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Is it the end of ‘campaign against corruption’ in Bangladesh? August 29, 2008


One after another the accused political leaders who were arrested after 1/11 and in the jail for months are getting bail from the high court in a stream. What was unthinkable few weeks back, is now a reality. Accused are getting bail sometimes from multiple cases at a time.

We are not against the bail. We believe that one must not put behind bar until he is convicted by the court.

But people are concern whether government has shifted from its declared objective-to make the society corruption free. Does the government compromised with the political forces on the issue? Or is it a mere shift of strategy?

The ordinary citizen sometimes feel confused when High Court give bail to someone and at the same time suspends all activities of the case for months.

Is the government being defeated to its own liberated legal system or is the court merely carrying out the verdict of the government? Was ‘corruption free Bangladesh’ a impossible proposition?

The true story will be unfolded in near future but the change in situation makes many happy.

But are we going back to square one?

An ordinary citizen

Anisur Rahman on present political situation-‘We must have to say this’ [PA]

Moshiul Alam ‘What instance will the caretaker government leave behind? [PA]

Hafizuddin Ahmed, an ex-adviser of a past caretaker govenment expressed his frustration over the development[PA]


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