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Participation of people in the political dialogue May 7, 2008

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Education and Commerce Adviser, Dr. Hussain Zillur Rahman said that the advisers will talk with the different sections of people- civil society, different professional groups, the journalists, workers and farmers etc in the ongoing political dialogue.

The announcement is a new one and will probably add a new dimension to the dialogue. Different political parties may not like the idea and may oppose the government in this initiative. But the civil society and people at large will appreciate it.

Dr. Zillur , one of the recruits of the second batch of advisers of the care taker government few months back, took the prudent step to solve the Dhaka University crisis arises out of the arrest of the teachers of the university. He was one of the advocates who favours strongly to release the teachers to calm the situation in DU which ultimately proved correct though there were many skeptics who were against the move the way it was handled.

In the political dialogue, Dr. Zillur is working as the spokesman of the Advisory council. His measured and well knitted conclusion after each session of pre-dialogue keeps our hope sustained.

We hope that the decision of the government to directly interact with the different cross-section of people will make the dialogue effective and will give the government to understand the pulse of the people.

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