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Cyclone Sidr, Nargis, Myanmar, response and resilience of Bangladesh May 18, 2008

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When Cyclone Sidr hit Bangladesh at its southern coast in November 15 2007 at a speed of 215km/h (135m/h) with surge of water 15-20 feet high, ¼ th of the Bangladesh was totally devastated,10000 of human life has been lost and uncountable crops, cattle, houses, jobs and business had been damaged.

The degree of devastation was such that it was thought that Bangladesh would never recover from the impact of the cyclone.

It was thought that this natural catastrophe may lead to economic and political crisis. The world came to the aid of the victims. People from inside came to support. Government and non- governmental organizations in a concerted effort tried to overcome the situation.

Though Bangladesh have gone through price hike of the essentials, special measures have been taken for the Sidr affected area to keep them survived. With the bumper growth of boro and potato the stock of food grain is improved and the government felt a little relief.

Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar on May 02 2008 at a speed of 235 km/h at the same speed that of Sidr causing more devastation and killing more than 100.000, the count still rising. World came to its help but the military regime in Myanmar is slow to respond ignoring the need of the hour. Many more deaths may follow with the spread of the diseases in the affected area. due to lack of pure water, proper food, sanitation and shelter.

Bangladesh has shown to the world that it is more responsive, responsible and resilient in crisis.

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1. Aminul Islam Sajib - May 19, 2008

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2. Imran - May 20, 2008

Please raise the voice for a Bangladeshi Bloggers Community. I’ve recently read a post on this issue. I think it would be great if all of us raise our voice for it.

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