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Let Media play more positive role to make the local government elections effective July 11, 2008

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, GOVERNANCE, local government, Media.

With the progress of the process of the local government elections, the constructive role of media is increasingly felt with time.

The political parties are trying to give the local government a political colour- they are choosing their candidate, declaring the names, urging others to accept their verdict etc. The media should try to uphold the non- political character of the local government elections. The candidates who are competing in the elections should be judged by their work, competence and qualities of character rather than their political affiliation.

Let the people judge a candidate in the local government election by their education, background profession, honesty, integrity and commitment to the society.

Sujon (Citizens for Good Governance) also urged the journalists in a views exchange meeting to report on candidates profile so that people can choose the best candidate. Sujon observed that candidates with criminal records , nominated by the political parties are going to contest the poll. They opined that an effective local government elections are very significant in establishing a strong base for democracy.

It is also alleged that Election Commission is not disclosing the relevant information of the candidates contrary to the regulation. Though the EC is also working to make the local government elections effective, the EC should take into account the allegation that is made against it regarding the disclosure of the information of the candidates.

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