoza,look at the students quality who get admitted in MIST,IUT and BUET.We should not compare the privatez by any means with them.We the guys after passing from the public univz like MIST,BUET,DU,IUT and even BIT and also some from SUST teach in the private universities.We should not arise this kinda debate.

97. Shisir - December 21, 2008

Dear Fri…………
Do u know about IUBAT Uni,,,,,,Which established at 1991.I Think quality of study at IUBAT not Bad……………..

98. bdoza - December 23, 2008

Don’t take this voting or debate seriously. It is nothing official and it doesn’t represent actual ranking of the universities or institutes.in Bangladesh. That is the responsibility of the UGC.

But it does represent the web familiarity of the students. If we consider this single parameter, then the students of public universities are lagging far behind including MIST,BUET & DU than the private university students.

This debate is showing, in public universities, the method of education is still traditional and the role of internet is minimal.

By the way, IUT was dropped from the private university category since long. You can’t vote for it. But for technical limitation, it is still hanging in the list.

99. bdoza - December 23, 2008

See the ranking of the universities in debate in the website of Bangladesh Debate Council .

100. Shameem - December 23, 2008

I’m really confused after read all the topics about ranking.
It doesn’t help anybody. I think all those ranking prepared by guessing.
Ranking should be published after a professional survey.
Is there any survey ranking? Plz let us know the actual ranking.

bdoza - December 23, 2008

It just a debate. It is the UGC which should give the professional opinion in this regard.
In a way, this is an exercise to wake up UGC to take up the job and rescue us from this state of confusion.

101. yamin,me-6 - December 24, 2008

i believe every varsity either private or public should follow the rules and regulations of mist.

102. 2008....180... - December 24, 2008

if private varsity enter 100 student they produce highest 5 good student but i believe public varsity produce 75 good student and make them as a fighter but private varsity tech how to dance ,how to date and a lot !!!!! actually nsu aiub ewe is nothing but a western cultural training centre!!!

103. ibne siraj - December 24, 2008

yamin, mist is too junior to claim anything.moreover u r in a regimented condition. Mist will get very few votes in any category.

104. pavel - December 24, 2008

no ur thinking is not right at all.
nsu aiub help country by producing skillful graduate.
plz dont go after any rumour, know the right thing.

105. Orko - December 25, 2008

@Ibne Siraj ,MIST is not too junior,4-5 batches have already passed out.Siraj you need to look at the present condition of students.After passing H.S.C choices for a student to become graduate are MIST,BUET,IUT or DU.You can take a survey of H.S.C passed candidates.If a university does not have quality,how can they get students all of GOLDEN 5!!
Students and their guardians want to be a part of that university, right?And “regimented condition” what is this??Is not a familiar word for MIST.and Siraj I don’t think you are someone who can decide the number of votes.So take this foolish assumptions on yourself and make a right debate.Thank you.

106. Orko - December 25, 2008

@bdoza,the website you forwarded is totally a mess of hell..
For university,ewu or nsu type privates are indicated better than IUT,and hell yeah BIT is not even in the list.
Notre Dame the best college we all know,but in the site it is ranked below mastermind,sunnydale and …..how funny!!
Even the spelling is wrong of Notre dame (Norte Dame) in School and College Ranking – English…
This is a site completely unacceptable to count…
Thanks for your response.

107. bdoza - December 26, 2008

The website is of Bangladesh Debating Council and the ranking is on the debating and one should have faith in this national body on debating.
It is not unusual to see some of the institutes to be better in this category than your expected ones.
Ref: 99,107

108. RoMaN - December 27, 2008

For me the best engineering Universities are given below:-
2. IUT

I dont want to tell about the private universities. PVt universities are also good but not of the quality of BUET, IUT. in IUT u must have to get golden a+ in HSC. BUET is best. But some people choose IUT to be the best. I think Mechanical Engineering in IUT is best than BUET, i think in the sub-continient IUT is best for it.
BUT dont compare the pvt universities like NSU,AIUB,AUST,IUB like BUET,IUT,DU. no one can show a example of a student passing from pvt universities become a teacher of BUET,IUT,DU,MIST.

BUT if u have talent than university is not the fact at all.
I think everyone will agree with me.

109. Orko - December 27, 2008

Sorry cant be agreed with you.It’s very unusual.Do you think sir Notre Dame College can get such ranking when every year they do best in H.S.C constantly.How funny that Motijheel Ideal School and College is not in the list too….
May be the debate council is consists of private university and english medium guys.
We should say the truth and accept only the truth right?

110. RooT - December 27, 2008

Hello guys,
As a student of uiu i am not telling u that my uni is the best private uni in bd. But it’s true that it’s developing rapidly. In dept of bba, 8 phd holders are full time faculty here. they are:

1. Prof. Dr. Md. Habibur Rahman

Dean and Professor, School of Business
B. Com. (Hons.), M.Com. (Dhaka University)
MBA & Ph.D. (Kansas State University, USA), FCMA

2. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Musa

Professor, School of Business

Former Professor & Pro-VC, East West University

Ph.D.(University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA)

MBA(University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)

3. Prof. Dr. Md. Saleh Uddin
Professor, School of Business
B.A. (Hons), M.A. (Economics), University of Chittagong
M.A. (Economics), Thammasat University, Bangkok
Ph. D in Economics, University of Malaya
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

4. Prof. Dr. Md. Sadiqul Islam

Professor, School of Business
M.Com.(DU ) , MBA (Saskatchewan)
Ph.D.(Athens), FCMA

Prof. Dr. Hasnan Ahmed

5. Professor, School of Business
Director, BBA Program
B.Com. (Hons.), M.Com., PGDIM
Ph.D. (Aligarh), FCMA

6. Prof. Dr. A.K. Enamul Haque

Professor, School of Business
BSS(Hons), MSS(Economics) University of Chittagong
M.Sc(Agricultural Economics) University of Guelph, Canada
Ph.D (Natural Resource Economics)
University of Guelph, Canada

7. Dr. Abu Saleh Md. Sohel-Uz-Zaman

Assistant Professor, School of Business
MBA (Middlesex University – UK)
Ph.D. in Management Science & Engineering (China)

8. Abu Zafar Md. Rashed Osman
Assistant Professor, School of Business
BS (Industrial Management), USA
MS (Advanced Engineering Management), BUET
Ph.D. in Advanced Engineering Management (In progress), BUET

Beside these, a lot of brilliant faculty (full time) with foreign degree taught here. Many part time teachers are also engaged in that dept. MBA dept is more rich than that, there is no doubt about that.

Now dept of eee and cse has also some full time brilliant faculty like

1. Prof. Dr. M Rezwan Khan

Vice Chancellor, UIU
B.Sc. Engg. (EEE, BUET), M.Sc. Engg. (UCL, UK),
Ph.D (UCL, UK)Senior Member, IEEE and Member IEB

2. Prof. Dr. Chowdhury Mofizur Rahman

Pro-Vice Chancellor, uiu
B.Sc. Engg. (EEE, BUET), M.Sc. Engg. (CSE, BUET),
Ph.D (CS, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

3. Dr. Md. Fayyaz Khan

Associate Professor, Department of EEE
B.Sc.Engg.(EEE), M.ScEngg.(EEE), Ph.D.

4. Dr. Hasan Sarwar

Associate Professor & Head, CSE Dept
B.Sc Engg. (CSE), BUET M.Phil (Dept. of Applied Physics & Electronics), DU
Ph.D (Dept. of Applied Physics, Electronics & Communication Engg.), DU

5. Dr. Khawza Iftekhar Uddin Ahmed

Assistant Professor & Head, EEE Dept
B.Sc Engg. (EEE), BUET M.Sc Engg. (EEE), BUET
Ph.D (Electrical Engg.), Arizona State University, USA

6. Suman Ahmmed

Assistant Professor, Department of CSE
B.Sc. Engg. (CSE, BUET), M.Sc. Engg. (CSE, BUET)

7. Md.Iqbal Bahar Chowdhury

Assistant Professor, Department of EEE
B.Sc. Engg. (EEE, BUET),
M.Sc. Engg. (EEE, BUET), Ph.D. (EEE, BUET, Cont.)

8. M. M. Elahi

Assistant Professor, Department of CSE
B.Sc. Engg. (CSE, BUET), M.Sc (CS, Wright State University, USA)

9. Shahriar Ahmed Chowdhury

Asst. Professor, Department of EEE
B.Sc. Engg. (EEE, BUET), M.Sc. Engg. (PTRE, Germany)

10. M. A. R Mustafa

Asst. Professor, Department of CSE
B.Sc.(CSE), M.S(CSE). DU
Ph. D. Researcher (BUET)
Ex-DU Faculty

11. Md. Rafiul Hossain

Assistant Professor, Department of EEE
B.Sc Engg. (EEE), BUET
M.Sc. in Computer Engg.
(University of Central Florida,USA)

12. Salahuddin Ahmed

Assistant Professor, Department of EEE
BS, MS (Computer Engineering) Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, USA

13. A.R.N.M. Reaz-ul-Haque

Lecturer, Department of EEE
B.Sc. Engg. (EEE), BUET
M.ScE. in Power System (University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB)
Ph.D in Power Electronics & Control (Memorial University of New Foundland, Canada) – Cont.

14. Dr.Md. Abu Saklayen

Associate Professor(Physics) & Coordinator
Former Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics,
Shah Jalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh
M.Sc (Physics, Jahangirnagar University)
M.Phil (Physics, BUET)
Ph.D. (Kobe University, Japan)

More excellent faculties are also engaged here in full time and part time basis.
Besides that it has CISCO, RHCE course facilities and organized some international conference like ICCIT, ICRET and so on.

So guys, don’t underestimate our uni. It’s obviously developing more and more.
And if you don’t believe that info, pls come at uiu and explore that or visit http://www.uiu.ac.bd
And thanks for the admin of this site for gathering more knowledge about different universities. UIU website is changing within a short period of time. The new web address of uiu is http://www.uiubd.com

111. RoMaN - December 28, 2008


To study well we need a good environment which can only be provided by BUET,IUT etc. IF u have money u can easily get admission in private universities but not in BUET,IUT,DU 😛 So Boss are always BOSS.

112. Fahad Zaman - December 28, 2008

Dear MIST & IUT students,

According to survey of ur university how much of ur students can get chance to other public universities like BUET, DU, BIT.if u compare the students at BIT u will find

1.5% students get chance at BUET but they prefer CSE, EEE in BIT rather than Urban, metarials or Water resources at BUET.
2.Almost 99% BIT students get chance different subjects at DU.
3. Many of them left IUT & MIST to get admitted at BIT even after 1 year drop.

113. Fahad Zaman - December 28, 2008


I think u are a representative of the pvt universities but the actual scenario in our country is that pvt universitites are still far behind the public universities.But in future most of the pvt universities in bangladesh will dominate over public universities if they overcome their budget & limitations of infrastructure and corruption.

If u look at america u will see that most of the world top class universities like Harvard, MIT are private. But their budget, quality,
policy and infrastructure are simply outstanding.But in our country pvt universitites are “nothing but a modern coaching center” like UCC, OMECA or SUNRISE.The top bussinessmen invest their money to setup pvt universities just for earning money by utilising the innocent students.They open the subjects according to demand of the job markets and the output is thousands of BBA ,MBA ,CSE, EEE degree holder like honours and masrers degree holder at national university.A large portion of them yet to manage a job as the job market of those fields get saturated.Only those businessmen and their relatives sons and daughters grab this jobmarket and fillup vacants.SO i hate this kind of policy and hope this will change soon and all pvt and public university students fillup the vacancy of the job market by showing their merits.

114. bdoza - December 28, 2008

Pls no more personal ranking rather cast ur vote for the collective opinion.

Narrate the strength or achievement, if any, of ur university or u can even disclose the weakness or frustration u are undergoing, so that the future students or guardians can judge by themselves which university or institution they should choose.


