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Local government elections: empowering the people June 30, 2008

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Preparation is underway for local government elections in Bangladesh. Election Commission has declared its intension, the Government has endorsed it and the local people has accepted it.

The response of the major political parties was initially negative, and then AL changed its stand and decided to participate in the local government elections in its last Working Committee meeting.

Local government election is by essence non-political election. The election is based on local problems and aim at development of local areas. The candidate should be judged on their commitment to the local area, their competency and integrity of their character. The party affiliation should not play a major role in choice of local candidates by the people.

The rules would bar the candidates to identify themselves with the political party, to make publicity in that relation and the candidacy should be cancelled if one breaks the rule.

The media has also a tendency to disclose the identity of the local body candidates or its winners along the political line. Many people have usually little knowledge of political association of a particular candidate of his area and of other areas. The media should be discouraged to give the local government election a political colour.

The local government elections will be meaningless if the local bodies are not empowered. There was a tendency of the earlier governments that once the election of the local bodies held, they were not actually empowered. The actual power remains with the central leaders.

This time the government has formed a Local Government Commission and has promulgated local government ordinance. Dr. Tofayel Ahmed, a local government expert in an interview with Prothom Alo suggested that the chairman of the local governments should be elected from the elected union members and the same should be followed in the election of the mayor of the city corporations and municipal bodies.[…].

We hope that the local government bodies would be empowered and through the local governments, the people will be empowered.

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