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BRAC is the largest NGO in Bangladesh & of the world July 3, 2008


BRAC is the largest NGO in Bangladesh and likely of the world. It started its journey in 1972 after the independence of Bangladesh to participate in the rehabilitation of rural Bangladesh. The pioneer of the project is Fazle Hussain Abed, who was working as senior executive in Shell in London during the liberation and decided to come back to Bangladesh after the war.
Started as a small scale NGO with a twin vision of alleviation from poverty and empowerment of women, it has now 100,000 staff spread over throughout the country and beyond the border.
It programs of achieving the ultimate goal spread from microfinance to education to health.
With the involvement of BRAC in different national and international programs, BRAC is occasionally drawn into controversies.
To know BRAC more in details, please visit their website and have a look of their Annual report.
BRAC is a glaring example of commitment to social development without being a part of politics or state power.

An ordinary citizen


1. Md.Mofizur Rahman - July 29, 2008

What is the website address of Brac NGO

2. bdoza - July 29, 2008

Web address of BRAC NGO is http://www.brac.net/index2.htm

3. hasan - August 20, 2008

even its a big NGO but its employees are not happy due to small salaries.

4. BRAC wellwisher :D - February 4, 2009

I think, If a organization cannot satisfied their Staff, how they can fulfill their goal by using those staffs… It’s crazy, they should realize that all their achievement only bcoz of their staffs. They should make their employees Happy … I hope Fazle Abed read this comment & think of that..

5. zaman - March 11, 2009

i am a fan of yours.

6. bdoza - March 11, 2009


7. Dr. Suraiya Jabeen - March 31, 2009

We are living in the society, where most of the people have mountains of money -earned illegally. For the honest people, it is very difficult to run family, even with 30 yrs. of education!! So, no one is happy with their salary….

8. sajal sarkar - April 28, 2009


9. Ziaur Rahman - May 6, 2009

This organization is very helpful for our society.Every country has needed this type of organization.

10. MD.MAHADI HASAN - June 2, 2009

I really appreciate this enterprise and i would be very happy if i can be a member of this organization. wish all the best of bracfamily.i hope brac will continue its journey with more successfully.

11. Md.Nazim Uddin Pappu - August 3, 2009

Dear Sir

Good day

I, Nazim Uddin Pappu on behalf of TAF(Theatre of Active and Fun) would like to inform you that TAF has been performing its multi-cultural activities throughout the country since 2007 with reputation. For your kind information TAF not only performs cultural show but also engages in social awareness building programs to ensure the public consciousness.

So, we fervently request you to give us any opportunity having from your existing or forthcoming project like documentary regarding health, sanitation, arsenic, AIDS, education and so forth for the destitute people that would involve us working in the same platform in order to build up social consciousness by performing stage drama, street drama, drama for mass media for the well being of the people across the country.

Thanking you

Nazim Uddin Pappu

On behalf of TAF

E-mail =nazim_pap@yahoo.com

Mob : 01190331553

12. Aowranga Zeb - August 24, 2009

It has happend sucessful implementation of Microcredit.Being it a well-wisher,I proud of it.

13. Ratan Kumar Halder - September 12, 2009

Dear sir, good morning. Hope you are well .This organizatation is very helpful to build up Bangladesh.
I want to build up Bangladesh to work with you.
I have complite my MMS and I have good knowledge about the publice communacation.

14. Shamim - September 23, 2009

Dear Sir,
if your organization can have any social development project in my village, I will be take care 40% project cost myself. Please contact with me.

15. bdoza - September 23, 2009

I am not connected with BRAC in any way. Please contact BRAC directly at

BRAC Centre
75 Mohakhali,
Tel: + 880-2-9881265, 8824180-7.
Ext: 2155, 2158, 2159, 2161
Fax: +880-2-8823542
e-mail: public-affairs@brac.net
Web related isuue: webmaster@brac.net

16. M K Anawar Hassan - December 1, 2009

Dear Sir:
Please take my heartiest thanks and many many congratulations for winning the award of Enterprenure of the World 2009.

M K Anawar Hassan

17. HAFIZ - March 24, 2010

Brac__ is the only worst organization that can make our people poor to poorest. Once upon a time I was employ of this organization. I saw directly how a organization suck blood the villagers.

bdoza - March 25, 2010

Will u please elaborate ur comment or cite evidence in ur support.

18. shamim hassan - May 20, 2010

hi !
I’m proud to be a citizen of Bangladesh where the largest NGO situated. The activities I have observed in my own eyes. Really appriciatable and honored me. Wish for great and continous support from BRAC and AARONG for woman entrepreneur.

19. Mohammad Tareq Aziz - July 10, 2010

This organization is very helpful to build up Bangladesh.
I also want to build up Bangladesh.

20. Dharma - November 29, 2010

can i know the website of brac ngo plz

bdoza - November 29, 2010
21. shahin - March 20, 2011

i appritiate the activities of brac

22. Mezba - May 9, 2011

Very good organization in bangladesh and could be a model of the world. I feel proud to be a BRAC member.

23. MERINA - July 25, 2011


24. amdad - October 23, 2011

v v v good

25. Rahul kumar - February 1, 2012

I wanna work with brac

26. biplab biswas. - September 7, 2014

brac guimara khagrachari te jokkha orientetion shuru hoar kotha 11.00am.but 12.00pm baje.karo dekha nai.ekjon matro shuvas babu chara.ei holo halchal.

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