115. RoMaN - December 28, 2008

FAHAD VAI eita vul kotha IUT te chance peye kao BIT te jay na. BIt gular majhe KUET e best. bakigula kotota valo ta amra thik jani na. BUT BIT s r good than the pvt unis. jar jemon shey temon point chay admit r jonno. IUT double golden chara ney na coz tara jane BUET r por tader 1st choice thake IUT. EVEn buet a EEE,CSE na paile manush IUT te ashe. ami tai chilam

116. rekhu - December 28, 2008

mr orko,
thanks 4 ur right and logical debate.see u at mist at 1st feb when class will start…actually comparison of buet iut mist du with nsu ewe aiub should be practical and informative….i want to see their student as a teacher of du buet mist iut….

117. one_iutian - December 28, 2008

Mr Fahad,
You are very much wrong informative because the information which i’ll provide now will seem 100% unknown to you…read it till the end..

First of all our university students are proud faculty of different public universities including BUET and BIT’s….here are those
1)Salimur Rashid Chowdhury,Ex-Faculty IICT BUET,Now on leave for
PhD in University of Lethbridge,Canada
2)2 are in SUST
Others are in
7)Mowlana Bhasani University of Science and Technology

Private univerties like

etc may be in EWU,BRAC,NSU i dont count…..watever

Now come to abroad…
A noticibale number of IUTIANs are persuing their post graduation and some are faculties of:
1)California Inst of Technology,USA
2)Washington State University,USA
3)Oklahoma State University,USA
4)Portland State University,USA
6)University of Queensland,Australlia
8)University of Melbourne,Australlia
9)University of British Columbia,Canada
10)University of Alberta,Canada
11)University of Concordia,Canada
12)University of Lethbridge,Canada,
13)University of Tokyo,Japan
14)University of ULM,Germany
15)University of Munich,Germany
I know an IUT brother working in INTEL and another one is fellow of MICROSOFT….

onekei BUET er khub valo subject peyeo ekhane porte ashe..and BIT DU te chance peyeo ekhane tarai porte ashe jader great financial crisis nai…..almost 100% e ase BIT and DU theke…if any doubt then contact me i’ll definitely show u the proof..

Now would you mind shutting up ypur mouth Mr. Fahad…koita pvt er graduate public er proud faculty hote pare..hahahahaha!!! number wont exceed 0…..im confident…

118. Tasif - December 30, 2008

@Fahad Zaman:
Dude you are in the Stone Age. Boys quit IUT and go to BIT. Damn. You know what I quit IUT not because of BIT, because University of Texas at Dallas offered me full financial assistance for my undergraduate study. I have a GPA of 4.0 @ UT Dallas. Wait a few years. IUT is like an infant compared to BUET. The student quality at least in my department @ IUT was awesome. I bet 25% of my classmates will be really successful.

Undoubtedly BUET is the best institution in the country because of its great alumni and students produced in over 60 years. With such time limit other universities will also flourish.

Quoting from Asrar Bhai – Post No. 38

“I would say after BUET IUT is the possible next best thing.”

119. RoMaN - December 30, 2008

HEY TASIF Boss wud u plz add me in yahoo roman_er@yahoo.com/hotmail.com NEED to know something from u. plz I am an IUTIAN

120. Sabbir - January 1, 2009

Most of the comments written here I thing in the basis of their own university not in the basis of the survey.I think an univesity ranking is not such a easy job that can be done by the students.Some people say BUET is the best university of Bangladesh but if you see the top university ranking of the world at http://www.topuniversities.com;you can see that there is no sign of BUET in best 1000 univrsities of the world;only DU ranked in between 400-600.
I wanna say about the universities like KUET;CUET;RUET.Where are they?They are the only 3 gov.engineering universities after BUET but they are not in the survey.Are they worse than the private universities?Is it possible that the public universities are worse than the private universities where the education is a comodity?
My question is who read in the private universities?The answer is the students who doesn’t get chance in gov. universities or who don’t have enough CGPA to apply in public universities.So student having that kind of poor quality how can rank the universities?
I think Mr. Fahad is blind or he is a psycho!!How can he compare Harvard;MIT with the NSU;EWU;AUST;AIUB or IUB.The students read in private are reading in those subjects because of their father’s money;not because of their merit.I know some students who can’t do a physics math but read in EEE in a very well knoen private university;GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
I think UGC better do this ranking because they are responsible for it.But when the quality comes I think DU(I am not a DU student) is the best Bangladeshi university(excludinng IUT;because it is international) & then it comes BUET;KUET;CUET……………But how can anyone say a private university better than any public university???
Can anyone show me a X-private university student who is a faculty in a public university?But I can show about 1000 evidence of a X-public university student who is now a faculty of a private university even in foreign university.
Check http://www.topuniversities.com to have the best universities of the world
IF any question about my comment mail me at oparthibo@ymail.com or write here;I’ll try to answer them.

121. RoMaN - January 2, 2009

Sabbir vai, i think you r absolutely right. amar onek fnd ache jara aibar DU/BUET/IUT/KUET aigula te chance pay nai tara ekhon NSU/AIUB/BRAC te porteche. tara shudhu BUET,IUT,DU,KUET e na onno kono public a pay nai. r jeikhanei jaben shudhu dekhben NSU r AIUB r geet specially ai jinishta AIUB r majhe beshi. but ami bolbo na tara kharap. But tara jotota na tar cheye beshi koree……………

But hmm session jam tai public der jonno shobcheye boro obstacle. ai jinshtar jonnoi Pvt ra Public r sathe tulona kore.

bdoza - January 2, 2009

Please write in English in this blog. English is the official language of this blog.


122. MISTian - January 3, 2009

@Fahad, you made a great joke. A university can be said as a good(you can also say popular)one in Bangladesh when students doing good in past academic results prefer to admit in there because they know where they can have the facility to be a good Engr. For your kind information MIST takes only golden 5 now a days when BIT takes below 4 too as I myself has viewed this situation in my admission year. BIT can’t be listed with DU or BUET…I know what’s the true condition there as some of my friends read there who don’t get chance in other publics or not having the eligibility to give even the admission test. Please check where peoples now a days prefer to study. For your kind information, I was one of the first 30 students in the kuet admission test 2004.The students who got chance in MIST does not even bother to look at BIT. Harsh but true is that, BIT is in outside Dhaka where facilities to build up a modern Engineering University is quite impossible in today’s condition of our country. BIT is better than privates, but you can’t compare it with the other publics in Dhaka. Now Bro, I am giving you a percentage calculation.

“60% of BIT students are not even eligible to give admission test in MIST”
And I am not giving a joking statistics in here. Like to advice you to see the university website and check the requirement to read in MIST. Before giving this kind of funny informations give reference.
It’s true that some of MIST students went to BIT because of there poor academic result that caused level drop or university drop. And also in some senses,you are true that some students left buet, iut or MIST for BIT.I met one of them in kuet. He said “I want to be a teacher in a university .But it’s tough in buet. So I left CE of buet to admit in kuet”

@Roman/Tasif, you said after buet, first choice is IUT. I know IUT is very good. I should say it’s an excellent one. But there is a misconception in you about choosing. The greatest weakness of IUT is that they only check the academic results. Hope as a going to be Engineer you have enough knowledge to understand, this is not a standard procedure of students intake. As you represent your university, I should say something about mine too. Check your faculty of EEE. IUT takes part-time lecturer from MIST. But in MIST, you can’t find a single one without our university or BUET teachers. Another problem is, your EEE or MCE can be considered as a good one. But other departments are not much preferable as statistics say. Look at acm icpc contest of 2008 Dhaka Regional Site,.IUT is much behind in these kinds of programming competitions. There are also some other negative things which I don’t want to mention now. I think a university can not be said as a standard one having only 2 mentionable departments. Whatever it is, IUT has created a wonderful placing in job domain and you should be proud of that. I have a lot of friends in IUT and they are really good. But you can’t say that good students only choose IUT, there’s a lot in MIST leaving IUT and I know a lot in IUT leaving MIST. Student’s quality of this two is very same as two takes the same GPA holders.

@ rekhu, not possible to see you bro.I have already passed out from MIST.

@sabbir, yo man you made me speechless. You are saying DU is better than BUET…..funny so funny. Ah! sometimes I think why people leave DU getting CSE/BIOChem like me. That’s the joke of the year I feel. Sabbir brother, no hard feelings…nothing personal. But we should not comment funny right??

123. Fahad Zaman - January 3, 2009

First of all, i want to give thanks Mr sabbir on his comment about the comparision between pvt and public universities which is the actual scenario in bangladesh. But i disagree for his comment on me because after reading my message to bdoza he didn’t realize the fact.I never compared the universities like Harvard, MIT with those below standard pvt universitites in our country like aiub, nsu , iub or ewu. My comment was about the current situation of the pvt universities, their infrastructure and their future.So dear mr. sabbir try to keep ur temperament cool and never utter any bad or unacceptable comment without realizing him/her.I appreciate everyones comment specially IUT and MIST students because they love their university so much.I apologize for any offensive comments on them.

According to my point of view Most of the brilliant students in bangladesh are from

FOR pvt university students i think they will be satisfied after watching the following world ranking (according to their daydream)


124. MISTian - January 3, 2009

Fahad you are just making yourself a joke now!!
DUET…so funny…how can you even give it in the list…
Now I think you don’t have a simple idea about the ranking.Take care.

125. one_iutian - January 3, 2009

@Mistian…..IUT doesnt take any part time teachers who have passed from MIST(never will it do so)…(I have took your comment on that issue as a joke..becoz im not counting wat u have said)….

MIST faculty is pathectic(I know u love MIST very much that’s why you are uttering for your uni!)….That’s why i left MIST cse to study at IUT…

ACM ICPC is one of the metric to show the university standard not the only one….MIT,University of illinois dont always rank first…that doesn’t even mean that they’re less better than the univ’s which are ranked 1st…

Your post was actually like a prospectus of MIST(nice one indeed.i respect your endeavor :p dude!!)….great attemp to advirtise your univ..

Dr. Muhammad Jafar Iqbal has written an article about our univ grads in our megazine you can take a look at that to clear ur confusion…we’re having two bros lecturer at SUST at CSE dept…how come they’re from IUT computer sc and IT?? if it is so bad Mr.MISTIAN…

IUT cannot do well in programming contests…yeah i believe its our students fault..but why it is faulty because…most of our students cannot make time for practising for ACM…as it needs intensive practice..we’ve to complete about 183 credit hours within 3.9 yrs..its a extreme pressure…and our course curriculam doesnt even make room for ACM works(rather it covers a great deal in tele- communication engg(do you have any idea how our grads are doing at telecom field??..they are doing temendous..)…so our students are not that much influenced for ACM..this trend has just started…Just wait for some more years..Computer Science dept is so young and only 9 batches are out…now our faculty is taking more IUT students…as teacher though most of them go abroad for higher studies and doest think being IUT lecturer as much lucrative as studying abroad and being faculty of foreign univs or private unis in BD.

IUT takes ONLY golden 5.00 gpa’s and then there is an exam which determines which dept he’s going to be allocated..who told you that IUT students are taken only according to thier academic result??..

This years ACM result shows stamford is better than IUT(Though at stamford CS faculty contains 80% IUTIANS)…and it even shows that South East University placed 8th and MIST placed 10th..then i must say that CSE of MIST is worse than that of SEU…SUST CSE is a way better than MIST CSE..then i would say that SUST CSE is worse than that of MIST.because it placed after MIST(no way!!!!..not even in my dream)what do you think??….take a look:https://bdoza.wordpress.com/2008/04/27/introduction-of-rating-system-of-the-universities/

MIST is too young to be considered in ranking…it has bad faculty infrasture except civil engg dept….and its emerging…but IUT has made its place in job,research and ofcourse in best students mind!!
In the yr 2001 IUT placed 8th in ACM….at that time where was MIST??

Look forward time will come to show you people what is IUT and why its the next best possible thing after BUET..

If u want to learn further read post 118 and 38..you’ll realise a bit…
I do admit our limitation…but IUT is not at all lagging behind and yes it may not have a lot of depts(Having poor faculties)but few having brilliant ones…and promising students….

IUT is soon going to open its Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept….so you cannot say a university having only 2 depts..if so then i would say MIST is an institute having no (good)depts at all!

MIST doesnt even come closer to IUT because I have heard from my friends that they have partialism..teachers are biased to give good cgpa’s for defence students..this shouldnt be done in university level..though MIST is mere an institute….

