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Is the solution for political crisis in Bangladesh an ‘imposed’ one? September 16, 2008


The attempted solution of the political crisis in Bangladesh is ending at a point, which most of the people didn’t expect. A frustration is inflicted on them with the unexpected developments of the events.

Many people are interpreting it as a failure of the caretaker government.

But why does the strategy take a sudden turn when everything seems to be in progress according to the road map; the local government elections were in progress-the government successfully completed the 4 city corporations and 9 municipalities elections and the upazilla election was looking to be inevitable?

Why suddenly the presence of 2 top leaders become essential, when it was clear that the parties will not be able to avoid the general election in December and their avoidance of the upazilla election will only distance the party leaders from their party workers and common people.

It seems that the powerfuls who actually dictate the fate of Bangladesh were not in a mood to see the country ultimately become free from corruption and not to see the good democratic discipline practiced in the parties. They thought that enough drama was made and it is time to conclude as Chief Adviser declared December 2008 as the time limit for the game. So, they conclude the last scene with haste only to put Bangladesh at the same point of the vicious cycle.

An ordinary citizen

Post script:
Parallel observations:
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