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‘Reviewing’ the ‘objectives’ of the present caretaker government of Bangladesh May 23, 2008


When the present caretaker government came to power on the backdrop of 1/11 everyone was delighted and all were relieved of the tension of conflicting election and its consequences.
The new government declared its objectives of conducting a free fair election acceptable to all and a society free from corruption.

All were in peaceful mood. But the mood changes when the government started to arrest the political leaders, beaucrates and businessmen on the charge of the corruption. Initially BNP men were arrested in greater number, but later few AL leaders were arrested. And afterwards in the middle of drama AL chief Hasina, then BNP chief Khalaeda were arrested on charge of corruption.

Government declared crusade against the corruption.

The political parties fall apart from the government, businessmen felt insecure and beaucrates felt scare.
The consecutives food hit Bangladesh and submerged 1/3 rd of the country in the middle of 2007. Government had to face lone battle against the flood with out the participation from the political parties.
Then the incident of Dhaka University, Government had to impose the Curfew over the emergency rule to tackle the situation and to prevent spread to other parts of the country.

Then came the Sidr, the most devastating cyclone so far in the area which cost thousands of lives and make the economy of the area totally dead. Govt had to make people survived by special food arrangement. The political parties only negligibly participated.

And throughout the tenure, the government had to fight with the price hike of the essentials, the legacy of which is still continuing.

Now, when the government started dialogue, the political parties are showing very lukewarm response, especially the big parties are still reluctant to sit with the government until the two top leaders are not allowed to participate in the talk and in the election.

So far, no care taker government had to face so many obstacles from the political parties, not to say of the businessmen.

Questions about the constitutional legality of the government also came up. Our constitution only permits a Care taker government for three months. It would have to complete its task of arranging a free fair election by this time. This government is staying over 1 year and will continue for 2 years, the length which is not liked my many political parties.

This government also made some reforms in some constitutional bodies including PSC, EC, Judiciary etc. These constitutional reforms would need the approval by parliament.

Would it have been safe for a caretaker government to be limited within three months because of its constitutional bar and political difficulties? Would it have been wise for the present political government to be limited within 3 months and be aimed for a fair election only ?Would it not wise for the CTG to make amendments in the laws and not go after the corrupts physically? Would it not be enough for Bangladesh to have a free and fair election? Didn’t the government create a complexity of the situation by itself and create a burden which would be difficult for them to dispose off?

The present caretaker government has taken upon itself a daunting task which proved to be difficult so far and will the government able to come out of the conglomerate safely and cleanly?

It is true that if the objectives of the present caretaker government is fulfilled and the government become successful, it will be a historical achievement for Bangladesh and for its democracy.

But before that is done, the ordinary citizen will remain skeptic.

An ordinary citizen


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