So MIST is lacking the environment for flourishing proper talents..
doing practical research….coz lab facilities is not upto the mark..
MIST is having its students doing lab at BUET:):):)now its stopped i hope(thanks god!..atlast…they’re doing sessionals at their own lab:p)
IUT never had such situation………

And again…IUT is rising… just wait and watch…. rather then writing nonsense!Because IUT compares itself with BUET..nothing(please read
nothing in BD)in between and we feel that is enough for us now……..

126. one_iutian - January 3, 2009

I want to mean by trend is the emphasis given by the IUT CIT dept is a way more than that it was a couple of years ago…and it has started even after MIST and diff pvt univs..so you have wait to see the effect..I’ll not utter for advertising my uni..rather i’ll advice you to wait.n..see..

Another think..the link was erroneously given to this page..actually it should be:http://www.acmsolver.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=159%3Aunofficial-final-ranklist-of-acm-icpc-2008-dhaka-regionals-at-nsu-&catid=51%3Anews&Itemid=30&lang=en

127. Tasif - January 4, 2009


According to my knowledge there is only one PhD in Bangladesh Air Force who teaches at MIST who got his Bachelor degree from DUET. So if I were you I wouldn’t say anything bad about DUET. By the way Dr. Hossam E Haider is a nice man. I know him personally.

By the way I checked MIST EECE Faculty. Do you guys have any PhDs? Hmmm. So please don’t be imperious. Respect others to get respect from others.

128. RoMaN - January 4, 2009

MIstian, bro who told u that there is no admission test in IUT?????
and who told u that MIST takes only Golden 5. HAAHAA. BRo last requirement to seat for MIST admission test in 4.7 without 4th subject and in IUT without 4th subject it is 5.00. i placed 12th in MIST in this year. and 247th in IUT. But i chose IUT MCE rather than MIST AE/EECE. one gurdian told me in MIST medical centre that do u know what is IUT???? He told my mother that ur son got chance in IUT, why u took him into MIST. I went to MIST to know about the faculty of AE. but they couldn’t answer me. They opened a dept AE, but they havent yet made the list of AE faculties.
And my friends who got chance in BOTH KUET and MIST. they went for KUET leaving MIST. Mist is in Dhaka, its the only chosing site of MIST.
But though i would say MIST is very good. and it will make rank within few years. Best of luck for MIST.

129. one_iutian - January 4, 2009

yeah i did have the same xperience when i went for medical test b4 getting admitted at MIST…..those who had heard that i did qualify at IUT as well as MIST…suggested me to be at IUT…It has no means to leave IUT and get admitted into MIST…..

Again I would say as tasilf says…respect others to get respect from others….

130. one_iutian - January 4, 2009

Check out the MIST faculties….pathetic then ever….lack of experienced academicians….full of army personnels….academicians are rankied as class-B,that is they are less prioriterized than army personnels….same decrimination is seen at student level…..

No PhD(except ME dept..only one PhD holder,Other PhD holders are not permanent they’re guest faculty) in any dept…

if any doubt go to:http://www.mist-bd.org/

131. Tasif - January 4, 2009

Sorry post no. 129 was not directed towards Mr. Fahad rather I directed it towards MISTian. I apologize.

The best source of statistics is the batch ’08 boys, who will be deciding where to go this year. Roman provided just that. I have nothing to say after that.

132. Sabbir - January 4, 2009

@Mistian–I haven’t told DU better from our country’s prospect;I’ve told it from the world ranking(Check out http://www.topuniversities.com).The ranking is based on different things like-faculty;student quality;campus;facilities;classroom environment;course offered etc etc & according to this DU is better than BUET;this is not my speech,it is what the ranking says.I have told that I don’t count IUT in our ranking because it is totally outstanding(both in faculty & facility) & world standard & they don’t take admission test but they are taking test from this year as far I know moreoer you said MIST has taken 5 golden then what you will say about IUT!!!How many golden they have taken??I think any IUTian will ans this funny question.
MISTian said I made him laugh but please you see the methodology of ranking an university.I think you have no idea about the methodology.I’ve got chance in MIST but haven’t admitted in that because they have poor faculty but very funny & stricted rules.How funny that in an university all the students have to maintain the rules of sitting;eating & reading in hostel & in university;ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!
You are not still university right MISTian???So sad that I read in an university but you read in an institute & you said BIT;they are not BIT;they are university;not an institute like yours one;mind it & be careful about what you are saying & where you are.How can a student from an institute can say an university is worse than his one;funny.And if MIST become university that would be a gift by army;will not be a credit of MIST’s student.I think & hope if you know the rules of making a ranking then you will be able to identify your mistakes about what you said.
@Fahad–Bro I haven’t told you that world in the sense you have taken it.If you are hurt then I am really sorry;I didn’t want to hurt you;l just wanted to cricise your comment.
If you want to say me anything personally then mail me at oparthibo@ymail.com.

133. APARICHIT 1 OLD MAN - January 4, 2009


THERE ARE MORE THAN 60 Ph.D. faculty member??the department is civil engineering;

other departments of BUET also have LARGE NO. OF Teachers,most of them are Ph.D. holder;

but their Ph.D. teachers are same no. as TO BUET;

total no. of Ph.D. faculty members of so called emerging pvt. universities MORE MORE less than Ph.D. faculty members Of a single dept. BUET[in many cases DU also];

student quality of public/international university[BUET,DU,IUT,KUET,CUET,RUET etc.] is more more greater than pvt. universities;

the main prob. of public university is session jam;

excluding this,public university produces 10 times brilliant[for research,teaching] graduates than pvt. university;

all the pvt. universities r now opening BBA/MBA/EEE/CSE/PHARMACY/even CIVIL/economics/environment after looking at job market;

now,think if BANGLADESH produces more than 10000 electrical engineer in a single year than where is the place for them

if 35000 BBA/MBA holders r produced in a single year,then where is the job market;

the current job holders after BBA/MBA degree gets those sort of silly EXECUTIVE[modern clerk] job,5-10 yrs. ago,these jobs r done by BA/BCOM/BSC[PASS COURSE DEGREE HOLDER FROM NATIONAL UNIVERSITY];

so,there is a serious fault in current education system of bangladesh[lots of pvt. university implemented,lots of graduates produced,but quality is big zero],these graduates r working in the CLERK LEVEL[FOR BBA/MBA] & DIPLOMA ENGINEER LEVEL[FOR EEE/CSE DEGREE HOLDER] & REPRESENTATIVE LEVEL[FOR PHARMACY DEGREE HOLDER]

134. MISTian - January 4, 2009

@one_iutian..boy, you proved yourself so silly who does not even know how to debate of his own. Well I got a good idea of you and your univ people now..Let’s talk with reference.
“@Mistian…..IUT doesnt take any part time teachers who have passed from MIST(never will it do so)”
Ha ha ha…actually they have done it.A little advice to you.When you talk,check what you are saying.Boy you asked your EEE friends,Hope they got our instructor Hussam E Haider taking your Machine course. I think you don’t know that your very well and qualified department even take teachers from some private like Ahsanullah…so funny,is not it..check your website pertaining EEE faculty.

“MIST faculty is pathectic” .. oh yeah..you are now attempting to quarrel like a hippy girl!is that your trend!! Well buddy, already I have given you the idea what your faculty(??) is! By the by your university was looking for an interview to have teachers today..have you seen it..hmm…your univ is taking lecturers from other university like us,DU and BUET..and shit man from privatez too..as I remember I saw your faculty page of EEE consist of Shahjalal univ graduates also…so pathetic is not it??

“That’s why i left MIST cse to study at IUT”…oh it’s real pathetic…lil boy don’t show mistakes of yourself to others..And you did not get chance in our EECE.Oh!thats why you have gone for EEE to IUT where you can easily be admitted showing your GPA rather than the actual merit(if you have) you posses.

“ACM ICPC is one of the metric to show the university standard not the only one”….you confess it as a one..and hope you see how bad you did at there. And can you refer me any other international competitions where IUT has done something remarkale..by the by do you know last ICCIT in KUET ,from MIST 2 journals were published.Check if your univ has managed to publish 1 this year.
“Your post was actually like a prospectus of MIST”…do you even know the meaning of prospectus? Can’t you see, people here are debating on issues..not shitting like you.I don’t know where have you seen anything like prospectus in my post. It was in your post where you mentioned a good prospectus of where your alumnus are placed. Where have I given such information about MIST like you?? I posted the true facts with reference and may be I can not expect it from you as you have already shown your attitude how to talk with people.. Hope one day you learn that.

“how come they’re from IUT computer sc and IT??” hahaha..asking you 2 questions against your one.
1. Is SUST something so fascinating for providing lectureship? may be to you…
2. Don’t you know the quality of SUST student and with this quality it’s tough to run a department? I am not so illogical like you to quarrel like I mentioned before. That’s why I can also say that IUT is an excellent place for some departments and students are very promising. Not only 25%, I think more than 50% will do wonderful in their future life. They are capable of teaching not only SUST but other even foreign universities too.
You have 9 batches in CSE. But we have just 4 batches including ours in MIST. Though we did well at acm. Is not it?
“IUT takes ONLY golden 5.00 gpa’s and then there is an exam ” oh that’s something new to me. In my years there were no exams. Lot of friends of mine applied there, got chance and left (one in NSU now!!) IUT because of this tradition.
I confess MIST has done bad than SEU, Stamford type universities..but dear your univ was not ranked even in first 25 as I remember. ACM programming contest is something which indicates how well a university trains its boys in programming language and it shows the average merit of the students of a university has in the arena of programming. Private universities do a lot of hell work in that. Our boys don’t have that much elasticity to give time in this category. Most are busy for paper submission. Though only practicing by their own, they did what they are capable of.Your IUT showed what they can do too!! And boy don’t live in dreams..this is making you so out of logic in your posts.
“In the yr 2001 IUT placed 8th in ACM….at that time where was MIST??” in 2001 MIST was not taking civil students. Surprised you are doing debates on what you don’t have any idea..

MIST is too young and I know it very well but this too young university is now better than you in most prospects. Look at electrical paper contest of 2006 and 2007. In 2007 MIST ranked 2nd (first was buet) and in 2006 we were ranked 1st. Where is your IUT there?
“I have heard from my friends that they have partialism..teachers are biased to give good cgpa’s for defence students..this shouldnt be done in university level..though MIST is mere an institute” is that also one of your product in your dream. I don’t know why you are forcing yourself to become a joker. Well I have heard something too. That was also pulished in newspaper(I read in Prothom Alo) in 2007 or this year. As in Your IUT, Bangladeshi students are so criticized by the Foreign students. You did a rebel for that may be. Oh! So pathetic…
Buddy MIST faculty will not become so worse by your girlish quarrelling. And yah we are institute(not now actually, as BUP is formed) but I think you heard the name of MIT or Caltech.
I do admit our limitations too. Who does not have in Bangladesh!! But you should use proper examples not something shitty you mentioned. Your iut can not even come close to MIST. MIST is a government university and is run by government. You don’t have the capability to think how much money government is funding for this university. IUT does not have the capability to build the labs what we have in MIST or BUET. Please check your lab facility and then us. Don’t cry like a foolish that “lab facilities is not upto the mark”. We can proudly say that we have the best lab facility now as we have newly formed labs and work stations and we have the capability to buy newer lab instruments by government funding which is never possible by yours 1. You know, you can not compare a small university like yours with us.

You are just degrading your university by revising such idiotic words! Don’t do that. I have not ever mentioned that IUT is bad. It’s a pride of our country. Don’t repeat “the next possible things” …say it when you have enough strength. I think a university having only 2 (or 3) mentionable departments can not say such BIG WORDS which it is not eligible for. May be we don’t have a very good faculty as we are so new, but we don’t take teachers from you as you do from us. Hope it proves which is what!
Lastly, If MIST is too bad, why your passing batches are trying hard and soul every year to join in our MBA course and you know 2-3 also get chances. Oh! You said we are so bad right..so funny.

