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Food insecurity & fuel price hike -failure of world leaders and international bodies July 7, 2008

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Food insecurity grips the world which is intensifying day by day. The price of the fuel also increases to the maximum 145 $ per barrel which may touch 200$ by the end of this year.

It is assumed that the price of fuel affects the price of the essentials in different countries. The people of the developing countries are feeling the brunt of the price. Public protests and political turmoil started in different countries. The governments of those countries are feeling the extreme pressure of the price.

Millions of people in those countries are falling behind the poverty line. Microfinance program in those countries is loosing it’s significance. Countries like Bangladesh have to adopt especial safety net measures which include creating employment opportunity and financial support in their yearly budget to sustain the poor to survive the onslaught of the price hike.But it is now suspected that if the price hike continues progressively, the measures taken by the safety net would not be enough.

The world is also suffering from food insecurity. In some countries it is felt acutely. Bangladesh also felt the pain due to shortage of its stock following floods and cyclone.

But is it an isolated problem of individual nation or it is the responsibility of the world and world leaders to ensure the food security of world population? A recent report suggests that the food crisis is precipitated by the conversion of food grains to fuel and world most developed country is responsible for that. Where is the commitment of the world leaders for the survival of world population?

International bodies –such as UN and its representative bodies such –World Bank and IMF who dictates the policies of different countries and FAO who cares for the worldwide food production miserably fail to coordinate the actions of different countries.

Primarily it is the world leaders and international bodies who should bear the responsibility of the failure of to ensure the food security and fuel price.

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