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Primary education in Bangladesh, BRAC and teachers’ resentment July 1, 2008

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Recently a news caught our eyes where it is said that the primary school teachers are against the BRAC supervision of the schools. BRAC has been given the assignment of primary schools of some upazillas in different districts to train and standarise the education in those schools.

Later, we are more informed of the situation with the the communication of BRAC officials with the media where they clarify their position and said that BRAC has no intention to commercialize or privatize the primary education in our country. It is only involved to improve the quality of education in primary schools of those upazillas.[DS]

4 primary school teachers associations later snub Abed’s offer to sit across the table to talk over the difference.[DI]

It is true that the primary education especially in our country in the rural areas is not well maintained. It is beset with many hurdles-poverty, lack of infrastructure, shortage of teachers, lack of training & quality of the teachers, adequate salary etc.
BRAC has its own experience of running primary schools – BRAC had extensive network of non- formal education for primary level children and also some experience in formal education of that level.
A trend has been set to develop public –private partnership in recent days. Many non-governmental organizations are involved in achieving the national targets, as in health and education. Different international organizations and agencies are also participating in different agendas.

Probably BRAC involvement in primary education is also from the idea to strengthening the primary education by non- governmental participation.
But care should be taken to keep BRAC or any other NGOs in the governmental set up supportive, not supervisory.

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Post script:

Dr Jafar Iqbal, well-known educationists & writer, put his observation on the issue in Prothom ALO.[PA]
Mr. Shafi Ahmed, Professor of English, Janhangir Nagar University tries to counter the arguments of Dr. Jafar Iqbal in a decent way.[PA]


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