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BNP is pursuing wrong strategy for local government elections July 4, 2008

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Delwar Hussain, leader of Pro-Khaleda faction of BNP declared not to join in the local government election. He also threats that if anybody join violating the party decision , he will be thrown out of the party. Major(Rt) Hafiz of Pro-Reform faction though initially not against the participation in the local government election , later soften his stand to keep party unity regarding the issue.

Two factors influence the BNP decision not to join the election: a) no breakthrough in the release of Khaleda in the near future b) the decision of the Jamaat-e-Islam, partner of BNP 4 party alliance in the last regime.

Whereas, AL molded its stand with the changing situation, BNP fails to realize the reality at the field level where the party workers and leaders are eager to join the election.

The ‘Khaleda’ factor becomes important for BNP in determining their strategy. The ‘Nizami’ factor is also working in the same way for Jamaa’t. Jamaa’t is a non-flexible organization that occasionally took unrealistic decision and remain rigid to that. The participation against the Liberation War in 1971 is such an example for which they will remain condemned as a political party in Bangladesh for ever.

If the influence of Jamaat on the remains strong on BNP, then it is certain that BNP will not change it’s decision, as BNP not in a position to take any collective decision through Standing Committee or Central Executive Committee. Pro-Reform group may take the opportunity and make contact with the grassroots level workers to feel the pulse of them and to be in support of them.As the local government election is a non party election, the local leaders and workers may participate in the election.

If ‘Khaleda’ factor is so important to them, BNP should think of Thailand where Thaksin, the ex-prime minister of Thailand was accused of corruption but could come back to his country after his blessed party won the election.

The political situation is different from that of 1986 during Ershad regime when AL join the election with JP and BNP & Jamaat boycotted. Later, the movement against Ershad took momentum and all the parties boycotted the election and the regime fell.

Now, a care taker government came to power on the background of violent clashes among the political parties and their failure to hold a fair election. After 1/11, the corruptions of the political leaders are also exposed. The people are dissociated mentally and physically from the political parties.
The people want a healthy politics and political parties. People also want all the parties to participate in the election and a peaceful transition to democracy.

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1. xanthis - July 4, 2008

Two factors influences the BNP decision not to join the election: a) no breakthrough in the release of Khaleda in the near future b) the decision of the Jamaat-e-Islam, partner of BNP 4 party alliance in the last regime.

I think this will be more realistic if we add up the obscure meeting between Sheikh Hasina and cabinet emissaries. Obscurity of that meeting allows people to cook out multiple formulations to speculate the political future from now on, and it’s that meeting, that led BNP to no take part in those fake elections.

It has been a no-wrong decision.

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