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‘Waterlord’ -view of a journalist on the challanges faced by Bangladeshi people May 12, 2008

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Robert D Kaplan in a legthy discourse ‘Waterlord’ in Atlantic.com described the challanges faced by the Bangladeshi people in a country raged by flood and cyclone.

The discourse also described how the weakness of the central government is covered by the NGO’s at the rural level.
It is also touched spread of Islam in Bangladesh and present trend of people towards religion.
He also made comments on the state of democracy in Bangladesh and gave a view from the insiders on the present governance of the country.
One may not agree with all his views, but he has a fine ability to observe the details of a situation.

An ordinary citizen
[ I owe to BURMA CYCLONE for initial clue to the links]


1. Sajib - May 12, 2008

I found most of your posts linking to somewhere else. And I think you lose public comment for this. Please try to write ‘inside’ your post. If possible, ask the writer of the post you’re linking with for permission to publish that on your post, then publish the main article body inside your post. [You may link your post at the last or first where the actual article lives in.]


2. bdoza - May 12, 2008

Thanks for your comment.
But I like to keep the body of the posts for myself and use the link as reference for my contents or as pure link for others’ post.
Getting others comments is good but is not my motivation. I rather love to disseminate the information that I like.

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