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Declaration of upazilla election and political parties July 22, 2008

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Election Commission has tentatively declared the upazilla election to be held in October 23 rd, 2008 in 300-350 seats out of 482 seats. CEC said as the preparation will not be complete by October, the election of other seats will be held after the general election. Th commission want to keep November and December reserved for national election.

The major political parties harshly reacted to the declaration. Zillur Rahman Acting President of AL said that they will not accept any upazilla election before the national election. Delwar Hussain, General Secretary of Pro-Khaleda BNP said that Government has no constitutional right to hold any election other than national election.

Answering to the criticism, CEC said that political leaders have the right to criticize but let us do our own work.

Chief Adviser said in his address in the concluding ceremony of the voter listing said that the upazilla election has been declared considering the opinion of the local people.

It will be difficult for the political parties to swallow the declaration of upazilla election as they could not yet able to accept the 4 city corporation and 9 municipal elections.

It will draw the major political parties face to face with the caretaker government. But the government is feeling confident because of the response it has got in the local government elections earlier declared. Upazilla election is also a local government election and on principle would be a non-party basis election.

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Post Script

Dr. Tofayel Ahmed opines that Upazilla election will prepare the ground for national election , on the contrary DR. M M Akas is against the upazilla election. [PA]


1. fugstar - July 23, 2008

its sad, but i dont think the government can make the parties agree to upazilas first. I hope they find some way.

The political parties are just too plain self interested, evil and dumb. Oh bangladesh… are you about regional autonomy, secularism… or just plain selfish jealous centralised greed?

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