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Media not necessarily reflect the opinion of the people May 28, 2008

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We have a common impression that media reflects the opinion of the people. It is not necessarily so.
Media represents a group of people who hold the privilege to express the opinion on any subject in the name of people. The people neither nominate them nor they seek permission from the people.
Media consists of people like you and me who report an event or analyse a situation like an individual human being. When he expressed his idea or opinion he is not usually expressed the idea of others, rather he express the idea of himself.
Even where we expect that media would report an event unbiased and neutrally, it is not always the case- the description altered, the emphasis changed, the headline tailored according to his inner choice, not how the people look at the matter.
Media do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the people, rather they try to shape the opinion of the people. They try to impose their own own ideas, analyse the situation from their own angle.
Talk shows in the TV channels in Bangladesh and likely all over the world are popular.In Bangladesh, there are a dozen TV channels telecasting multiple talks shows in the same day. Most popular of them are on political and socia-economic issues. But the same faces are coming on the shows of different channels and on different subjects. Once when I asked about the opinion projected in the talk shows, a professor of management said not to take the comments seriously as they are only 35 persons and they do not represent the whole country.
Again,many of the media men have own political opinion or linkage to which they remain obligated.
Sometimes, some people or a group of people with same attitude dominate the media and their opinion reverbrated in the air.
When an editor or publisher dictates the line, then news and reports become more steriotyped. Sometimes, media serve the purpose of the sponsores or advertisers. What is the logic of casting votes for unlimited times from a single mobile phone for choosing a singer in a TV channel? Is not the media comprising the ethics?
But media is dominant. Its presence is felt both by the individual and the state.
At one time, there were no way even to say that media does not reflect the opinion of the people. It is now possible because of the internet and these blogs through which one can express his personal opinion without the censor or edititing of the ‘media bosses’.
We should find out ways to get more direct opinion of the people through moble phones or through internet.
Partcipation of the people should not only be once in 4-6 years to change the governments but in this era of scientific advancement more frequent participation of people could be arranged on national issues to break the dictation of few people +/- media.

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1. xanthis - May 28, 2008

Media always under-estimates necessary elements and over-estimates nonsense stuffs. I see Mahi B. Chowdhury has been appearing in media as an important young fellow in Bangladesh politics. I don’t understand, how a Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh leader can be considered as an important political figure?

The biggest media attention Mahi B. held in past few years was the event of his & his wife’s being chased by riot-police from Topkapi Restaurant on 2004’s 31st night.

2. bdoza - May 29, 2008

Automatically generated possibly related posts by wordpress.com are not always found relative.But the first post here ‘Free speech for me but not for thee’ is very relevant to the content of my post. I shall request the readers to go through the post as well to have a glimpse of the media world.

3. Shoaib - May 29, 2008

I agree..the media has the power make or break a public figure and control the crowds’ opinion on a matter. And they use that power all the time to their own advantage…still, I like the media in Bangladesh..doesn’t mean one should stop taking every bit of news without a spoonful of salt. But these days we have an alternative I think… blogs are an excellent way of getting to know what different people are thinking..which may be so different from what the mainstream media is reporting..

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