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Will the general election be deferred in Bangladesh? August 26, 2008

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Chief Adviser Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed has reassured the countrymen that the general election will be held by December 2008. AL, on the other hand, is advocating for holding the general election in October instead of Upazilla election. BNP not still in a mood to join the election under this government.

In the meantime, from Election Commission, the political parties are directed to register their parties with the election commission by October. AL, Workers party and few others expressed that the time is too short to convene the council meetings and raised questions how they will convene council meeting under emergency.

CEC told that he asked the government to relax the emergency so that the political parties could make necesarry changes in their constitution to fulfill the precondition for registration of the the polical parties with the election commission.

CEC also exrpressed his frustration over the non-response rather negative response from a big political party like BNP. CEC opined, ‘We want all political parties to participate in the election.’

Will the Electio Commission give more time to the political parties to review their constitution? Will the Election Commission wait for BNP to come to a compromise with the government?

On the other hand, the stake of the government is not yet over. Though the voter list is complete , the government could do no good with the corruption cases. Most of the cases are halted at the level of High Court which increases the complexity for the government to come out of the sitution. Will the government go into election without solving the corruption cases? The ordinary citizen couldn’t think it.

 Will the general election be deferred in Bangladesh?

More important- could the government find out an way of safe exit? Only holding the election will not suffice to find out the way.

So will the government defer the elction to a safe distance for the good of himself and for others?

An ordinary citizen


1. Security And Prosperity Partnership - August 26, 2008

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