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Changing the concept of salary for the workers & giving share to the profit May 2, 2008

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BGM&E( Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers & Exporters) bosses are going to announce salary hike of the knitwear workers within a few days. Knitwear industries are the sector where Bangladesh is earning better than other sector in garment industries.
The BGME is also thinking of introducing rationing for the garment workers to overcome the present price hike.
All this are nice steps in support the workers of the garments sector which is the most profit earning export industry of Bangladesh which at the same time created huge employment opportunity for young workforce of our country.
But mere increasing the salary and introducing rationing may not be enough to recognize the contribution of these young men and women in our industries. Now is the time to change the concept of salary in the economically emerging Bangladesh. The present salary structure that is practiced in our private and public establishment came out of the colonial concept where the employees are given a fixed amount of salary whatever the income the owner is earning from the toil of the employees. The worker is more a slave to serve the purpose of the owner/s.

Ideally, the workers should be given a percentage of the profit he/she is earning for the company, private or public. It will create more motivation in the workers, will create a belonging to the company and will elevate the economic state of the workers. At least10-20% of the profit of the company should be distributed to the workers. Our economists, policy makers, political leaders and company owners should think in this regard and introduce soon this justified right for the workers in our country.

An ordinary citizen


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