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NBR and incentives for the taxpayers September 3, 2008

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, GOVERNANCE, Income Tax.
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National Board of Revenue (NBR) is continuously giving stress to increase the tax return from the public. NBR chairman Abdul Majid in different meetings and seminars is urging for voluntarily inclusion of one’s name in the income tax returnees. Over the last few months NBR is organising discussion meetings for encouraging different groups of professionals/businessmen to submit their income tax.

Recently NBR declared to nominate 5 best tax returnees in each district and to honour them. It is a practice for long to declare CIP on the basis of annual tax return at national level and to give them different privileges.

But there is no incentive for general tax payers. NBR can easily introduce incentives for the all tax payers by giving them financial support in the form of loan etc from banks and other financial institutions on the basis of tax return. This will create an environment among he professionals and businessmen to pay their taxes and get in return the financial benefit accordingly.

Government should take necessary steps and formulate  regulations to implement the suggestion.

An ordinary citizen


1. Rezwan - September 3, 2008
2. Lutfor - September 14, 2008

I agree with Mr. Rezwan’s comment. I am sure our policy makers know about all these system. Then the question is why these are not implemented? It is true that human nature is always try to find ways to avoid, if possible from such payment. It the duty of the government to make sure the system to run smoothly. It should take initiative to implement such system here regradless of the opposition by the vested quarter, specially the corrupt officials of the tax department.

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