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Jail, bail and thereafter September 7, 2008


Sudden rush of bails of accused political leaders caught the people offhanded and raises questions in the mind of the common people and the citizens regarding the underlying cause of the move.

Is it a compromise on the part of the government with the political parties?
Is it the weakness of the cases themselves which led to the release of the accused on bail by the High Court?
Is it the end of the campaign against corruption?
Is there any major change at the level of the sponsors who backed this caretaker government?
Is there any change in the policy level which shifted the strategy?
Or are patronizers of the corruptions penetrated into the rank of strategists?
or simply the Caretaker Government is making a safe way out for themselves?
What will happen thereafter? A smooth transition? A turmoil election? Return of the old faces?

To get the answer of these quarries is beyond the apprehension of the ordinary citizen. He searched through the writings and speeches of the experts and try to understand the inner meaning of the situation:

Professor Zillur Rahman, Ex-VC of Jahangir Nagar University writes in Prothom Alo ‘ When bail become easy’[PA]
Muhammad Nurul Huda writes ‘Return to democracy and premonitions'[DS]
Professor Asif Nazrul of Department of Law of DU writes in his regular coulumn ‘The Compromise that is most necessary’[PA]
Prothom Alo editorial hopes for the legal procedure will continue perfectly despite bail’ [PA]

The ordinary citizen doesn’t yet get the answer.

An ordinary citizen

Post script:

Dr. Kamal Hussain has given an interview to the Daily Star saying, ‘for free and fair election, you must uphold the constitution and the law.’


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