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TIB fails to appreciate the ongoing drive against corruption in Bangladesh June 19, 2008

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Despite common expectations, graft increases in Bangladesh under ongoing drive by the caretaker government,said TIB (Transparency International Bangladesh) in its latest report.[DS][PA]
Some of the sectors are more affected than the others like police, rapid action battalion, joint forces and land administration.
In terms of magnitude, law enforcing agencies including the joint forces, police and Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) were found to be the most corrupt while land administration was found the most corrupt in terms of the amount of bribe that went into any sector, according to the National Household Survey on Corruption 2007.
Government reacted to the report, Dr. Azizul Islam Chowdhury, Finance Adviser saying that the report should be more specified and Dr. Hussain Zillur Rahman, the other Adviser, said that the report be more realistic.

The political parties will grab the information to denounce the government and its campaign against corruption.

We, in general, feel that the ongoing drive against corruption has/will some effect on the society though it could not stop underhand exchange of money in different sectors.

Some may doubt the scientific/statistical acceptibility of the method and authenticity of the information without physical proof of the evidence in the process that TIB adopted.

An ordinary citizen

Post script:

5 eminent citizens expressed their opinion on the report[PA]
Dr. Azizul Islam Chy, Finane Minister claims that graft reduced at top level. He also questions the method of transparency.[DS]
Daily Star editorial termed the report as wake up call for the government.[DS]

Eftekharuzzaman, Executive Direction of TIB, published an article on ‘Magnitude of corruption and its prevention’ in Prothom Alo where he tries to explain the methodology they have followed, the sample population they have surveyed, the sectors they have targeted and his suggestions to overcome the widespread corruption in Bangladesh’[PA]


1. The People - September 23, 2009

Currently several Lac Suits / Litigations are pending in Different District Courts due to illegal occupation of land ignoring documents and title right by miscreants.
The officials of Land Survey Department, Settlement Office and their Subordinate Office are also responsible for most of the litigations as they prepare records & parcha of land in the name of some other people or concern ignoring deed & title right. depriving the actual land owner.
The malpractices of Land Survey Department and Settlement Offices are know to all corner. .
It shall continue as the officials of the above organization can not be made responsible for loss and damages of owner of land since the colonial period to till date

Correction of records & parcha at present are very complicated , lengthy matter and expensive one , by this time the illegal occupier changes the faces of the lands

Government may consider to take immediate action to abolish system of POSSESSION RIGHT of land without any valid document or title right.

And shall also allow the application TORT LAW in Bangladesh without any delay to established accountability & prevent existing malpractices.
TORT LAW also protect poor people becoming more poor due to repression

It will be highly appreciated if you kindly circulate the above in all level for creation of awareness among the people and international community as well as Patriot Political Worker. Leader or Intellectual Group, & Policy Maker of the Country .

The Peoples

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