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D8 Summit at Kuala Lumpur for meeting global challenges through innovative cooperation July 9, 2008

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Head of the states of 8 developing nations met in a summit at Kuala Lumpur mpur in Malayasia to discuss the gobal challenges to meet through innovative cooperation.All of the 8 countries are of majority muslim nations.
Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nigeria and Turkey are the members of the forum. It was set up in 1997 as an economic alliance with the objective of improving the position of Muslim developing countries in the global world economy through the diversification of their economies by creating new opportunities via increased trade relations.

The last summit was hosted by Indonesia, the current chairman of D-8, in Bali, Indonesia on 13th of May 2006. The summit is held once in every two years.

The summit concided with the G-8 summit of the top 8 industrilised nations where China and India were invited as guests at Tokyo.

It is the sixth summit of the D8 forum.The theme of the summit is ‘Meeting global challenges through innovative cooperation.’

Chief Adviser Fakhrudiin Ali Ahmed proposes 5 point recommendations for effective cooperation among the D-8 member states in energy, food,trade, climate change and migration.[DS]

Iran says it will supply member countries with energy[HNT]The assurance will give new hope for countries like Bangladesh that are suffering from chronic energy criises.

D-8 asks world to rush for solving food , oil crises[The Nation]
D-8 summit calls for end of Bio-fuel[…]
Iran refuses to discuss Malaysia’s proposal to discuss the spiral price hike of cruid oil[…]
D8 summit to focus on trade issues […]D-8 summit adopts 25 point declaration’[The Nation]

D-8 leaders agree on a visa facilatation deal[…]
D8 countries support quick accession of Iran to WTO[China View]

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Post Script:
Dhaka urges for food security in the BIMSTEC,D8 summit


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