135. MISTian - January 4, 2009

@Tasif, first of all I am not Fahad, you should address people properly, right?
Dr. Hussaem E Haider was from BUET. I am so surprised how you got the DUET idea.
Who said you there is only one PhD in airforce? It’s a misconception of you.
“By the way I checked MIST EECE Faculty. Do you guys have any PhDs? ”
No, we don’t have still any permanent PhDs, but most of the BUET faculty is in MIST. A problem for a government university is it can’t take permanent teachers from other university offering a high salary like you can do. We depend on our students like BUET as you can see all our lecturers are from MIST. As it’s a very newly born university, in time we will have permanent professors having MIST background soon.
“Respect others to get respect from others.”
Bro, in my previous post I mentioned a lot of good things about your university too. Even in some other blogs where pvt univ guys were shouting IUT is nothing compared to nsu/brac I smiled and said “you don’t have the quality to talk about iut”. In this post I also asked the blog writer why IUT is placed in the private university lists when it’s one of the 2 international universities in Bangladesh. I said some logical points because some from yours were shouting about them without any ethical view. Mr. Bdoza has made this post for logical debating not for quarrelling or representing one’s university by his own information or view. I have respect from yours one, but you should have this quality too

136. MISTian - January 4, 2009

@Roman, 4.7 is the requirement to give admission test. But check the finally selected students. Hope you got my point!
Bro, IUT does not take any admisstion test to select its candidates .It’s what every1 knows. May be iut takes test for department choosing. Is it something mentionable and can be applied to have the name like “Admission Test”?
I can also give my reference. Some of my friends who are now studying in your university have the same GPA like me. But I did not even bother to apply for yours one. Some days ago I was talking one of my junior who was selected for your university. He said his brother who was a graduate from BUET(hope it’s better to take advice from a engineer than from a guardian) told him not to ever apply to IUT because of it’s lackings(check my earlier comments). I have a friend in NSU who also got chance in MCE of you. It’s your personal choice where you will read. A considerable number of people leave BUET and join in iut or MIST. This does not mean BUET is worse than yours or us. You are a junior 1 and that’s why for lacking of proper maturity you can describe a aunty drama and say such words that “Do you know what is IUT”. Boy in time you will learn what was the best for you. You know even people getting chance in yours 1 apply for AUST and choose to study there.
Finally I should say you can not compare a public university with a privately funded university. IUT is popular because it was established more than 15 years ago than MIST. That is I think only the plus point of your university and for that point you have some structural benefits what we don’t have. But you know public universities rule. As once was DU, next was BUET…

137. MISTian - January 4, 2009

@sabbir.. man you are such a joker.You are not enough aged or a pervert to join in this debate.I don’t know where have you got the idea of strict rules(a joker like you can think of this in a university).MIST have rules and regulations more than other universities,students need to follow.Otherwise we were also going to have session jam or course lag.
Guys if you are trying to prove with your body strength that you iut is better,I will now say(being so tired answering your childish points) It’s the best.Because you like to hear it.May be, you guys have a lot of times to quarrel for that but I don’ have…
Please check,you 4-5 IUT boys are shouting “next possible,outstanding,best” but have any1 show any logical view for why you are the best?
answer me–
1.Are not your teachers taken from other public universities including MIST and also some private universities?
2.Do you have any mentionable project?(national ID software was made by a ex-MISTian)
3.Do you have sufficient number of departments what the other public univz like BUET,MIST or DU have?
4.Do you take female students or you don’t think female can be a engineer?
…and a lot of things.
you are shouting and shouting of faculty,but point is,you ask teachers from us..
I am really bored to see illogical debates by you. IUT is good and it’s known to us. But not that much yet as you are saying.
You were saying MIST as an institute.Do you even know the meaning of institute?Do you have any idea what’s the structure of MIST?do you know the elongation of MIT and CalTech which are are also institutes? Do you know MIT is said as a university(check wikipedia)?
A university established in a small area outside Dhaka and have only male students like yours can not compare themselves to the other public universities. A university where female students can not even apply to study how can it be counted as a good university rather than a male university?You want to know what university is?Come to our campus.Sorry to say,yours one is very small to compare actually with us.
You all are giving references of people leaving MIST and joining IUT. So childish..I have answered about it before. You Sabbir is not worth much to debate actually.Because as I said,you are barking but not talking.Talk with logics.MIST has lacking and yours have too.Why you are trying to avoid it? You are living in Bangladesh and you have to consider it first.In this country without government funding no university can provide all the facilities to a going-to-be engineer.IUT has been established in 1981 and thats why you are better than the new born MIST in the category of alumnus.I confessed it before.But you are barking with illogical and shitty words.Don’t forget you are representing your university and your words are indicating what qualities you earn in there.First learn how to debate than come to post.You guys are degrading your university.I have a lot of friends in IUT and I know they are so well qualified(I should say,even better than me)..but I am so disappointed that the juniors like you are having this kinda qualities. I am again saying IUT is a good one and it will be better with years.You just don’t be biased with the words “better”, “best”.
Private or Public who ever be the best,it will be the best for our country.Lets give time all of them.

138. bdoza - January 4, 2009

Thanks readers for ur lively discussion on the subject.
I have just posted a new write up on ‘ Choosing subject at the entrance of the university studies’.This is also a cause of dilemma for our students.
We shall appreciate ur comments on the subject.

139. one_iutian - January 4, 2009

Mr MISTIAN…from where have u get time to quarrel in such a pathetic way…..you have finished your graduation but your quarelling
ability ensures me that you don’t have anything resource ful to do..
Yes i do believe SUST is 1000 times better than MIST.
Yes i belive that IUT is infinite times better than MIST.
Because the shit like you doesn’t actaully represent your university rather it represents that you are nothing but a canvasar of a street called MIST.
Only 2 papers are published and you are so happy…c’mon look at the stat at 2005 IICT and learn how much paper IUT can submit..
What the heck do you know about programming??Which dept you are from??How many contests have you faced??I dont know…but you are a total crap and i have no doubt about it from your saying that ACM shows how much talented a university grads are…well done..!!then i would say your EECE,AE,CE,ME depts are having bullshits like you…because a very little number of them or no-one attains ACM ICPC……AIUB,NSU,BRAC are having the most brilliant students then without any doubt(Though they’ve not even got chance to a crap like MIST).

ACM-ICPC will be held further and i said wait to see our performance..because a work-force has just started and you have wait to see…
What the hell do you undersatnd about debate??Im not debating you old shit..rather im on my logics…but you are not..
I apologise about taking teachers from your university…i’ll seek for proper information…if it takes then i would say that it was a great mistakes ever done by IUT…or the person was taken because of his own talent which he has gained by born…and surely lost something after being graduate from MIST,AUST…
How many MIST grads are working at INTEL and how many of them is fellow of Microsoft..i want statistica from you…
Go and confess yourself that you’ve done a great mistake because you(or your friends who went to AIUB) did something very wrong and repent for it for the whole life..

Who told you that our students are disturbed by foreigners??
I have heard your university girls are harassed by defence personnel is it true??

Even AIUB has more facilities for research….then MIST…..and ofcourse good faculty…go and compare youself with AIUB,AUST,BRAC…etc…..

MIST admission test is another shit….it is a so-called admission test (easiest and erroneous than ever)that at my time those who havent even passed for MIST admission test…were called for admisson…and now most of the friends of mine who are nothing but a set of crap are studying at MIST….

If students like me didnt make room for them then they even get chance to study at MIST..so to ensure their higher education we had to sacrifice:p

You have told that one of your friend has left AIUB for something i dont bother…by the way i would say exception cann’t be an example..is it ok Mr MISTian….

IUT is an international concern…..It is not only a concern of Bangladeshi govt but also of all the OIC member states…It is the pride for our country because if it was not established here at BD then it would outside of BD…Bangladeshi Govt invests a huge ampunt of money for that…It has greater possibilities than a mere govt institute(or defence institute)like MIST..

Dont ever come to teach me how to debate…you have already proved yourself that you’re dying to establish your MIST by uttering meaninglessly not by any logical debate…and you’ve got a platform like this blog..hahahahahahahahahah!!!go and be satisfied with your

Mr. Roman a ’08 student has left MIST for IUT..nothing more to say..
IUT grads are not only faculties of SUST rather all the BIT’s and even BUET….show me an example that your uni grad is a faculty of BUET…I can show you the proof(Now I think you wouldnt say that BUET is not a glamarous place to be a lecturer..aha!)

I do feel your hopelessness….I can only say that before you say something think one more time about your ability…you have nothing to speak-up…so you better stop where you are..

I can show you a lot of achievements of our students,I think this page will not provide me enough space for that..your mist have very less performances to boast off thats why you are so eager to quarrel…

ACM ICPC is totally dependent on proper training provided by a university…and MIST along with other pvt unis give this training as a part of their curriculam…IUT doesnt….Beacuse IUT dont have any intension to advertise…like MIST and pvts..

Though I havent said that ACM is not a standard for ranking …indeed a standard but not the only one..i think you dont have something called brain inside ur skelleton..if you had then you wouldnt say such shits…

IUT has marked its footprint to other foreign universities…your unuversity hasnt made yet…because your uni is so new…and like this way our CIT dept is so new in the field of ACM…and among our students the tradition to attain ACM has just started without any
obstacle…and this trend is much younger than any pvt or your MIST…so wait to see what actually IUT is and how it kicks off MIST..

Sometimes the way of your talking confuses me whether your institue is MIST or MI(S)T!?hahahahahahaaha…..you’ve been patheticly gone insane….

I dont want to provide or debate with such a crap like you..because i have already wasted so much time ..i dont have much time like you do have……

oh and again…If i even got chance in MIST’s EECE i wouldnt have read there..because EECE doest present itself so glamarous to me…….

Last of all..one MIST graduate is telling me..no dept is good in MIST…what to say more then??

So cool down…..go to your defence craps…they will certainly help you to defend yourself from hopelessness..

I know after reading this post you’ll reply(may not reply)..If you reply then i will be glad because it will ensure me that you’re nothing but a ridiculous debater having all awefull(and ofcourse bullshit)logics..

Before answering think about it…i suggest dont mix-up yourself with crap so that you seem to others in this post patheticly shity….

Again..IUT is the Best for now..lets see what happens in the future..we do hope for the best because we’re not hopeless people who have enough time to debate with a donkey….

140. one_iutian - January 4, 2009


141. one_iutian - January 4, 2009


Again who told you that IUT is privately funded…
Dont debate on anything which you dont know..
My Cousin passed from BUET and now doing PhD in Germany..He’s doing his project which is directly under European Union and US…So when went to him for suggestion at 2005..whether to choose IUT or MIST or others..he told me what the heck is MIST??I haven’t even heard about it…dont miss IUT..because it;s internationally recognized and its grads are doing great abroad….dont go for any other choice..

so you cannot prove MIST is better choice than IUT by referencing some garbage exceptions(leaving IUT and went to AUST..hahahaha)…because time will say it and already says a lot…..

AUST is doing good now because it has his VC who was the X-VC of IUT and has a great contribution to make IUT a great engg university..
before that AUST was a black listed univesity…

we’re proud that we’re recognised as international university by UGC..which is totally a different category intoducted only for us..

So our university is not private,not public…we dont even bother for that because we’re even better….free from all kinda limitations that occur in pvt and publics..

and yes definitley yes Its better to be an engineering University rahter than an institute creating some craps like you…

142. one_iutian - January 4, 2009

@MISTIAN…..what do you wanna mean by mentionable projects?

Yes we do have mentionable projets like:
1)Bangla SMS software which is more user friendly than others
2)Bangla calender which is made for next 20 years
3)Shologuti..a game can be played in mobile
4)Software for GRE preparation
5)Medical Database Systems (Dynamic)
6)Networking softwares
5)Court Management Systems softwares..(which placed 2nd at ICT Fest 2008…where was MIST then?)
6)Result crawler…(result of our university can be acquired through sms)
7)Online chess playing
8)Fully automated IUT admission processing system
9)Fully dynamic and customizable school management systems..
9)”Morpheus” a robot made by eee guys
a lot i cant recall….
at the 04 batch, a number of IUT bros got their job in M&H,Vonair,Therap BD,Blueliner..some most renowned software companies..
and from our batch a lot of guys were appointed as junior software engg at software companies where they went for internship..

This inventions are not advertised in silly way like you by us..thats why our uni is not focused and you people dont know much about it..

