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Will political parties be able to avoid upazilla elections? August 9, 2008

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Elections in 300 upazillas out of 482 will be held in October, 2008, EC declared.
The political parties reacted against the declaration. AL said that they will not particiate in the upazilla elections before the general election. They will approach the other members of the 14 party-alliance not to join the same. AL also said that they will formally place their proposals to the care taker government in the dialogue. Someone said that AL will hold the upazilla election after 1 month of the general election if they form the government.
Menon of Workers parties is a little bit diplomatic. He said that the present government should not hold the upazilla election before the general election, but ultimate participation in the upazilla election will depend on the situation arises once it is declared.
BNP Delwar as always against any election under the government before the general election. It views all the election would be stage managed under this government. It even did not accepted the result of the presently concluded mayoral elections in 4 cities and 9 municipalities.
But Mannan Bhuiyan, who recently released on bail from jail said that not participating in the mayoral elelctions by BNP was a wrong decision. If BNP participated it would won atleast 3 out of 4 city corporations. Though he acknowleged that the local body elections was fair and free, he told that the upazilla election should not be held under the caretaker governmentand before the general election.
But will the people listen to the aspirations of the political leaders? The political parties had the same advocay for the city corporations and municipalities elections. Local people and party activists didn’t head their advice. Ultimately the parties had to bow down to the will of the people. Here AL took more pregmatic role and they won almost all the seats. BNP was confused and they failed.

Will the people react in the same way and will political parties follow them?
Will AL and BNP take different stands and one will be looser even before the election?

An ordinary citizen


1. Nazman Rahman - December 16, 2008

Elections in 300 upazillas out of 482 will be held in October, 2008, … the house of Saifur Rahman, Senior Vice President and Ex Finance Minister of BNP. …

I thought there was more to read on Hon Md Saifur Rahman because I am his distant nephew residing in a European Country who I happen to look like him and I can be mistaken for his own son or nephew as he is my distant uncle and also we are rooted from the same district in Moulvi Bazar, Bangladesh and someday, I just might end up looking loke like him as now I am just AN ORDINARY CITIZEN.

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