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Honouring Bangabandhu & honouring the leaders August 18, 2008

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Bangbandhu is remembered with honour and dignity after 33 years of his death. The Government has declared government holiday on the 15th August,the day on which Bangbandhu was brutally murdered. The President and Chief Adviser paid homage to the mazar of Bangabandhu at Tongipara.
The politicians and people alike showed their respect on the day of mouring.
AL appreciated the move by the government. But demanded that Government should have declared Sk. Mujibur Rahman as the father of the nation. BNP though didn’t differ the move of the government, said that government should equally consider government holiday on the day of death of the Ex-Prisident Ziaur Rahman.

Dr. Hussain Zillur Rahman, Adviser for the CTG for Commerce and Education has rightly said that we should bring back the national leaders to the fold of honour. We should try to keep them beyond controversies and try to remember the good deeds they have done for the country.

Will that be possible in a country which is indulged in more controversies than consensus?

An ordinary citizen


1. Masud - September 5, 2010

1) mazar of Bangabandhu at Tongipara?
What is a Mazar?

2) Sk. Mujibur Rahman the father of the nation.
Can you tell me the father of which nation? Bangladeshi or Bangali? Is he the father of Rabindranath, SubhasH Bose, Shere Bangla and so on?
If as the father of Banglai, then is it accepted by the people of west Bengal? Does the hindu people agree that one?

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