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On introduction of Accreditation Council for universities September 5, 2008

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Professor Dr. M. Asaduzzaman, Chairman of the University Grant Commission was speaking at a seminar in favour of an accreditation council for private universities. Dr. Shamsher Ali, Vice Chancellor of South-East University added that the Accreditation Council should be for both private and public universities.

Attempt for accreditation was made before. But it didn’t see the light of the day due to opposition from the sponsors of the private universities and partly due to lack of initiatives on the part of the government.
Accreditation Council is needed for improving the quality of education in the universities.AC is entitles to verify the standard of an university to introduce any subject, degree, department or faculty.

AC is present in developed countries like USA, Australia for the universities, Medical Colleges and other institutions. India has also an Assessment and accreditation Council for the universities.

UGC has earlier suggested a composition for the formation of AC with a chairman for the council and members from the UGC, Ministry of Education, Private universities, Public Universities etc.

Chairman of the UGC said in the same seminar that the caretaker government should introduce the council within its tenure, otherwise it will be delayed.

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