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SSC result 2008- What is the credibility of GPA 5? July 11, 2008

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This year out of 10,70,000 students who appeared in the SSS examinations 41,975 got GPA 5.

On the first declaration of the result, all were excited. The students expressed joy, teachers felt recognized, schools honoured, the parents took pride and the minister took it as a success of their policy.

What is the utility of this result? It is good that a large number of students got good marks but what is beyond. It could differentiate little among 42,000 students who got GPA 5. They are of same colour.

Exam is not only to tell you that you are good. It is also to tell how good you are. It is a comparative statement. That comparison should not be too gross. That must be of practical utility. Grading system is not to make a flat judgment. It is a misuse of the system.

Where are my best 20 students, if not the best one? If 20 is not possible, then why not 100? Where are my next best –next 500 or 1000?

With lesser number of GPA 5 in the last year, the admission dilemma couldn’t be overcome. Golden 5 couldn’t solve the problem. On a gross assumption, you can assume that about 20% or more got the golden 5 that 5 in all subjects including the optional subject.
That took the number in this year to more than 8000. So how will you fix the criteria for admission in the good colleges. Last year, they considered the age as the next criteria for admission in addition to GPA score. That is in no way justified. That means you are sacrificing the merit to age.

The Adviser of education declared that the admission in the colleges will be on SSC result. That’s all right. But the result should be of such nature that no non-academic criteria such as age etc come up in the selection of the students in the college admission . But the students would not escape the fate this time also!

This will create frustration among many students. Initial euphoria will lead to depression.

Does the SSC result become a political phenomenon? The number and percentage become important than its practical outcome?

An ordinary citizen

Post Script:
Professor Dr Mohammad Kaikobad of Comuter and Engineering Department and Fellow, Bangladesh Science Academy has written a forceful article in Prothom Alo’ by the the name ‘ Education in the whirl of GPA system’. I am tempted to mention some of the points here:

The assessment system (SSC Examination) which cannot separate 52500 students in knowledge and merit, no other example is needed to prove its ineffectiveness.

If this assessment is used to admit the students in colleges and universities, then in near future not only date of birth but also the first letter of names would be used make try-break.

In USA also, it is not the school result rather exam like SAT that are used for admission in the universities

Though, our neighbor has good reputation in education, they didn’t go for grading system in their examination. Admission test is still very important for them.

Until we could introduce an effective examination and assessment system, we should continue admission test system rather inventing new and laughable tri-breaking methods.

If it is true that the education system is improved 5 times for the increase of GPA 5 times over the years, then it more true that the education system is deteriorated 5 times in our country.

Our main challenge to make the education more eventful, changing the current uneventful state of our education system. In a country of excess human resources, there is no other alternative to develop human resources other than better education.

No decision will be of social benefit, if greater society and the related sections of people are not associated with the process of decision making.

He also put forward some suggestion:
1) We have to go back to multi stratified assessment system than this grading method.
2) In setting the questions of public examinations, the creative assessment of the students should have to be considered.
3) Young learners should face more numbers of competitive examinations
4) For schools of comparatively underdeveloped areas of the country, computer –aided learning package can be supplied
5) For admission in schools, colleges and universities in the country, exam system like SAT may be developed
6) To develop a healthy competition among the school, college and universities, ranking system may be introduced
7) Introduce ranking system in the universities and to update it at regular interval
8) To encourage the better students to come to the post graduate teaching, a separate scale is to introduce
9) To discourage the immoral acts of coaching and to utilize the coaching centers for to overcome the weaknesses of our education system
10) The only way o develop our nation, a nation burdened with huge population in a small area , we need to develop a better education system

16 June 2008

Prothom Alo discusses the difficulties waiting ahead for GPA 5 students to get admitted in good colleges? [PA]


1. md.musa - October 27, 2008

when start H,S,C exam. this year plz.tel me.

2. bdoza - October 27, 2008

You also probably know that SSC Exam in 2009 will be held on 15th February. No definite date for HSC has been given yet, but you can calculate an approximate date for HSC from the date of SSC. It could be early April, 2009.

3. arjun halder - January 2, 2009

when the ssc exam of bangladesh will be held

bdoza - January 2, 2009

15th February 2009.

4. jahan - May 29, 2009

now what is the rules to admit into a college for hsc? I mean who has got f grade (fail in 1 subject) could they admit into college?
plz can you tell me?

5. bdoza - June 9, 2009

The Admission in HSC will be absolutely on GPA, Ministry of Education declares. For the second part of ur question, please contact ur Board directly.

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