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Is the experiment with Civil-Military fusion for governance in Bangladesh a failure? September 14, 2008

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Last year in an address on 27th September at UN Chief Adviser of the Caretaker Government said, ‘Bangladesh represents an effective model of civil-military cooperation in crisis prevention.’ he said in conclusion adding ‘our experience in crisis management could be relevant for many crisis torn,nascent democracies’

To fulfil its objective, the caretaker government has extended its tenure to 2 years beyond the constitutional limit of 3 months. Questions arises off and on on this constitutional lagality. But the government overcomes the arguments because of the tremendous support of people including the poltical parties at the begging of its journey after 1/11 and the spell it had created of building a corruption free society and of bringing reform in the political parties to a new state of democracy.

But all those dreams had faded away and now, the last objective of the government is to hold a free and fair election. But how much would it be fair with all the corrupt people coming back to grab thier power with money and muscle?

So is the experiment on the civil-military fusion for governance a failure and Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed will swallow back his own words he said in his UN address?

An ordinary citizen

Post script:

Predicting the future-
‘Game of bail’ M M Akash, Professor of Economics, Dhaka University in Prothom Alo[PA]


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