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Bangladesh budget 2008-09 and ICT sector June 27, 2008

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Budget acknowledges Information and Telecommunication Technology (ICT) is our thrust sector.[DS]
Taking into account this priority, Government is formulating national e- governance strategy supported by a national ICT road map. But this strategy is not yet declared.

Budget informs that the first phase of infrastructural work of a 231 acre hi-tech park at kaliakoir near Dhaka will be completed by the end of this year. Efforts are underway to attract the private and foreign investors to make investment inn this IT park. India, even West Bengal has more than on IT parks. They are establishing IT parks in small towns also. Bangladesh should advance to that direction.
In order to enhance the investment in this sector, budget allocates Tk 100 crore to IT Equity and Entrepreneurship Fund. To ensure easier access, relevant agencies including Bangladesh Computer Council will be involved in the process of channeling the fund, it suggested.

The budget says a set of guidelines has also been prepared to introduce community broadcasting system.

With the expansion of telephone facilities including mobile phone, the tele-density in Bangladesh has increased from 18 per 100 populations in the previous year to 28 in the current year. Digital telephone exchanges have been established in 389 upazillas and 17 growth centers. Work is underway to cover the rest of the Upazillas under digital exchange system. But the dial-up internet connection of BTTB is worst in the region. It is interrupted so frequently (in seconds/minutes) that it is not possible for a sane person to continue browsing.

Bangladesh has joined the information super-highway by connecting itself with international submarine cable system. As the on-shore connecting cable is interrupted either due to sabotage or accident leading to loss of million dollars, the alternative way was not mentioned in the budget to keep the cable safe.

To promote ICT sector , budget also proposes the income from computer software development, data processing, data entry and call centre, tax free from 1 July, 2008 to 30 June 2011. It also increase rate of normal depreciation on computers from 20 percent to 30 percent, withdraw AIT and VAT for importation of Electronic Cash Register (ECR), includes the entire telecom infrastructure sub-sector, with the exception of mobile phones, under the purview of tax –holiday and reduces the existing rate of duty of 5 percent on computer and its peripherals to 3 percent.

The Computer Associations termed the budget as ICT friendly, but they expect more support for better growth of ICT in Bangladesh.

An ordinary citizen


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[…] Bangladesh budget 2008-09 and ICT sector […]

2. Md. Nura Azom Lipon - July 7, 2008

This information is carrying a good effort of the writer to promot our ICT sector. I must thank him to convey this information to us. As an IT professional, enterprenure, I would salute this person.

3. Mohammad Kamal Hossen - July 13, 2008

I would like to salute this person too…..

Can any one give me any suggestion how can I get loan to establish a IT business in Bangladesh?

There is a huge opportunity to get work from Japan.


4. Asad - August 28, 2008



CALL : Phone : +88-0666 268 2031 / 01914 189 107 / 011 900 99 291

VISIT : http://www.iibst.com

5. Fahim Tahmid - October 4, 2008

Being a student of Computer Science and Engineering Department of
BUET, I really feel great to have known these informations.
I think the students in our country should think about studying in the subjects on which Information and Communication Technology is based.
Our country can’t help but be more and more developed in this sector.
The students should come forward and work in this sector.And also they should be given proper scopes and opportunities to practice their studies.
Thank you

6. bdoza - October 4, 2008

Thanks all for appreciation of the post.

Mr. Kamal,
For business venture, you may contact Bangladesh Computer Council
website http://www.bcc.net.bd/
e-mail bcc@bcc.net.bd
many banks in Bangladesh are providing financial support for business in IT sector. Of them one is Brac bank you may contact them
web site http://www.bracbank.com/

7. Hamida - November 18, 2008

Contact : IIBST T42 Noorjahan Road Mohammadpur Dhaka,
Phone: 0088-06662682031 / 01716298963 / 01914189107

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8. hamid Rayhan - December 19, 2008

Budget should be more increased and efficient and skill people should be encouraged to contribute to this sector.

9. Md.Selim Reza - February 20, 2009

We like to dream.But it takes time to become real. I want to say that without strong technology we can not reach our destination.
If we want really that our country will become fully digital and modern Bangladesh we need more budget in ICT sector. We hope increasing our future budget,we can gain more from ICT sector .All Bangladeshi people are waiting to see it.

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