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Representation of people ordinance 2008 and reaction of the political parties July 14, 2008


The Council Of Advisers okeyed amendments of Representation of People ordinance 2008 on July 13 2008 which includes
a) Compulsory registration of the political parties
b) incorporation of an option of the negative voting [DS]

The ordinance will be placed to the President for final approval. It is hoped that the ordinance will be effective from the last week of this month.

According to the amendments, no party will be allowed to participate in the election without prior registration.
The ordinance also said that if the number of ‘NO’ vote cast is less than 50 percent of the total votes cast, then fresh election will occur in that constituency.
The ordinance also fixed the amount of expenditure a party can make in the election.
The immediate reactions from the political parties is negative. AL acting President Zillur Rahman said that they do not accept the amendments made by the CTG and CTG has no right to make the ordinance.
Brigadier Hannan Shah, the BNP leader also refutes the amendments.
But Maor(Rt) Hafiz of other group of BNP told that the ordinance includes many of the proposals suggested by them. He criticized the negative voting.

People are keenly observing the new developments and hope that new amendments will have a good impact on the politics of Bangladesh

An ordinary citizen

Post script:
Prthom Alo makes news on the issue [PA]
Daily Star editorial appreciates the move but suggested for more provisions [DS]


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