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Tool for development: internet connectivity May 21, 2008

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.
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Internet connectivity reflects the technological development, access to knowledge and strength of business of a nation.

This age may be termed as age of the internet. Like computer, one who is not using the internet will remain behind than the others. It would be true for individuals as well as for states.

Internet make communication fast and easy which not only helping family and friends to be in contact, it is also helping the contact among the businesses, institutions and organizations.

Internet is the hub of information. You can get any information on any subject from the internet.

Internet is the great library of knowledge. Once pupil had to depend on printed texts and few references. Now, all sorts of books and articles are available in the internet which one couldn’t imagine to deal with in a physical set up.

Internet becomes the bloodline of business. Through internet the business houses are connecting themselves with the customers and clients, communicating among themselves and projecting them to the world.

Internet becomes the backbone of good governance. The internet provide the provide the government to opportunity to focus its information in the internet, to establish communication with the people and to develop e-governance.

I was listening on TV BTRC Chairman telling that they will soon made the w-max technology available to the people of Bangladesh. W-max will give greater speed and wider availability to the internet facility to the users.

Bangladesh connected with the submarine cable network only few yeras back. But it lost the fist opportunity to be connected with fibre optic cable in 1992 due to lack of political foresight. Even, now the sigle cable network on which it is dependent is interrupted off and on due to sabotage or accidental cutting. Telecommunication authority is thinking of establishing a second fibre optic cable on private initiative which would be overground and hence may be free of danger of cutting.

Bangladesh should have done all these long before. Still,it is better late than never.

Our every government offices, business houses, academic institutions and research organizations should be connected to the internet to the full and every citizen should have easy access to the internet.

We hope that with the improve in connectivity, speed of the internet and making it cheaper, Bangladesh will able to utilize the internet to its maximum.

An ordinary citizen

Suggested link: “Wireless internet connection for developing nation


1. Aminul Islam Sajib - May 23, 2008

Nice post. Thank you.

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