The project for National ID software was assigned to MIST (Or ur defence has taken the responsibily to occupy this project)Because most of the MIST students were involved for this project we were not even been noticed…which seems totaly fishy to me…National ID software is not a very great thing to be Boast off..we could make it even better if we were assigned!

At a near future female students will study here..and it’s just proposed..

I think its your great happiness that IUT has a faculty from MIST…so be happy with that…dont be crapy as you are always….

You have proved yourself as a great advertiser…but whatever you try to prove it will result in vain… and again…for the time being i have become you…i have spent a lot of important time..i should give it to make my web project..good bye Mr MISTIAN …….:):)

143. one_iutian - January 4, 2009

Oh one thing i havent seen anyboby named Hussam E haider at our website as EEE faculty….:)
Another thing….what do u understand by funding…
Funding for IUT is even bigger…its funded by 53 countries..and your univ is funded by only BD govt..
we’ve foreign teachers as our faculty and they’re internationally reconized…do u have neone in yours??

144. bdoza - January 5, 2009

Please no more debate between IUT vs MIST. Readers have got enough information to judge by themselves the strength and weakness of the individusl institutions.
Let us better look into other universities/institutions.


145. RoMaN - January 5, 2009

A faculty of ur EECE dept told me to get admit myself into IUT. He told me that IUT is doing better than BUET nowadays. Ya, he may be added some extension. But now in Bangladesh for engineering only IUT has gained the power to compare wid BUET. Isnt it a big complement? and bro MIST is directed By the armies. but do u know what happened this year????? My friend from waiting list 350-400 got chance in MIST. how funny isnt it. because there was a 2 number way to admit in MIST. Its a shame for all MISTIANS whch is directed by armys. who will blv it bro?
And ask the BUETIANS whom r they much afraid of???? MISTIANS or IUTIANS???? ask them who r the strongest competetors???????
I saw my friends who didnt get chance in BUET,KUET,IUT and even in RUET, they got chacne in MIST. and they chose KUET than MIST.
Bro IUT is an international university. so plz honour it. i do honour MIST. coz i know there are also some good students better than BUET and IUT. but why quarrelling??? Every institution has good students . I told MIST is doing better. :PP I hope it will do much better in future. take care

146. MISTian - January 5, 2009

Mr Bdoza I should not flood more with the shitty iut little nuts.Your new subject is very attractive and should get concern to discuss.Thank you for your concern to our education systems.Hope I can contribute more to your blogs by informative discussions.

147. one_iutian - January 5, 2009

thanks tasif bro….though u have left IUT and doing great at UT Dallas,you’re having great IUTian brotherhood and feelings for IUT..I salute your respect for IUT…
Welcome in IUT….It’s guaranteed that you’ll never be in a despair..what you have chosen is 100% correct…now try to concentrate in achieving your goal….

148. buet_cse - January 5, 2009

roman bro u frm which clg??? btw i hv seen ur ranking 4 engineering uni in bd…but i thnk u r quite wrong…u as well as we all know BUET is da best uni 4 engineering(just 4 engineering)…and i will never count IUT as a bd uni…so IUT shouldnt be taken in ur list….and how do u come up with MIST and CUET?????? why did u misunderstood AIUB???? pvt e mane je bap er taka diye pore dats nt true( though one tym i blv in dat theory bt nw mind has been chngd)….be at peace….

149. bdoza - January 6, 2009

If one have to choose between BUET & IUT, then what’s ur suggestion department by department.

150. bdoza - January 6, 2009

Government has promulgated the Private University Ordinance 2008.
I have a post on the private university ordinance, interested readers are requested to put their comments on the post.

151. buet_cse - January 6, 2009

i will go for IUT(eee, mce)….no doubt…cz its an international uni….bt let me tell one thing…i was unable to get myself admitted into IUT( i didnt get gpa golden 5 in hsc)…if u r talking abt dep thn as a stdnt of cse i’d say nt go 4 cit…cit dep of iut is nt so gud….if u r really interested 4 computer scnc thn come either buet(or if u fail to admit into buet thn u may choose nsu, aiub or sust) …dnt waste ur tym in cit….another thing go 4 software engineering in aiub….be at peace….

152. buet_cse - January 6, 2009

hey bro money thakleo buet e admit hoya jayna i do blv dis…bt du or iut te hoya jayna eita ke bollo???????????????? i hv frnds frm bba dep of du jara last govt. er somoy du te may b 50 or 40 thousand diye admit hoy….ju te cse dep e i hv frnd named sonet who got 3.9 in hsc xm(his father is a BIGGGGGG politician)….abt iut CIT dep e ami nijeo big amount er money dile admssn hote partam…but iut er CIT te porar cheye elephant road e pc servicing center deya lot more better…..and mercy of god i gOt myself admiited into buet…be at peace….dis debate will never end…

153. Sabbir - January 6, 2009

Why my last comment was not published?All the answers of MISTian was there.Ans plz

154. one_iutian - January 6, 2009

Cant be in peace coz…yes buet cse is much better and any body will choose buet cse than iut cit…..but iut cit was very much focused to telecom engg at early years…now its been concentrating in software sector…if eee,mce can do well of IUT that you decided to study there then why not cit…cit is always the second choice at admission at IUT..I think Mr.Buet_cse wants to compare his buet_cse dept(which is only 25 yrs old)with newborn(which is 9 yrs old)iut cit.CIT of IUT is even younger than NSU,AIUB cse,software engg..because they’ve started their CSE dept before iut cit..and again ihave told number of times that our course curriculam is not concentrated for ACM,Thats why CIT doesnt seem lucrative to you guys…But in TELECOM industry its contribution is far more than BUET…
So take time to see what we do in the future..than commenting in am immature way.Nobody wastes his time to study cit at IUT…

155. RoMaN - January 6, 2009

i chose MCE. i also got CIT, but didnt take CIT. bro but i dont know the future of MCE. could u help me by telling me the future of MCE. what can i do by doing Bsc in MCE

156. Fahad Zaman - January 6, 2009

Dear mr. so called buet_cse. i think u advertise aiub & introduce urself in the name of buet.I have noticed several messages of yours earlier and in ur every message u brought aiub as a representative of that university.However, i have a little doubt in my mind that r u really a buet student ???????? your cheap comments are not contain the category of a buet student.Rather it is much more similar the catergory of an Aiub students where leaders (Baseless) are created.

157. bdoza - January 6, 2009

@ Sabbir at 155,

The debate between IUT & MIST is virtually closed.(Ref.-146)
Please put ur comment on different topics.

Just to remind all- the official language of this blog is English.

158. APARICHIT 1 OLD MAN - January 6, 2009

@fahad zaman…

u r correct…..1 so called buet_cse arised here for cheating with us about IUT & AIUB advertisement,he keeps IUT’s EEE,MCE ahead of BUET’s EEE,ME…..What is the scale of this….

as per,i know almost 90% of BUET’s EEE Graduates getting scholarship for Higher study in USA,CANADA,GERMANY,JAPAN.

In last 5 or 10 years how many iut’ians gets job in INTEL,GOOGLE,YAHOO,MICROSOFT,SUN MICRO SYSTEMS…….this is comparatively negligible……..with compared to BUET’ians…….

how many IUT students gets admission in MIT,GEORGIATECH,
all these no. is very negligible[not even 5% of BUET recent alumni]

but,MCE of IUT doing well nearly equal[85%] with BUET;IUT’s MCE s
maximum[95%] faculty members r either formerly BUET teacher or BUET Alumni……..

by the way,in getting scholarship & research/teaching DU Students are only compared with BUET,for their[DU] basic science,arts & business subjects/departments…….

in the job market BUET’s EEE graduate[technical position] r Only comparable with IBAian[management position] according to demand & salary……but BUETians r not settled in their BD jobs……..because almost 90% of them left BD for higher studies in western/far east countries…….

then,IBA’s MBA Program also Dominated by EX.-BUET graduates…..
maximum[not by %,by background institute] IBA faculty r from DU,BUET background……….

Then other Engineering programmes OF BUET, basic science,business programs of DU r not for compare with any other institute’s program for their[BUET,DU] unique success……..

ADMISSION:private university admit students for a huge money[BDT 4-10 lakhs],not for their merit,result[SSC,HSC/O,A LEVEL]

IUT for a money of US$5000[as far i know]

then,after getting a degree by money,certainly anyone gets EXECUTIVE job BD job market[totally rubbish,scrap pvt. jobs excluding the pvt. banks,they r in good standing]……..this is not the success,man!!!

find your position in world market…….either in getting scholarship for higher studies……..or in research/teaching in world level….these things r certainly impossible by them…….who admits in a university by money[for 99% cases]…….then find themselves in a foreign university also by there fathers money[either it is black or corrupted]………

but,it is true that few[very limited no.] of pvt. university students have their own quality,merit………thats why they r doing well in their field………but for 95%-99% case……….it is only BD Executive[modern clerk] job depended education in pvt. universities of BD…….taught & admit students only for money…….

so,jodi lifetime BD pvt. company[no prestige] te Executive[keranigiri] korte chao……….then pvt. university te taka diye porte jao…….

159. one_iutian - January 6, 2009

BUET er saathe compare korar ortho ei na je BUET ke Bangladesh er kono university’r niche ranking kora..or neglect kora…eita possible na…because buet created the basic infrastructure in engg education at BD…

So the debate should not persist on that matter..
The actual fact is all inst have some brilliant students and its very normal that BUET should have the brightest students amongst all..coz everyone who wants to be a bonafide engnr dreams for studying BUET…

Yes its neglegible at now comparing to BUET that IUT doesnt have that much grauates working in world renowned companies or getting scholarships from world renowned uni’s…because every year from IUT CIT dept there passed only 40 grads..same as in mce but from electrical its 80..so on the whole 160 grads are passed out where as
from buet only one dept consists of more than 160 students..

And its no doubt that BUET international reputation and faculty are tremendously good….so its not logical to compare anything with BUET….If we want to compare then we’ve to wait for some more years..

Again,IUT te keu shudhu baper takar joggotay porte ashe na..
Ekmatro IUT student rai prottek mashe 3000 tk pocket money pay..
ei kotha gula amni bollam…karo kothat reply hishabe na..so IUT is different from pvts

Executive Jobs na shudhu onek IUTian onek valo govt job o kore..but I dont think being executive engg to any world reputed company is a matter of pride(eitar moddhey kono kerani giri nai..)

Neways,I do agree with most of the points with aparichito 1 ol man..
BUET is BUET….it is still the no one…so therez shouldnt be any silly debate regarding this matter….

160. one_iutian - January 6, 2009

@Buet(?!)_cse or AIUB advertiser!!!
Mr buet_cse wanted to say that he has a computer servicing center at elephant road…hehehe..

first of all he said that IUT te CIT te porte naki huge amount er money dite hoy??Oh..how ridiculous….and this kinda comments prove something else mr buet_cse….i’ll say it later at the post..

IUT te Huge Amount(self finance)e porte hoileo chance paite hoy(hsc te golden 5 paite hoy jeita apni pan nai bole IUT te chance pan nai seita apni apnar previous post e shikar korsen)

Tahole ki eitai bujha gelo na je apni daha mithha kotha boltesen..
Akhon tahole oi part tuku boli jeita bolsilam pore bolbo..ar seita holo..
1)apni IUT te admission er jonno gesilam,apnake laathi maira taray deya hoise(karon apnar kono joggotai chilo na)Ar jehetu apni jed dhorsilen IUT te CIT tei porben tai apnarke laathi diya IUT theke vagay deya chara IUT authorityr kisui korar chilo na.
2)Apni oboseshe AIUB te vat pailen abong porte galen..tarpor dekhlen je cse apner subject na..tai elephant road e dokan dilen ekta..ekhon sheikhaner paka bebshayi apni..noile eto jaygay thakte elephant rd er dokan r reference dilen keno
3)Apner kotha theke eita sposhto je apni buet_cse te poren na…ar jodi porei thaken tahole baaper tk diye 2 number way te vorti hoisen shekhane(Kivabe hoisen sheita apnar valo janar kotha!!karon apner mukhei janlam DU te tk diye vorti howa jay..)

So go to your servicing center shop at elephant road…guys here dont need your shops advertisement…AIUB te jei useless software engg portesen shita apnar business e kaje lagbe..

