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What prompted Rahul Gandhi to visit Bangladesh? August 7, 2008

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Rahul Gandhi, Member of the Indian Parliament and son of Sonia Gandhi/Rajib Gandhi had completed his 5 days visit to Bangladesh from 1st August to 5th August 2008. Rahul is also one of the General Secretaries of the Indian Congress. He was received at ZIA by Dr. Muhammad Yunus and other officials from BRAC and Grameen Bank.

During his 5 days’ visit, he toured through different projects of BRAC and Grameen, had talked with Fazle Hussain Abed, founder of BRAC and Profesor Yunus and met with workers and beneficieries of these two corporate NGOs.

He was introduced to Dr. Yunus by his mother at a funcion in Delhi last year. He was interested in microfinance and women empowerment since then and initiated microfinance activitiees in his own constituencies-Amethi.

Though India is progressing economically, but the plight of the poor did not improve in parallel. The percentage of population below the poverty line is more than that of Bangladesh.

But to know the microfinance activity was not likely the prime motive of Rahul.

Rahul in addition to visit the BRAC and Grameen, had a meeting with the leaders of CPD- Centre for policy dialouge where Rehman Sobhan, Dr. Mustafizur rahman and others were present. It is reported that ediitors of some leading dailies were also present in the meeting. Many assume that these are the people who give policy support to the present care taker government. Interestingly, Dr. Muhammad Yunus is the chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Center for Policy Dialogue.(Daily Purbakon)

Rahul Gndhi might had the intention to know the present polical and economic sitution of the country. Then who would be able to give him better understanding of the situation than the elite members of CPD.
CPD members were also present in the private banquet thrown by Dr. Yunus in honour of Rahul Gandhi.

Interestingly Rahul didn’t met with any state dignitaries of any status.

Will Rahul’s visit give him a better understanding of the socio-political condition of Bangladesh? Will the visit help to bridge the mental gap between India and Bangladesh?

An ordinary citizen

Posst Script:

Mohammad Badrul Ahsan in CROSS TALK in Daily Star discusses his thinking on the Rahul’s visit and Bangladesh politics[DS]


1. jasmine - September 2, 2008

wanted to know about the present political and economic situation of Bangladesh.




2. bdoza - September 4, 2008

Bangladesh is passing through a phase of political uncertainty and economically it is in a stagnant condition. The hope with which this government started its journey after 1/11, is gradually fading away as the time passes.
People are worried whether the government could able to make the last save!

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