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Tool for development : one computer for each home May 15, 2008


Today’s is the age of technology. One will prosper how efficiently one is using the technology. It is true for individual as well as for a state. It is obvious that the developed countries are rich in technologies and they are using technologies at different level to get the maximum benefit. The developing nations coul also change their lot by using technologies properly.

People of Bangladesh are technical minded and they have a sharp attraction for technical devices. The sharp rise and rapid spread of mobile phone among the Bangladeshi people testifies that. Thanks to Grameen Phone who extended the service of mobile phone to the rural areas and empowered the women of villages with the technical device. Mobile phone has definitely increased the connectivity and business in our country.

But computer didn’t so far as that of mobile phone in our country. The reason is the cost of the computer, lack of adequate training centers, not making the computer as a regular subject in our school curriculum, dependency on manual system in our public offices and lack of vision of our political leaders regarding the power of computers.

Let the computer be available for each home, for every school-urban or rural, for every office- public or private, for every companies –small or big. Let the manual recoding be declared obsolete, correspondence in handwritten for official purposes be rejected.

Let the computer be made cheap, let be it distributed free by the govt to the schools and public offices, by the philanthropists to the hospitals and orphanages. Let us maintain austerity and donate our savings for a computer.

Let the computer be introduced in our primary schools as a part of play, enjoying the games, as a teaching device. The early a child would be acquainted with the computer, the early he could able the mastery over the software, programming, multimedia etc.
Let our leaders move with laptop, make contact through laptop and retrieve data from laptop for speeches.
Let our journalists forget the use of papers, record the interviews on technical devices, and edit it on computers.

Let the computer become a essential component like mobile phone in our country. Let the computer be our life style.
Computer is the basic of all technology and is the basis of all development.

An ordinary citizen


1. windows-vista - May 15, 2008

[…] CrunchGear » Archive » Microsoft TouchWall can inexpensively turn any flat… wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptToday’s is the age of technology. One will prosper how efficiently one is using the technology. It is true for individual as well as for a state. It is obvious that the developed countries are rich in technologies and they are using … […]

2. akhomeschoolfun - May 15, 2008

Computers are useful but should not dominate a culture. People and their personal interactions should dominate. E-mail, cell phones, and other tech gadgets can be wonderful but there is something special about a handwritten letter. Its more personal to see their unique handwriting. Computers and technology make us more connected but at the same time are very impersonal. I only used a computer once until college and never missed it. Technology is a tool not an end of itself. Yes, computer literacy is a wonderful goal, but don’t let it become dominant over personal human interaction as it seems to have done here in America.

3. Destiny Crane - May 21, 2008

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