I think apnar moto bullshit er mathay ei kotha gula bujhar moto brain ase…hahaha..sotti apnar obostha etoi pathetic je dekhe dukkho hoy..khub inferior complex e vugtesen tai na??Psychologist er saathe consult koren…

Be at peace…

PS:bar bar post kore prove korben na je apni BUET e poren na..n again pore thakle BUET er worst luck apnar moto ekta crap ke tara nise……(jodio kivabe nise sheita quite suspicious)

Again be at peace and best of luck for ur PC servicing business(oitao apner dara hoy naki Shahbag more full becha hoy ke jane..keep up!!)

161. RoMaN - January 7, 2009

apirichit 1 old man and BUEt_cse bro,
No one is comparing BUET wid IUT. bro i got chance in BUET, but i chose IUT. coz i have some relatives who passed from BUET and also some relatives who passed from IUT. and i am observing that IUTIANS r doing well. IUTIANS pass from their institutions in 3 years 8 months and BUETIANS 5 years 5 month. so after passing an IUTIAN can achieve 1.5 year’s experience which is a big issue for getting jobs.
BUET is BUET. i do beleive it. But why r u comparing AIUB,NSU with IUT. you dont know what is IUT. to get chance in IUT in merit u have to have a golden 5 in HSC. to get chance in self finance scheme u have to have a golden a+ in SSC and one subject(BANGLA) miss in HSC. so who told u that u can buy IUT certificate by money??????? I cant beleive i duo r BUETIAN. coz i respect BUETIANS. their behaviour should not be like this.
After getting golden 5 u have to seat for an admission test in IUT. the test was held between 538 golden where at last 254 was selected. Everyone wants to be a BUETIAN. COZ BUET is really BUET.
But u can only find people leaving BUET only for IUT not for AIUB,NSU.
And if u dont beleive about the progress of IUT then go to Ericsson,Nokia,Siemens,Navana,Intraco,Kaffco and watch how many IUTIANS are serving them hands to hands with BUETIANS.

So plz respect the universities. U should keep in mind that University would not represt u. It is ur talent to represent urself. thanx.

bdoza - January 7, 2009

Would u pls tell us in which subject u got chance in Buet, then u have thought of changing the university?

162. RoMaN - January 7, 2009


163. buet_cse - January 7, 2009

i m nt comparing buet, iut, aiub or nsu( remember i said dep by dep..i hv frnds in aiub and i was amazed after seein their capability) ……it is just my opinion….remember at first there was no admission test in iut….abt self finance scheme i kno lot of iutians who gt just gpa 5 in both ssc and hsc( nt golden)…they gt chnc in cit, civil(dis yr)….let us kno in which sub u gt chnc in buet????? at first u told certificate by money( read all of ur posts regularly)…i kno eee and mce dep of iut is really gud( i accomplishd it in ma previous posts)…i gt chnc in cit…bt one of my big bro( who is also an iutian) said dat cit dep is nt so gud in iut….LISTEN I M from buet doesn’t mean that Private University Student’s eat grass taken from buet.. Buet is the best doesn’t also mean go buet otherwise stop study(the pressure which was from my family!!!!)….I said aiub only because of its EEE and software dep(believe me it is now the best private university for electrical engineers)…Taking about its student quality in EEE….I can say awsum..sometimes i feel jealous about AIUB because of their Great Electrical Lab facilities…it doesnt mean dat i m an AIUB advertiser( which u guys said)..they deserve it so i tell it……remember best doesn’t always come from best Uni….i said IUT is IUT…never try to compare it with other uni of bd…..no one cant compare AIUB/NSU with BUET/Dhaka university,..because Buet is 60 years old and DU is 80 years old ….at least give private universities more time to prove their ability….If you have the guts it doesn’t matter from which university you are…..wake up,change your view…… new Improved Bangladesh is waiting for you….It’s time to work together….be at peace…

164. relentless_soul - January 7, 2009

AIUB is the only uni in BD which is qualified 4 CISCO COMPUTER ENG CMPT where 5 teams from BUET also attend in d qualification round but no team is qualified.
but it is huge success 4 AIUBians that 3 teams from AIUB was qualified and going to participate in INDIA.
MOREOVER these 3 teams was placed 1st 2nd & 3rd POS in d CISCO NETWORKING COMPETETION…..

165. one_iutian - January 7, 2009

You cant comment rubbish having one baseless remarks from your cousin..
I lot of CITians are established now at different world renowned universities(Like CalTech)doing jobs and research at Microsoft,Nokia,Ericsson….and even they’re doing great their

Many CITians are online judge of ACM..
Many CIT grads was and also now faculty of your (world’s greatest University:AIUB)..

You’re a total crap because you dont know how to talk to people..the way of your talking indicates that you are uneducated pervert!

Dont choose any example that is counted as exception..I have a friend who got chance in your BUET CSE and IUT EEE,but he didnt go anywhere rather IUT CIT,and he’s doing great in CIT,I am sure that he’s even better than top 10 students of CSE class 2005…As I am not a bullshit..I’ll not say that BUET CSE te porar cheye elephant road e dokan deya valo..If I were you,I would have said so…(Thanks to almighty that he has not made me a pervert!)

So Try to change your mind first..and always look before your leap..
the very immatured way of talking of yours creates doubt in peoples mind that you are not even a student of buet…

Again…IUT te shudhu taka thaklei asha jay na….ekta minimun result thakte hoy(roman said that scale)…so again dont try to quarrel and write rubbish…before saying something know about it..

166. one_iutian - January 7, 2009

read *CSE class 2005 of BUET precisely*

167. one_iutian - January 7, 2009

If u have chance to switch then you can think over again.
According to our countries aspect MCE is not as much emerging as CIT
According to world market CIT is huge in job sector…(if you have doubt you can see BDJOBS)

The software sector is ever growing….can you mention any sector in mce which has a huge possiblilty like software..not possible
IT is a huge sense and you can switch to networking(if u wish),telecommunication, even some fields of high demand for even eee engineers like embeded systems..speech recognition..etc..

Actually this era is the era of IT and Computer related fields…EEE engineers are even focused to computer related technolgies..It is not possible to perticipate in such a wonderful revolution without being EEE of CIT/SE graduate.

MCE the pass korar por job na pele boshe thakte hoy…then frustration comes..but CIT te thakle outsourcing er kaj paowa jay(if you know programming)..ja pore job er jonno experience hishabe kaje laage..

again,MCE te valo result na korle kono bail nai…CIT te result kono factor na(job life e)…ar pass korar por mce theke job paba naki paba na seita bote partesi na….

MCE te valo result kora khub tough(4 yr er life IUT te MCE theke refer(failed) ekbaro pay nai erokom manush khub komi ase)…ar valo result korte parle shob sector thekei valo kora jay eta shobai jane eta kono notun kotha na..kintu tomake dekhte hobe probability kothay beshi..Tumi IUT te na pore to tahole BUET CIVIL ba MIST AE porte parta tai na??..oikhan thekeo to valo result korle onek luv chilo..ta poroni keno??

Jehetu IUT te ascho so dekhe shune subject choose koro ar emon vul koro na jar jonno sharajibin repent korte hoyy..

Best of Luck bro…..

168. pavel - January 7, 2009

plz give a ranking of pub and pri uni together.

169. RoMaN - January 7, 2009

Now what can i do 😦 u make me tensed. if u told me this before i could go wid CIT. but now??????????????????? ami shesh. ONE-IUTIAN bro tell me about the positive aspects of MCE????

bdoza - January 7, 2009

It is not possible to have accurate ranking of the universities from a single individual. So we are not feeling encouraged to have ranking from individuals. (Ref 82).
But we shall not mind to have a ranking from Aparichit 1 old man or a comment from him on the ranking of the universities.

170. one_iutian - January 7, 2009

If you have no other choice to switch then be happy with MCE..and try to do best in it..as you’ve spirit..go make it happen that someday you’ll be an AERONAUTICAL ENGG and WORKING IN NASA…just have a tremendously big vision…karon MCE er o onek prospect ase…Because its IUT MCE…

If you have 2nd choice to switch..I think you still have..then come to CIT….and make your mind that you are happy with it and can do programming…

Last of all its your life….so color it…which way you want to color its your choice….as im from cs i have showed you the good aspects of cit..if ur stuck and there no way to come back from MCE then try to search and find successful MCE grads and talk to them…

@BDOZA…I am agreed with your opinion(in most of the aspects)

171. APARICHIT 1 OLD MAN - January 8, 2009


if we consider student quality[educational background,brilliance],
future progress,research & teaching career development,country job demand,foreign job demand,foreign[U.S.A,U.K.,CANADA,JAPAN,AUSTRALIA,GERMANY,
career in world reknowned company,university,research center………
the rank is…….considering all discipline[science,arts,business]…….

the combined ranking may be…….

2.DU[including IBA]
18.khulna univ.
19.uiu[may be]

172. one_iutian - January 8, 2009

@Aparichit 1 Old Man
Would u please tell us more about u?

173. APARICHIT 1 OLD MAN - January 9, 2009


my background & present…….

Ph.D.,Financial Economics,
Imperial College London,U.K.;

Now Working With UBS Investment Bank[better known as Swiss Bank],Frankfurt,Germany

174. APARICHIT 1 OLD MAN - January 9, 2009

In Webometrics[most popular & funded] ranking BUET[3664] is the only representative from BD within 6000;
this is very poor performance,DU may be 6063;
there is lack of understanding,information about BD universities…
DU,BUET,IUT,KUET deserves better ranking in Webomatrics ranking…

175. APARICHIT 1 OLD MAN - January 9, 2009

@BDOZA & all others…..

the ranking…i wrote here[175]…..based on various world rankings[BUET placed 1ST IN ALL RANKING EXCEPT 1,WHERE DU PLACED 1ST FOR ITS HUGE NO. OF DEPT. & all sort of alumni…science,arts,business],
current job market demand,future prospect,student-guardian choice[as far i know],foreign scholarship..research/teaching career…

176. Sumon - January 9, 2009

I have got admitted into CSE,KUET this year though i was able to take EEE in KUET. I took CSE as of my PASSION.
I collected form from just 2 place BUET and KUET as they r most renown ENG. UNI in bd but unluckily i don’t found luck in BUET and then i got admitted into KUET.

Now coming to PRIVATE UNIV.
Most of the meritorious student try to read in GOVT. univ
and those who don’t get admission in GOVT they get admission in PRIVATE ones,but as of mine many students can’t afford the HUGE money wanted by the Private uni but also they are not much experienced that the GOVT UNIV.
AIUB may be doing good
but in ICCIT programes one of the big seminar of CSE, the BUET and KUET students became the leader. They are getting the scholarships so how can these guys can tell that a PRIVATE UNIV. is better than a GOVT. ones?

@APARICHIT 1 OLD MAN—-I fully agree with you and your ranking

177. one_iutian - January 9, 2009

@BDOZA:Smart job….I think you have understood what i wanted to mean!!!:):):)

178. Sumon - January 9, 2009


as i told before many of us try to read in GOVT. UNIV
and then all GOLDEN A+ in HSC is not so good at all ROMAN is my simultanious and he is just good as he got first in BUET and then changed his mind to go over IUT:)i will say u did the right thing.

BUT i have 2 friends they didn’t get admission in any GOVT. UNIV.s and then they got admission in IUT in just with the force they got with getting GOLDEN A+ and there are two of them one got CIT and other MCE
and who told u this year taken till 254.this is official value….
I am in mymensingh and other two of my friends got chance in IUT with sef-financing 11 LACKS of TAKA and also they didn’t get chance in any GOVT. UNIV.s so those four are so much better students than me?????so is it true all GOLDEN A+ is good? i say no….
ROMAN u got in BUET than went to IUT that means PERFECTLY u r a good student among those GOLDEN A+
so i didn’t say any bad thing either.

179. Md.Nazrul Islam - January 9, 2009

My Name is Md.Nazrul Islam.
I am completed on Diploma-In-Computer Engineering.
Now I want to admission BSC Engineering. I am all ready working a small job. So I can’t decide University where i can take admission. Please detail about information in the CSE, EEE and Rank of private university.

