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Power crisis and Bangladesh budget 2008-09 August 3, 2008

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Bangladesh Budget acknowledges that currently 43% population enjoys electricity facilities and per capita electricity consumption is low compared to many developing countries. in 2007, our per capita electricity consumption stood at 140 KWH while it was 325 in SL, 498 in Pakistan and 665 in India.
Currently, our daily requirement of electricity is 4500 MW on an average against our average net generation 3600 MW.
It is said that huge investment will be required to cover the gap of 900 MW which will not be possible on the part of the Government. Government therefore want to involve the private sectors to generate the power in short term and long term basis.
But the frustrating reality is that in this way it will be 2020 to make Bangladesh free from power crisis.

International Atomic Energy(IAEA) has agreed to support the proposed Rooppur Nuclear Power Generation Plant. But God knows, when we shall able to generate power from nucear plant!

Efforts are also underway to generate electricity from coal and renewable solar energy. But solar enegy are so far fulfilling the small domestic requirments of rural areas only.

Professor Abu Ahmed, the economist from Dhaka University blames on ourselves for failures in the power sector[PA 31 July 2008]

An ordinary citizen


1. Mohammad Maruf Hossain - January 30, 2009

I have read many article on web about but most of those are incomplete about power situation and what to be done next to over come the power crisic/Specially electricity crisis.

2. Rehnuma Afrin - March 30, 2009

i want to know more details about what is the total number of industries in our country, how many are closed due to energy crisis, i also want to know about the importance of solar system on this process,
Thank you

bdoza - March 31, 2009

@ Rehnuma

Please contact Bangladesh Ministry of Industries at http://www.moind.gov.bd or FBCCI at http://www.fbcci-bd.org

They will be more informed than a blogger or an ordinary citizen

3. bdoza - March 31, 2009

@ Maruf

FBBCI last year organised a seminar on ‘Current Power Sector Scenario and Strategy for Development Initiatives’.

You may contact FBCCI and collect the paper where you may get some of the answers of ur question.

4. Syed Imtiaz Ahmed - June 17, 2009

The first step towards a real solution to the electrical power crises in Bangladesh is 100% PRIVITIZATION of power sector in Bangladesh. All power stations should be owned by private companies. The transmission & distribution and supply to customers/consumers should be done by private companies. The private companies will raise funding for building new power stations and distribution network from foreign and local private investors and not require tax-payers money.

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