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Local government elections: political parties are at odds with the people June 27, 2008

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Election Commission declared the local government elections in 4 city corporations and 9 municipal corporations to be held in August 2008. Though the Government wanted the political parties to support the initiative but major political parties are against the local government elections to be held before the general election.

But the local residents of the respective areas are showing enthusiasm in election work, the political workers in the local area are also start working and the political and local leaders are showing their aspirations to participate in the local polls.

EC explained that they are advancing as declared in the road map and the local election in no way will be a hindrance to the general election to be held in December, 2008. Caretaker Government s is saying that strengthening the local bodies is one of the ways to strengthen the democracy in our country. So far the political governments didn’t take any step in this regard. The parties were committed to decentralize power to the local bodies but they didn’t do that.

Some are raising the objection saying that the constitution does not give the Caretaker Government the power to hold the local body elections. But the government is saying it is in obligation to hold the election as it is due. Dr. Kamal Hussain, constitutional expert said that there is no bar in the constitution to hold the local body elections mow.
Citizens groups are also in favour of holding the local body elections as Professor Mujaffar Ahmed, Chainman of Sujan (Citizens for Good Governance) said the political governments failed to do what was expected in relation local governments in the last 15 years.

Delwar Hussain of BNP said that they will resist the local election throughout the country. Major Hafiz, the leader of the other faction of BNP said that they are not against the municipal elections but he is against the city corporation election. Khaleda Zia, while coming to court appearance for her cases, said to the journalists that this government has no constitutional right to hold any local body election. Lately, they said that if the emergency is withdrawn, they will think of participating in the local body elections.

AL is swinging its stand with time. After release of Hasina, they said they are going to participate in the local election, but when the election date was formally declared Zillur Rahman, acting party president said that local body election is a joke and this government has no right to hold the local body elections. Now, they are again thinking to allow the workers and leaders to work in the local elections.
Small parties are in favour of holding local election-JP, PDP, IOJ etc.
But Jammat-e- Islami Secretary General Ali Ahsan Mujahid said in a blunt reference that little tactics will be required to prevent the local body elections.
And somebody was saying that the local body elections will bring back the country to the state of before 1/11.

But people are showing progressive enthusiasm in preparatory activities of the local body elections. They are eager to hold the opportunity to be more empowered and to participate in the development of the local area more directly.

The ordinary citizens hope that the political leaders in the center will gradually feel the need to support the local government elections or they will remain at odds with the local people that may also affect the relation of the political parties and local people also in the coming general election.

An ordinary citizen

Post script:

Executive Committee of AL opined that local government elections can’t be obstructed[PA]


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