180. RoMaN - January 9, 2009

Bro i salute u for ur brilliant performance. U r an asset of Bangladesh and u took our bd to the world arena. Bro, one thing DU is loosing its popularity. i have many friends who got chance in DU Pharmacy or Applied physics but they rejected it for BUET or IUT also i saw for MIST. i also left DU for IUT. so bro i think for science students BUET r por IUT howa uchit. :)))

Bro, U r an international student, could u plz tell me about the demand of mechanical engineering worldwide. cause i am hearing much bad words about this subject, though it is a mother subject and most broad engineering sector. Plz bro help me :PPP

181. APARICHIT 1 OLD MAN - January 9, 2009

@Md. Nazrul Islam

u can try for DUET & then Stamford university;

as far i know,these 2 provides B.Sc. Engineering Degree to Dipl. holder

182. APARICHIT 1 OLD MAN - January 9, 2009


certainly,IUT placed Just after BUET……But i provides this ranking considering overall performance…….all dept.

mechanical dept. cant show its actual performance still now in BD….
But,it is the No. 1 Demand[BY JOB] in USA & IN FEW OTHER WESTERN COUNTRY….



183. one_iutian - January 9, 2009

Thanks for sharing your view….same thing happens here in IUT.I have a friend got chance in CSE at KUET and he is also from Khulna…
and he didnt get chance to any publics…at IUT he was in a waiting list…atlast he was called by IUT(Though not in self financial scheme)

I think regarding self financial scheme there’z a doubt in peoples mind..and almost everyone thinks that by this way any student can get admitted into IUT and persue graduation,,,actually its a very wrong idea..coz..To get chance into self financial scheme there’s a min criteria..and again its 11lakhs becuase those who get chance by merit at IUT get 3 years scholarship…and have to pay only last years(last 2 semesters)cost which is about 5000$.Anyone who knows about the facilities of IUT can understand why that much cost is that much..i don need to mention……

But those who dont get chance by merit(both in ssc+hsc gpa and admission test) they can study at IUT without any scholarship…..they’ve to pay the total cost..and i have many friends from self finance scheme who are really brilliant….

Actually graduate der brilliance er calculation kora ta tough….it should be calculated by the performance after grad at research or job life…so you cant say that by self finance only craps are getting admitted here(I know you didnt even mean that).

And again I got chance at DU,JU pharmacy,MIST but left those for IUT…..so it depends on ones choice…………………

184. one_iutian - January 9, 2009

And again student neyar standard IUT ke year by year change korte hocche coz its becoming competitive day by day..so apnara je diner kotha boltesen oi din ar actually nai…

IUT te vorti hoiteo akhon jothesto joggotar porichoy deya laage(etai shavabik noy ki?)

185. APARICHIT 1 OLD MAN - January 9, 2009

students,who r studying Engineering…..certainly have a wish to enhanced/build up his/her career in abroad….

by this way mechanical[most job by no.] & civil[most scholarship by no.] in foreign countries r far ahead than EEE,CSE….

but,in BD after 2002….market for EEE is increasing & continues…….

186. APARICHIT 1 OLD MAN - January 9, 2009

we can make a Engineering subject rank for BD students like that….

for BD Job Market[private job]——-

for BD Job[govt. job]—–

For Foreign scholarship—-


187. RoMaN - January 10, 2009

Apirichit 1 old man,
Thanx a lot bro. very very very very much thanx to u. :)))))))))

bro i got chance in BUET,KUET,MIST,DU,IUT. in KUET and MIST my result was awesome. but bro i decided to go to IUT coz my elder brothers suggest me to go there, and i have some relatives who passed from IUT are doing very good in their own place. and it is true that self finance scheme is not good to us. but there is also limitations for the self finance scheme. and not only the golden a+ holders got chance in IUT. there was a test among them in 25th December. IUT gives much more facilities to the students comparing all the unis also the govt. Bro BUET is best i know, but i got civil there so i prefer IUT mechanical coz it’s mechanical really better than BUET. Thanx bro. Best of luck fnd :))) Now where r u now?????

188. APARICHIT 1 OLD MAN - January 10, 2009


it is a good adventureous decision…….

if u choice BUET-Civil,than u will be in a smooth way for future higher study oppurtunity[USA provides awesome scholarship/funding to civil[transportation/environment major] students] & certainly u must enhanced ur career in USA

BUT,U choose mechanical[whether it is in BUET OR IUT]—basically the same thing…….the road to foreign study is not so smooth……..very competative for mechanical[limited funding in university]……..so u must take care of ur education from now..& do better…….

Best Of Luck to All juniors……..in BD

189. Sumon - January 10, 2009

I am in Mymensingh and going to read in KUET though i have sufficient finance to read in Private univ.s

Of course THE MECHANICAL ENG. in IUT is best in whole bangladesh

and i said that the IUT doesn’t hold all good students though they are GOLDEN A+.as my past post those scumbags got chance there and i don’t know that what they will do their with their memorizing power.

Roman u r definitely a very good student no DOUBT but i was saying their is not all good students in IUT
but all univs’ have some bad.

BUT the friends of mine gone their …….just one of them got the creative power and others of them just got memorizing power………so how an i think that they will do better????
anyway roman my E-id is sumon007@coolmail.co.in

we can talk about that:)

190. minhaz bin mizan - January 12, 2009

Thanks for arrangeing voteing system.i think aiub is a top private university of bangladesh.so plz mention it .

191. tushar - January 12, 2009


*Govt engineering university has the highest priority
*student first choice engineering & public university ,then private university

192. saif siddiqee dawn - January 12, 2009

we knoe that best engineering university in bangladesh is BUET.now when the students of AUST are getting chance to do MSc from BUET along with other public engineering universities and MIST and IUT…BUET,IUT,AUST,MIST should be counted on a same level…like 19/20.i don t know wheather the students of AIUB gets the chance to do MS in BUET or not….But i know one thing,they were trying to get the facility 1/2 years ago..

193. RABBI - January 12, 2009

onek dhorjo shohokare shobar lekhagulo porla…….

194. Mahadhe - January 12, 2009

its a best idea to ranking

195. BIG BOSS - January 12, 2009

Not only as a student I personally hav faith that AUST have all the catagories to be the BEST PVT UNV of BD…………. However this is must that it is the best eng. unv.
anyways thanks for the voting system
those have no knowledge about AUST, I m requesting them just try to have an inquerry about the edecational system of AUST and then vote.

196. shorif - January 13, 2009

may be u dont know that if AUST get any recognition then just for its academic curriculum & Its honorable former VC M.H.Khan.He has done a lot for this university.New VC is also contributing but you cannot say that before joining of him AUST was black listed.Yea i know at that time UGC published a list of universities.I heard that AUST was listed there just for alerting to take off the distant educational system in BD because AUST has another campus in Rajshahi.Though at that time i did not find the name of AUST in the UGC given Blacklist.Whatever VC M.H.KHAN then banned off all new admission processes in Rajshahi campus.New VC is just getting through the recognition of AUST as a pvt. engineering university in BD.

197. অ্যাডমিশন ভাবনা « Ahmed Shamsul Arefin’s Futurama - January 13, 2009

[…]  বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় র‌্যাংকিং এর উপর বিতর্ক চলছে এখানে- https://bdoza.wordpress.com/2008/04/27/introduction-of-rating-system-of-the-universities/ […]

198. native_tuner - January 13, 2009

Vote for AUST..

199. Mehedi Hasan - January 14, 2009

I think IUBAT is the greatest University in BD.It’s civil engineerng depertment is very qualified.

bdoza - January 14, 2009

How the civil is very qualified? Justify please.

200. Mehedi Hasan - January 14, 2009

We have good lab,huge librery,big field etc. that is not available in other PVT. University.IUBAT is only one PVT. University in BD which have permanent campus.

201. Rashed Khan - January 14, 2009

Ahsanullah University of Science and technology
is best privet university in bangladesh.

202. John - January 14, 2009

@ mehedi, FYI, AUST also have its permanent campus.
u cant imagine, how big the campus is. its one of the finest and well constructed campus in Bangladesh…

203. RooT - January 14, 2009

Yeo Boyzzz,
Just read it within few secondzzzz

They said that,
1. We the pvt uni students are not qualified students (Jodio amra sobai HSC pass)
2. Not do good in job sectors (Jodio kichu bhai-brother ra google[Zahid M. Sabur bhai, CSE, AIUB], pageflakes [Misho bhai, AIUB,CSE, http://www.oazabir.com], Cheif mrkting off. of GP[Moin bhai, NSU], asst admin BTRC[Fahad Bhai, UIU]……….. to be continued )
3. We do not do well in competitions ( SAARC CISCO[AIUB], Energy Challange[UIU])

Because their strength are :

1. Sesson Jam (4 years hons course is in 6 years, 1 years ms in 2 years) [DU,BUET,RU,SUST…………..]
2. Politics [DU,JU,RU,CU,……]
3. Hall vacant any time [DU,JU,RU…………..]
4. Crime and terrorism [DU,JU……….]
5. Delay of result procedure [DU,JU…………]
6. Assaulting Teachers [DU,JU]
7. Force girls for ….. by faculty [department of drama,JU]
8. False student admission [DU]
9. Bullshit Ragging System [KU,JU………..]

and so on …………

So join public university because they are qualified and know better then us[Yeo Yeo pvt uni boyz]

204. Sumon - January 14, 2009

@mehedi hasan:
having a big field,and a huge libeary doesn’t make a CIVIL ENGINEERING containing University great……………

and a permanent campus not up to the study

and a study is always upto you and as i seeing u have made some major pronounciation mistakes

so how can you say yours’ a GOOD QUALIFIED UNIVERSITY?????

205. paka papa - January 14, 2009

root vai awesome ….

206. Sumon - January 15, 2009

i agree with ROOT
private uni students all are not qualified…..
only 7-10% of them are qualified
they go there after not getting admission in any govt. universities.
some of them has huge money to cope with so nthey do that easily
so GOVT. universities leave no comparision to private ones.

207. Rafi - January 15, 2009

I saw the list of pvt. Engineering University of BD.But what about IUBAT?Why this is not listed?I want to know u r coment.

208. Md.Oliul Islam - January 15, 2009

I am a student of BBA of IUBAT.This university is the first private university in Bangladesh.This university has many foreign faculty & PHDs. I think this university has some of excellant teachers in Bangladesh. No private &public university have this kind of quality teachers.

209. bdoza - January 15, 2009

It is not possible for us to include all the universities in the poll. There is option to cast vote for unlisted university in the ‘other’ category where u can mention the name of the university, but only the editor has the previlege to see the names once the vote is casted.
We have taken as a policy to upgrade the name of the university and make it visible from other category if only it could cross the least voted university of the list.

IUBAT is made visible as it got 4 votes and crosses the least voted institution.

210. Shakur - January 15, 2009


211. saif - January 15, 2009

iiuc deserves 2 position, 1st, for his permanent campus @ kumira, dats the largest private varsity campus. 2nd,
iiuc is also a large varsity.

212. Emon - January 17, 2009

i wonder some private iniversities like stamford,AIUB they are giving the advertisement which sometimes creating bad impression to overall private universities, like yesterday, when i was watching BD-sri lanka match on TV, i saw one bill board of AIUB, which makes me starneg and feel is it decant way to advertise one educationa institute like that way……….

213. pavel - January 18, 2009

no u r not right at all. AIUB give the BCB players english training 4m this year. thats why BCB did it.
plz know the right thing.

214. Secret Dhaka - January 19, 2009

Oh wow, what a post! I am thinking of doing a cross-post on a similar topic Bdoza.

215. LoneRider - January 20, 2009

In terms of University admission and ranking in bangladesh… this is so far the most lively conversed post and most helpful and informative page i have found. A lot of thanks to bdoza to start such an important topic and thanks to all of those who have contributed. i just want to focus on one thing guys… its so tough to know about these information these days which is so important for a undergrad student who has so little time to make up his mind about the whole future of his. so knowing or without knowing… i think u have contributed to change a lot of young lives. hats off to u.

