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Is Bangladesh heading towards a political uncertainty? May 4, 2008

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The advisers completed their pre-dialogue talk with the political parties. The talk includes the pro-Khaleda faction of BNP with whom Election Commission didn’t like to sit. The Advisers talked among themselves and made a ‘synthesis’ of the pre-dialogue to present to the Chief Adviser. It is said that the chief adviser will address the nation but the moment has yet not come.

In the mean time, AL wanted to stage nationwide hunger strike by its workers to demand the release of SK. Hasina. But the government didn’t permit it citing the state of emergency in the country. AL decided to stage the hunger strike in the capital Dhaka. In AL,once known as, reformists are advocating in loudest voices for the presence of Hasina in the dialogue and demanding release of her.

On the other hand, Delwar led pro-Khaleda faction is demanding the resignation of CEC, release of Khaleda and not accepting any election under the present government. The other faction of BNP that led by Saifur Rahman is also demanding the release of Khaleda and is telling that without Khaleda, there will be no meaningful dialogue with the government and there will be no meaningful election.

Suranjit Sengupta yesterday proposed for the inclusion of Army in the dialogue which was rejected by Matiya Chowdhury, another presidium member today.

Women’s Affairs Adviser Rasheda K Chowdhury said today in a meeting that for materializing the ‘Woman’s Development Policy’, social forces should cooperate with the political forces. In reaction, the Islamists are also organizing movement against the implementation of the policy.

All these means that no national consensus has so far developed among the political parties and the government. Professor Mujaffar Ahmed told recently that the campeign against corruption has been deminished. Is government compromising on the issue of corruption?
Mr. Anwar Chowdhury, the departing British Ambassador, in an interview said that UK government will not support an Army regime in Bangladesh.

In the backdrop of the price hike and electricity crisis, the conflict of the political arena is creating an uncertainty in the minds of the people. But is this uncertainty a calculated one or this is a mere the outcome of the natural forces that have developed from the conflicts of different interest groups in our politics?

The uncertainity increased more with the failure of the government to find out a safe exit for themselves and also for the failure of the governemnt to make significant progress in much publicised corruption cases.

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