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Views on budget 2008-2009 June 11, 2008

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After declaration of Bangladesh budget for 2008-2009, views from different experts, individuals and organizations started to pour. Following are some of them-

The Finance Adviser himself on a post-budget press conference said that the budget aims at 8 major objectives[DS]and claims the budget is investment friendly, implementable and poverty alleviating.[PA]

The Think Tank CPD (Center for Policy Dialogue) said that the budget investment friendly and is more public satisfying.[DS][PA]It also said that Govt’s increased borrowing won’t affect the private sector credit needs.[DS]
Different chambers hail the budget[DS]. The MCCI ( Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industries) said the budget reflects the challenges but the export leaders expressed that the budget is not export-supporting[PA]

Daily Star praised the budget as with a human face[DS]But Prothom Alo said the budget didn’t give enough attention to employment generation and inflation control.[PA]

Economist Dr. Wahiduddin Mahmood said that the budget is sought after the temporary solutions.[PA].Dr. Mhaboob Hussain said many essentials of the Agricultural sector are missing in the budget.[PA]

And most of the political parties reject the budget as expected.[DS]

An ordinary citizen

12 June 2008
Critical issues were not defined in the budget, says Economist Atiur Rahman[PA]
FBCCI said that budget hinges on political stability.[DS]
Bangladesh Economic Association expressed that the budget is prepared in an uncertain situation with an uncertainty in implementation also.[PA]
An ordinary citizen elaborates on the social safety net in the budget[AOC]
The ordinary citizen explores the budget for food security and allotment to agriculture[AOC]
Bangladesh budget 2008-09 and ICT sector[AOC]
An analysis of defense budget is made [DS]
An ordinary citizen on Budget and SME [AOC]
Power crisis and the Budget [AOC]


1. Nabila Karim - August 24, 2009

The bdget is bizzare!it is too high for a middle-lower class famallies,whereas the the major part of our populaton involves them.

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