216. paka papa - January 21, 2009

bcb has a contract with aiub in English language corse & others.& also player quota like d.u & other uni.Stanford unir stanford company also arranges cricket series & others .dont compare AIUB NSU with stamford.its like comparing buet kuet with jagannath university.Mr. EMON TRY TO KNOW MORE & MORE WITH UR STUDIES> ITS NOT UR HEADACHE. I THINK UR NOT DA CEO OF COMPANIES LYK MICROSOFT,APPLE OR INTEL>>> SO

217. Mahdi Hasan_SUST - January 22, 2009

We all shoud know that compare shoud be in the same aspect.You can not compare between a cricet player and a football player.Some students compare BUET and DU but these two university are different.So it is impossible to compare to them.The other thinks is the criteria on which one can rank the university.The criteria my be the faculty,admission system,student activity,performance,researce,enviorenment,campus,curriculam …..etc

but rank is not factor bcoz one who can perform can do better in life.

218. bdoza - January 23, 2009

Please no more personal ranking or declaration rather cast ur vote above.
Cite if their is any special achievement or attribute of ur university.
Cast ur vote and give ur comment on best subject in the post https://bdoza.wordpress.com/2009/01/04/choosing-subject-at-the-entrance-of-the-university-studies/

219. dawn - January 24, 2009

i think all those guys who do not know AUST,should go and see its campus,education system…if BUET is the best for engineering.AUST is after that…eta aamr kotha na…onek senior Teacher 4m BUEt,Job sector ppl der e kotha…so after BUEt ,AUST is the Best university in engineering…and,its the best among all private universities…

220. SIK - January 24, 2009

as far i think,AUST could be the best after our BUET….

221. Ahmod_CS_SUST - January 24, 2009

Actually ,BUET and IBA is not compareable in BANGLADESH.So,we should avoid this two institute.

222. ohee_bracian - January 24, 2009

i think its nt really tru dat brilliant studnts r reading only in public uni………in our country theirs a scarcity ov seat in public uni…as a result now a dayz many studnt r goning in pvt university…….

i think u may don believe dat um a double golden holder,,,,,bt its tru..bt i don get chance in DU……..many ov ma brilliants 4ndz also don get chance in DU…um 4m commerce backgrnd…. wheares some wrst studnt ov our college(DCC)get chance in DU c-unit…….so is nt it luck…….???..reply me……

um reading in Brac University………it provides us a nice nvirnmnt n faculty…..u gyz may don knw dat Brac uni becum champion in battle ov mind competition wheares DU becum 3…..4m ma point ov view it should be a ranking 4 a business skul

i don understnd how can IUB/AIUB counted as d best…….1st ov all de should confirm their standrd…..n den compare wid others…

223. ohee_bracian - January 24, 2009

i agree wid ahmod

224. Muhib - January 25, 2009

Everybody want to see his/her University in the top position. So they have made their personal ranking.
But we want to see a fair and nutral ranking from any organization with its explanation. Do you think in the polling system placing above can give a nutral result? No. Because the site viewers have only casted their votes to see their institutions on top. And till now most the results are proving that.

225. bdoza - January 27, 2009

U can link the website of ur university or facebook group here so that
one can have a better and update idea of ur institution by visiting those links.


226. pavel - January 27, 2009

dear bracu
a competetion iz not everything. that compt bracu WAZ champion and also EWU WAZ RUNNERS UP. IBA BRAND COMPT,IBA & KU was champ and AIUB was runners up. IN these sense AIUB iz the best 4 BBA 4 PRV UNI.

227. Sajib - January 28, 2009

I got this link from a facebook friend.I wonder why everyone is wasting his time here in a never-ending debate in absence of any acceptable ranking system in BD. I have two requests:
1.If you are already an engineering student,don’t think too much about where you are studying in.If you do very well in your studies & become expert in your respective technology,be sure you will do better than many BUET students.
2.If you are willing to admit into an university,keep your eye on both the university and the department with better job market.

Dept. of CSE

228. RoMaN - January 29, 2009

I read all the comments here. dawn and sik bro can both of u do me a favour. plz ask a HSC student where he is willing to get admission. bro everey male students will say that after BUET i want to go to IUT. THEN they will say KUET,MIST etc etc. BUT u didnt mention the name of IUT the only international uni in BD. THE quality of AUST and IUT is not same bro. AUST is not of the level of BUET and even IUT and even even even KUET. i think now a days students are choosing AIUB instead of AUST. i dont know about others, but yes my friends decided to do so. in some case IUT is far ahead from BUET. i think some students of BUET will agree with me specially in ME dept.

its my personal opinion. I think our BUETIANS bro will also agree wid me.

229. zahid - January 30, 2009

now AIUB is better than AUST. everyone knows that AIUB doing good for their amazing high class lab facilities but now they have the richest faculties also. in world job market AIUB is more successful 4 this reason.

230. Jumma - January 30, 2009

I think, individual ranking is mostly biased or mainly based on familiarity or exposure which can never really give the true picture of the position of the universities of BD depending upon the genuine criterions by which usually the foreign universities are ranked. So, i’m really skeptical if it has any significance at all. And, ironically, if based on the different facilities depending upon which the universities are ranked is applied to our country i’m afraid most of the universities will fall short of even qualifying for a place in the ranking. Moreover, all the universities can not be ranked in the same list as different universities have their own specialities, i.e: Engineering universities like BUET or IUT should not be in the same list with DU or JU or in that case many private universities.

231. sik - January 30, 2009

SIK…do u know the full form of this???i think no…u cant say MIST is better than AUST…i think u also dont know details ABOUt KUET,RUET,CUET…now a days.AUST,BUET,IUT and a new comer MIST shares their respective faculties among themselves…there are lots of teacherrs of AUST who takes classes at IUT…i think u know…but if not…then you should know.and i dont want to talk about AIUB…they dont get the chance to do MS from BUET.do they…?

232. tamanna binte zahid - January 30, 2009

zahid i suggest u to go to AUST and see their labs…campus…and then see ur one…u will undrstand…dont fly too much with ur versity…it will not work…i wonder about ur grading system tooo…i had a friend,je class3-class9 minimum 3sub e fail korto…ssc te3.5,hsc teo orokom…tar cgpa AIUB te3.7….how???…take akta zener diode dekhie ask korechilam eta ki?diode bollo,but zener bolte parlo na…im not lying…era hobe tomader faculty????if u think im lyng,u can…i dont bother…but search for such students,make them correct…tate tomaderi valo hobe…..

233. Sumon - January 31, 2009

I think the ranking should be Devided into 9 parts
1.GENERAL PUBLIC University Rankings-DU,SUST,RU,KU,CU etc.s
then there would no problem
But one thing should be clear no PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES can go
ahead of a PUBLIC university:)

234. Rahul - January 31, 2009

Hi Guys
Just to let you know I am from India and working here for small project with an MNC(FMCG). I have been going through the post.
I have the natural tendency to compare the education system in bangladesh with India. I think the system here has not been able to utilize the talent well here.We should remember that private players are there in education system because the govt is not able to invest much in education from its side. Thats the reason the seat is less, system needs improvement etc. In our country after the liberalisation the system was given a shake up. and the entire system was managed by Autonomus bodies which helped in retaing the focus and less of political interference.I think universities here should have a tie up with some leading B-schools in India Like IIMS and see how the system is doing there. Trust me in 2 years you dont have the time to talk to you famaly properly forget other luxuries of life. Any rigourus system with automaticaly produce better talent. I find IBA is pamperd a lot by the Corporate world. This is because there is no stiff competition. A healthy competition is good for the country and of course the student community

235. zahid - January 31, 2009

dear sik & tamanna,
i m so sorry to say u that ur in wrong world. i dont compare prv uni with BUET, IUT, MIST, BIT. i also dont want to compare AUST with AIUB. how many AUSTians r in GOOGLE, MICROSOFT. but many AIUBian r in GOOGLE, MICROSFT and intel.

HOW AUST come in BBA rank, LOLZ. BBA PRV uni rank like this

236. RIYADH - January 31, 2009

in IBA BRAND WITZ COMP’ e IBA and KU is winners and AIUB is runners up.where all leading business school competed SO best bba brand of BD IBA, KU, AIUB. bcz this compt is also known as BBA BRANDING COMPT.

237. humaira_BUET - January 31, 2009

i saw AUST last few year e ja korechi limited facilities er modde ta khub kom universityyy korte pare…i’ll not compare AUST to BUET but i can say firmly,jodi public universityr moto shujog AUST pai…BUET,IUT er pashe tara kadhe kadh melate shoikkhom…..

238. rony_ex buetian - January 31, 2009

i agree with humaira…i also think after BUEt and IUT.if any versity(eng) can stand beside us is AUST….i worked with some of my colligues who came from AUST…are also good in the field….so my vote goes to AUST after BUET and IUT

239. Sumon - January 31, 2009

@rahul—That’s why most meritorious students get admission in the GOVT. universities

240. RoMaN - January 31, 2009

I cant say that there are no talents in Private universities. But the fact is what they r doing is totally unexpected. While in EEE dept Buet contributes only 180,IUT 60, MIST 60, KUET 120 but AIUB, AUST contribute 200 in each semister that mean they both are contributing 1000 EEE students each year. The number of CSE is also same. But no private universities can teach their students Mechanical Engineering coz it is really very expensive. But the poor countries like Bangladesh dont need 2000 B.Sc EEE and CSE students per year, where we can manage our tasks with the diplomas.

The student who does not carry any capability to read in EEE,CSE,CE. They are reading these subjects in private unis. And they are thinking that they r reading in EEE, why they would show their honour to BUET civil,chemical,metal students.

Do u think this is the right way????????? So pvt unis should do something that people can show their respect to them. I am saying these words coz i have own realatives who r doing same.

Although i would say AIUB,AUST both are well, but they should maintain a limitation. thats allllllll

241. Fahad zaman - February 1, 2009

If my guess is right, then humaira_buet and rony_buetian are not the student of buet, actually they are the student of aust. I observed many blogs including this one that some people specially from pvt uni have a tendency to disappear themselves from their real identity and spread cheap comments in the name of buet.My que is why they do this? By doing this, aren’t they feel any shame???

242. Fahad zaman - February 1, 2009

what is aust??? why don,t they say it ahsanullah? its really humiliating for those who pronounced aust(AAAAAUUUUUSSSSTT!!!!). how funny to hear (aaaooouuussssttt)!!!! and nowadays they feel proud of their so called fabulas campus.Those who feel proud of their ahsanullah campus please visit any of the govt colleges like Dhaka college or Titumir college and u will have found even better.So how dare u guys to compare your campus with the campus of public uni.So i suggest u first of all u compare ahsanullah with pvt uni.After that, U will have found their is no ahsanullah in the top most 5 pvt uni in bangladesh.

243. one_iutian - February 1, 2009

As an elder bro of urs…i’ll advice not to flood to much on IUT issue in this blog…this blog is not the platform for us to advertise our uni…the well concerned people know very precisely how good/bad this uni is …and what it’s contribution to engg studies in BD..

I’ll rather suggest you to refer them to previous posts if anybody(who’s ignorants)wants to know something abt IUT..

I think enough is enough..not a single post should be posted here regarding IUT students,faculties and its possible position in ranking…


244. bdoza - February 1, 2009

We are sorry to say that comment on the issue is closed.

We have enough discussion on the subject. Don’t take the ranking projected here seriously. It is an exercise on how individuals or groups think abut the ranking of the universities. Still there are scattered truth here and there, u have to find it out.
The ultimate ranking will depend on the UGC, as an independent body.Till then we have to wait.

We thank all those who read the post, cast their vote, made comments and kept the discussion lively.

Thanks again.


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Readers also vote and give comment on best subject in the post https://bdoza.wordpress.com/2009/01/04/choosing-subject-at-the-entrance-of-the-university-studies/

245. bdoza - February 8, 2009

Vote in other categories:
As only the editor has the previledge to see the other names in each poll, I am showing the figures here for all:

A. Other names in best university: CUET-55,IUB-27,AUST-21,EWU-11,AUST-6,
B. Other names in best private university: AUST: 49, IUBAT-11, UIV-7,
C. other names in best for computer science: CUET-60,IUBAT-8,AUST-8,IIUC-4,
D. other name in best public univesrity-CUET-53.
E. other names in best for BBA-IUBAT-10, UIV-6,Aust-4,


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