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Bloggers’ Unite for Human Rights:Creating a world without poverty May 15, 2008

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Bloggers Unite

As Nobel Laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus said in his acceptance speech of Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo in December 10 2006 ‘Poverty is the absence of all human rights.’
The world is at its peak of scientific development, with ample technological know-how, abundance of affluence and exercise of intellect.

But poverty is prevalent is more than half of the world population, more than half of the world countries and also in pockets of developed nations.

Poverty is an outcome of bad politics, poor governance, natural calamities, of war- a man made disaster, fault at the level of world bodies and also as an action of economic dominance of the mighty countries.

We should strive at personal level, at community level, at state level, and at world level to eradicate poverty.

An ordinary citizen


1. Abby - May 15, 2008

Wonderfully written and I couldn’t agree more. I think change will begin at the lower levels, people in their communities getting together and simply talking about important issues like poverty. This Bloggers Unite idea is great because it helps individuals voice opinions on things that need to be talked about – people need to open their eyes to the world – and hopefully it’s helping to begin the change.

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