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Mayoral Election: AL gains, BNP loses, boost for EC August 5, 2008

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Amid much speculation, the mayoral election of 4 city corporations and 9 municipalities was held yesterday with great participation of the people. It is said 80% vote was casted in city corporations areas and in municipalities it is 91% which is unprecedented. It is speculated that the controlled law and order situation and the condifence of the opporunity of giving one’s own vote encouraged the voters to go to the polling centers in maximum numbers.

In unofficial declaration of the result, AL supported candidates win all four city corporations and 8 out of 9 municipalities.[DS][PA] The result may set a trend for future elections.

AL leaders were skeptic about the total atmosphere of the election, but the result would elevate their mood.

BNP would feel frusated with the result and will repent their for their stretagy.

CEC is happy with the success of the election and hope to improve the situation better in future. The success of the election will boost up their confidence to hold the elections in future.[DS] [PA]

An ordinary citizen

Post script:
The observers are also pleased with the proceedings of the election[DS]
A step forward in the decocratisation of the country, says DS editorial. It will give the country reasons for optimism[DS]
Prothom Alo is also optimistic and urged to apply this experiece in the upcoming general election[PA]


1. congresscheck - August 6, 2008

If everything appears to be going well, you don’t know what the hell is going on.

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